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I was wondering if anyone had any advice on stopping phill from biting when he plays? He's nearly 10 months now and we think we'be tried everything we can find on the Internet and it isn't helping. We're not sure if it's because he is still intact which is making his playing more aggressive. He plays well with other dogs but he can nip them bits it when he plays with people he's a big finger nipper. We've tried stop playing if he bites and putting him in his pen and telling him no we've also tried yelling ouch which worked for a while but he just ignores it now?
Any advice is welcome! We just want to solve the problem as we do have children over and that's my biggest concern other then the nipping he's brilliant all his commands eg sit, stay, paw all fine and comes when called.

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Sounds to me like he just gets so excited that he nips.  How long was he with the litter Abigail and how big was the litter. Sometimes they get enough of a thrashing from their litter mates that they have learned a bit about nipping from them. Have to say that my two babies, Angus and Hektor all nipped, Henry came to me at five months and I do not remember him being too bad, he was as soft as butter. Now Hektor, as you can imagine as the most dominant one in his litter was a little bugger too, I got to the point where I very gently, if you can call biting anyone gentle, I took his ear lobe into my mouth and squeezed my teeth down, not enough to cause him pain but enough for him to think twice about it. After that we came to a bit of a conclusion he did not bit as badly or as often. I have not had an intact dog for years, all but one of mine have been neutered apart from Henry who was intact until he was 10 years old and then he had prostate problems which forced it on us. He had such a lovely nature and it was never a problem he was never sexually interested but it gave him the edge over Angus and that was the reason he was never done until then. I tend to think as they lose their baby teeth things tend to calm down but if it isn't you may need the assistance of a trainer. Neutering is a good thing to do as if they get a sniff of a bitch in heat they can be out and off before you know where you are. Mine is on a restricted pedigree, which means even if I bred him his progeny would not be registered by the Kennel Club. Many breeders do this, it means they control the bloodline, and in Hektor's case it was a good strong bloodline.

Hei Helena thanks for the reply.
He was one of I think 6 only one girl in his litter but by what we were told from our breeder is he was the bully of the bunch he was with them until he was just over 8 monthhs we new he was abit of a trouble maker then! Lol but when he was abit younger we did the ear biting and it worked for abit but then he just got rough again. He doesn't bite when we put our fingers there just when he is over excited but he does start quite light in his biting which is fine but he can get quite hard and then starts using his paws too! I may have to try the biting again n see how he gets on now he's abit older. Also he is chewing a lot of clothes and furniture and wires he did this when we first got him but he did stop n he has now started again? I'm abit worried it is because he is board? He had plenty of toys to play with he even has a few bone type toys to chew on which does but he also likes our furniture we doesn't bother us now as we will be getting new things we just font wasn't it to carry on onto the new stuff. I also think this maybe an attention thing.

Well Hektor was the bully of his litter also but he left before any of the rest of them, I bet they were glad. I have always given Hektor chew bones, he get something called 8-1 delights from Zooplus I used to get him the dental chews but I find the ordinary do him very well. I would suggest these, it keeps them occupied and keeps their teeth clean.  Trouble is if he is left for a bit he will get into trouble, mine, the last two, well I came home to the fruit bowl on the floor and a bit taken out of everything.  I would say they do love attention, mine now 8 years old all but a few months,well he has a talent for raking up my rug so that I pay attention. He started this years ago and he knew I did not like it, so it is his way of getting attention.

I think he will calm down it just feels like forever, he is ten months, still probably working the new teeth. Hektor ate my small cabinet in the Living room and the newel post at the bottom of the stairs. That took some filling. He does have a tendency to jump up at the TV and we had a pine cabinet, now we have an oak one which is harder to scratch, so you know what you are in for. Get the little lad tired before you leave him and also before you have children over. Then pop him into his box and leave him. You may only need to do this for a wee while more and then he will be fine. Mine is the kids best pals,all except the boys who live at the start of our street, he hates scooters and bikes. The Girls are his thing, as you probably can tell from my Photos he is a wee lady lover is mine.

Yes I think phill was the first to too and I bet his siblings had a party when he left! well a little after Christmas we got him a reindeer antler and he loves it it really distracts him! Which Is good but the trouble is making him tired in that he doesn't get tired he just goes and goes it's crazy how much energy he's got and his breathing is perfect! But we do try that when the kids come over but as you say ten months is still only young do maybe his energy will settle a long with everything else
Thanks for your help

Don't worry it will but I suspect with Pill it may be longer than some, my previous boys were old stick in the muds at two, Hektor still is going strong, at almost eight. Thought to put your mind at ease he isn't biting any more, well apart from the odd play nip when he is running about on his daft half hour as we call it. That usually comes if he has been out but not off leash enough.

It will get better!! Typical puppy stuff. I got Lexi when she was four so I never had to put up with puppy stuff with her, but my previous pug, Gretta, I got as a puppy. Yup, she chewed stuff up. Liked shoes with feet in them. Ha!! It's part of there personality as a pup and they do grow out of it. It gradually will get a little better slowly and should be much better at 1-2 years old.... My Lexi is ten now and I so wished she was four again. It seems we just can't have enough time with each other to share our love,..... Enjoy him as a pup cause is doesn't last!!! Love, Lexi the Pug

He takes a nice picture and he is a Mummy's boy. Probably like most male Pugs they are all ladies men, apart from my Husband Hektor will go to a woman first, only bother with men who have dogs and who he deems are worthy of his notice.

I have the same problem with Feebee Mae. She is 8 months now. We have taken her to puppy school for six weeks. She not so much bites and nips me (as much anymore) as she does my hubby. He can't walk around the house barefooted. Or she will attack his sneakers and socks while he wears them!!! We do time out, pick her up put her in another room, give her a chew toy when this happens but nothing seems to work. We are at our wits end. So anyone else who would like to share what I can do also would be a great help. Thanks.


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