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At 3:25pm on March 2, 2012, Stephanie said…
Oh wow! Have not been on this in ageees and have only just got you're comment on my page! Haha.
Alfie is doing really well, he is 3 now but still acts like a puppy. He has got an annoying habit of constantly
licking everything such as the carpet, cushions and me! He has grown into such a handsome man and I love him to pieces.
How is everything for you??:-)
At 11:04am on November 22, 2011, kartik said…

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At 12:49am on August 4, 2011, Helena Brown said…

Sorry to hear that Lola had a bad few moments, hate it when something like Thunder causes problems. We had some on Monday night, at least we think it was, could have equally been fireworks from over the Forth from Edinburgh. We were all so exhausted from having our Niece visit that if the roof had fallen in last night we would not have heard it and that definitely includes Hektor.My boy takes his guarding duties seriously.

Rain today, but not quite started yet, think you were to get it before us then spread up. I think Alfie and Hektor have the same goals in life and nothing bothers them. Helena

At 7:15am on June 28, 2011, Helena Brown said…
Hi Helena here, you were very sensible, I try very hard not to take Hektor out if it is very warm, this summer has not been too difficult, we have had amongst the worst summer weather since at least 2009. It has been quite cold here, even for us, and the rain. supposed to get more tomorrow, we will have to see.  I take it Lola and Alfie are getting on well, no problems, then. I always said it would have to be a girl and a boy for me if I was going into two. No chance with crabbit works. I am off to confess that Hektor has been a bad boy yet again. Helena
At 7:02am on June 28, 2011, Helena Brown said…
Alfie, Hektor here, well I am glad someone has had nice weather, though it has been a bit too hot for me this past few days, even though Mum and Dad are fed up  drying me. Mum says everything has a silver lining though as the pollen count has been low and my ears are just pink and not florid red. She says if I would stop putting my head into tuffets  I would not be so bad with the old hay fever. We met all the mates this morning, we actually had Sun (hooray), but Mum noticed I was a bit behind everyone else as I was a bit panting.. I had a nice run around in that park that you saw me in the snow with my Big Mate Jack the collie, Mum calls him Daft Jack, not in a derogatory way mind, he just would not have made a sheepdog, he is far too soft. He lets me pinch his squeaky ball and everything, but then he lets Sammy the Tibetan Terrier do that too. Hope the weather is cooling down nicely for you and Lola now. love Hektor
At 3:13am on June 20, 2011, Helena Brown said…
Hi, well they are all different if you look at my previous two you would never have known they were related, and Lola will fill out. Hektor met a girlie on Saturday, she was with her very large family, three German Shepherds that dad was hanging onto for dear life, but he said she ruled the roost. She was a little bit smaller than Hektor, but then everybody is but much the same apricot. I cannot remember meeting this bloke but he knew Hektor...... well he is notorious round here. For the life of me I cannot remember her name, it will come but my memory is not that good. I always thought the black pugs were a bit smaller than the Fawns but got that wrong again, so long leggy and a bit like a whippet sounds like my Angus, he was not as broad in the chest as Henry or as broad as Hektor, so Alfie sounds about right for a male Pug and Lola will fill out a bit more and they will be perfect together, at least you won't get twins. Helena
At 10:54am on June 1, 2011, Pug Chick said…
Thanks for the nice comments on my swimmers...lol  Good to hear from you, it's been a while.  Hope ya'll are doing well.  I must take a look at your pics, looks like there are some new ones. 
At 6:29pm on May 25, 2011, Shelly Senter said…
Love the daffidols for the background.  Quite poetic.  Cheers.
At 7:56am on March 13, 2011, Helena Brown said…

Alfie and Angus must be the same, he never chewed them either a part from the fluff of his Grannies slippers. Lola sounds a bit like Hektor, gosh they are like kids you never get two alike.

We met Oscar this morning, him and his Mum and Dad, so it was nice to meet another member, still to meet Lola's namesake, though we have met her Dad. Hektor was a bit rough with the wee boy though, he is not in a good humour today, in the house too long yesterday.

