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At 12:03am on May 12, 2017, julie foutch said…

I am so sorry this is just heartbreaking as Yogi was such a special part of our little family he was such a precious pug,please know we are keeping you in our thoughts an prayers.For us here at our home he was my most cherished treasure as he will always be forever in my heart.

At 11:00am on December 22, 2016, julie foutch said…

Have A Very Merry Christmas Yogi,we love you all.

At 7:15am on October 11, 2015, Helena Brown said…

Course he is in a calendar, who wouldn't have him. Yes moving is awful and twice in three years was quite sufficient for us. Funnily enough it has always been the next house after we have lived for what for us has been a long time that the next house wasn't right and so it happened again. This one is just perfect or will be once the builders are finished and Hektor agrees with that sentiment. He doesn't know but he is looking forward to his 8th Birthday on Tuesday and a steak dinner/lunch/breakfast awaits. His Mum cannot believe it is 8 years since he turned her and his Dad's life upside down.


At 2:54am on October 5, 2015, Helena Brown said…

Wow you got the better end of the deal, we moved also but only a few miles down the road, in fact since we last wrote I have moved twice. We moved to a smaller house cross the road from a Primary School, bad move and the house was not in good condition. Even with lots of money and work we were not happy. So we moved about five miles across the city and out of town to the Village of Carnock. Hektor is so enjoying living here or will enjoy it once the builders are finished. Right now he is self appointed foreman.

Hope you are all well and Yogi is looking well too. Helena and Hektor who now has a new bionic lens, cannot see close up but boy is his infinity good.

At 1:19am on October 1, 2015, Helena Brown said…

Hi Yogi I was hoping it was you, of course we are friends, nice to see you back. Helena and Hektor

At 11:41am on May 7, 2015, Jetta Lash said…

Yogi:  That is awesome!

Judy (Jetta's mom)

At 10:25am on October 22, 2013, Dominique said…

Hey how are you? Is Pug-O-Ween happening this year or did i miss it?

At 10:40am on January 24, 2013, Di's spoiled kids said…

how' much are the pillow cases, they are really cute

At 5:58pm on January 11, 2013, Julie said…

Hi Yogi!!

Thank you for your warm welcome :) The 16 in Andrews tatt is part of a date that is significant to him (its the date we actually met - 16/01/2004)

He has 4 cards of different suits with numbers and pictures in them. Coincidentally Pugsley actually passed away on the 16th of July last year!!! Weird huh!

At 8:50pm on January 10, 2013, Coletta Squires said…

Thank you for your welcome.  Pugs Lee had a hairline fracture, but he was brave and cast did not slow him down at all.  The first day he kind of dragged it around but he got use to it real quick.

At 10:17am on January 4, 2013, Hayley Butterworth said…

Thank you for your welcome message :)

Lily definitely enjoys dressing up! I woke up a few days ago to her trying to hit me in the face with her little santa suit; she wouldn't stop crying until she got it on. She's such a funny little dog

At 4:08pm on November 17, 2012, Ignacio & Cielo said…

At 3:38am on July 9, 2012, Helena Brown said…

Sounds like what I will be going for, need to get along to our Pet Store and look for a cheap one first. He needs it now, we have had nothing but rain for months and we just cannot be bothered going anywhere because we all get so wet. I would recommend this cream as it has stopped most of his scratching. He has made such a mess of himself this year so far, but this seems to make him more comfortable. Helena

At 8:46am on July 7, 2012, Helena Brown said…

Hi, Glad you are still in business, what I am going to do is get him a cheap raincoat and try him in it. If he will wear it I will get some from you, because I know they will fit him.

Itchies, poor Yogi, Hektor is not much better and one of the reasons for getting him into coats is we think getting his skin constantly wet is making him worse. Laura Cook, one of the girls on here, put me onto nappy rash cream and I have used it on Hektor. right now it seems to have calmed him down a bit, might be worth a try. The one I am using is Sudacrem, not sure if you can get it over there but worth a look for something similar. Hektor took a lump out of his chest scratching and not sure about the bit on his head, this seems to have stopped him for the moment. thanks for reminding me of hour website, I was just complaining to my other half how forgetful I am. Helena

At 7:09am on July 3, 2012, Helena Brown said…

Hi Yogi, Hektor and I were a bit worried as we had not seen you around and me needing to consider getting my lad a coat. Are you still on the Coat business? If so could you remind me how to get into have a look. I will not be looking to getting one or maybe two until I see if he will accept a coat at all which means trying him with a cheap one. I am concerned that his skin getting wet is adding to the pressures of his allergy problems. Thank you in anticipation  Helena

At 9:44am on June 27, 2012, Pug Chick said…

Hey Yogi my man.  What you been doing with yourself?  Been missing you around here.  Hope all is well and good with ya.

At 7:00am on May 29, 2012, Babs Williams said…
Awwww Thankyou Yogi ! :)
At 8:56am on March 21, 2012, Anne Bergstedt said…

Hi Yogi!

At 11:44am on February 13, 2012, Ang F. said…


At 11:44am on February 13, 2012, Ang F. said…

Thank you for the dress comment. Juni got that from our friend! Also, thanks for friending us. We are excited to be on PugLife! :)


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