Hope you are all having a nice Sunday. Helena

At 8:21am on March 11, 2011, Helena Brown said…
Hi, sorry I meant to get back to you yesterday. So Poppy is Lola, makes sense to me, Lola is a Pug name and Poppy is a Cavalier King Charles name, well it is in my little world. It is amazing how we forget what puppies are like, could not remember my other two when I got Hektor but then Henry came to me at five months old and was better than most, he also was just about trained and if he had not had to get his second vac he would have been, he did managed to chew the rockers on my then rocking chair though. Angus was younger and I cannot remember him chewing much but he had a terrible passion for shoes. Would have called him Emelda if he had been a girl. Hektor was the worst, lost a small chest of drawers with him and the newel post at the bottom of the stairs will never be the same again, and that was with constant watching. So you have my sympathy, the trouble is they are like people, all different. Helena
At 4:42am on March 6, 2011, Helena Brown said…
Well, Alfie is a big brother, that will be nice for him and it is a little girl so there will be no question of too many arguments, Poppy wins all the time as soon as she grows up and male dogs usually accept their lowly place. In saying that our friend has brother and sister West Highland terriers and by all accounts the little Bramble rules the roost, she took a lump out of her big brother last week. Hektor is doing very well, he seems to have lost the gloop out of his eyes and he is so bouncy that it is almost frightening, but as I was saying to Sophie he is so much calmer, no more arguing with other dogs, though a black Lab was trying it on with him and his two Westie Pals yesterday. Just as well they were on the lead and Hektor was directed away by my Husband. I am glad to hear that Alfie's eye is better. Our old friend Stan had a bad eye when we met him during the week and his owner was telling me that they took blood from Stan and mixed it with the serum and they had to put this into his eye. He also has a new sister, they have acqyired the sweetest little, and I do mean little French Bull Dog called Tinkerbell. I am still not succumbing. Helena
At 10:33am on February 28, 2011, Helena Brown said…
Hi How is Alfie, is his eye okay? I would not want to put anyone off adopting a needy Pug. My story is just what can happen when you do something without thought as to the consequences and though we all loved the wee fellow, he was a big problem and one which we did not have the tools to deal with. Would be better equipped nowadays, but it won't happen. Jealous Tam as we often refer to Hektor, gets so possessive of us and him that it just would be unfair on another dog. We always said though that if faced with a Pug in dire need we would not hesitate to take him/her in. Best of luck regardless of what you do. Helena
At 12:39am on February 27, 2011, Helena Brown said…

Hi, How is his eye now? Can you see an emergency Vet with this?

On the subject of two Pugs, yes I did have the two of them and it wasn't a success for me, but I did not have the time to manage a puppy and an adult laid back Pug. I made the mistake of babying the youngest who developed separation anxiety, Henry the oldest one just joined in with the peeing. Angus had numerous eye problems and other health issues. This should not put you off as you know your own dog, we thought we were getting Henry a companion but when Angus died he was just relieved, many dogs suffer loss, in his case he just seemed to relax. I am being brutally frank but I would not put you off, as I say you know how Alfie will accept another Pug and if you get another adult and they meet and like one and other it will be a whole different ball game. I would also seek a female to live with him. I know many peiople are successful with same sex but I think opposites settle quicker. Hope Alfie is okay, Helena

At 10:05am on February 8, 2011, Helena Brown said…
I am not really surprised that Alfie found the aroma delightful, I imagine any dog would. Snow drops, lovely, I don't have any, been meaning to put some in round the front in my new bed, may do it this year, but I don't think any are out here this year so far. Just got back from a very snowy Perth this evening, they got a lot yesterday, we got a little snow but none that mattered. Friday was the worst rain I have seen in my life, got soaked in minutes taking Hektor out. Our integral Garage roof got soaked from the balcony, we thought they had fixed this a couple of years ago but no. I like you long for Spring, I will take what I can get, think I may have to replant some of the garden this year any how. Have a nice week. Helena and Hektor
At 5:48am on January 29, 2011, Helena Brown said…
Hi Glad to hear that it is not just Hektor that has become portly over this rotten winter, mind you things are about to change for Hektor. We have been having bouts of conjunctivitis since around October last year with ear and skin problems. We cleared up the skin and the ears but the eyes were defeating us. We were at the Vet on Tuesday after spending the previous week treating his eyes with Antibiotics and a drop called Optimmune, and even on Sunday he was not too good, but on Tuesday his eyes were clear, so we were told to continue with the optimmune £47.81 per tube, on Wednesday his eyes were back to being red again. We put the drops in twice though our Vet had felt that once a day would be fine, on Thursday his eyes were bad again and he was squinting when we put the drop in. That did it for me, I took him off the dry food, he has smelt like a biscuit ever since we changed him to the hypo-allergenic Salmon and Potato from the Royal Canin and I have always had my doubts about it. So we are now feeding him a raw diet, as per Sophie, we have stopped all the drops and he seems to be fine. I think he will lose weight on this as well as I am not inclined to feed him too much. Always felt rotten with the little handful of biscuits and then there is the variety, he had beef yesterday and rabbit with a little tripe today. I will let you know how it goes, Helena
At 3:09am on January 6, 2011, Helena Brown said…
Hi, it sounds like Alfie had a nice Christmas, Hektor's wasn't bad all things considered, we had it on our own as getting down to the family just wasn't on. We had believe it or not a tiny amount of snow, only a dusting but even that is just a pain. Very cold today up at 2C so we have been out, wandered round our local field, we have not managed the park for weeks as the pavements are still lethal. We did finally make it down to the Family on New Years day and Hektor got two nice coats which are now fitting a Yorkie across the road, could only get one leg in for Hektor. I am going to do a you and make him a coat, I don't want to buy one if  he will not wear it and I am definitely going to try the boots that Sophie recommended as he is having problems with the grit and salt on the roads. I hope your weather has taken a turn for the better, this has been one terrible winter so far. Cuddles to Alfie. Helena
At 3:09am on December 2, 2010, Helena Brown said…
Glad to hear that Alfie is not minding the snow, cannot say that Hektor has changed his mind, we did manage a walk this morning, fortunately people are using some of the pavements so I knew if I walked down towards the post box we would be fine. I cannot in my life remember a time when we had so much snow, and it continued all day yesterday and it also snowed last night. We missed it this morning though I could see it coming. When we got home my Husband told me that Edinburgh Airport had closed yet again. So hey ho we will see how it goes this weekend and pray that things get better. Give the bold Alfie a great big cuddle, and at least you managed to get a picture out in the snow. I cannot get Hektor out in the garden to take one and I don;t want to carry my camera when I am out walking for obvious reasons, like I fall and it gets broken. Helena
At 3:23am on December 1, 2010, Helena Brown said…
Hi, I expect nothing better on the snow front, because it is if anything worse here, got up this morning and we had had at least another 4 inches over night. On the grit front, we have no boxes at all in out estate. I rather think people complained about them being overturned and damaging their gardens and they were removed. A couple of years ago they came along and dumped a pile here and there and this caused even more damage. So none at all this year. Fun and games here this morning, we managed, Hektor and I to get down to the park just in time for the sky to go dark and the snow to come on. We met his pals the Westies at the same place as the other day and we walked up the road together. We found a car stuck on the roundabout at the top of the road going the wrong way, so we stopped and watched his manoeuvring. The silly man finally got it the right way got up the road a bit, then got stuck again slewed right across the road. I don't know why people are struggling to go anywhere, the Forth Road Bridge has been closed this morning and so has Edinburgh Airport. So you and Alfie keep warm. Helena and Hektor
At 2:19am on November 30, 2010, Helena Brown said…
Hi You and Alfie have our sympathy, we used to live at the bottom of a hill in Edinburgh and it wasn't gritted until one day one of our Supervisors took me home and as I worked in the Highways Department, he exclaimed that this was a rotten North facing hill and why wasn't it gritted, so I told him he did not do it and after that it was always done after all the emergency work had been dealt with, my only perk. Hektor and I made it to the park this morning, hard going specially for wee shorter legs, mine are not that ling either. We met his pals Bramble and Bruce the Westies when we were going home, we discovered that Bramble, who has a terrible crush on Hektor has got a sore leg so we are off to MoonPig to send her a card. The snow has been off and on all night and so far this morning, I just looked out and it is on again as I type. Utterly fed up, thought we had seen the last of it early in the year. So bundle up and keep warm.
At 3:32am on November 29, 2010, Helena Brown said…
Nice coat Alfie, Mum is talented, now I have to send you the matching scarf that I have. Hektor has had a very short walk today, we had another 6 inches of snow last night so it is now very difficult for him to walk, luckily we managed to make it to the main road this morning with the aid of some car tracks and when we reached the pavement we followed a little girl and her daddy who was pulling her sled otherwise we would not have managed even as far as that. So I have cleared a path from the front door to the end of the drive and if need be he can run up and down there. The garden is under about a foot of snow so now luck there either and as it is on a slope we are sort of stuck. Hope your snow did melt and you had no more though I rather suspect that was a forlorn hope. Helena

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