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At 6:02am on January 12, 2017, julie foutch said…

A big Hello to you Aunt Pam,hope your enjoying the day,it's not bad here today but we'll  be back down in the ole deep freeze this weekend at this point i'm just keeping my eye on March and 1st day of spring.Enjoy your day,give kisses to my sweet girls.

At 10:54am on December 22, 2016, julie foutch said…

Aunt Pam We Wish You All A Very Merry Christmas,We loves You All.

At 6:28am on May 24, 2016, Xanthus said…

Thanks for your recommendation. I will follow "Loca the Pug" as suggested by you. All the while, I'm following with "Doug The Pug" and "Minnie and Max The Pug".

At 1:11pm on March 31, 2016, Grace Ong said…
Hello there, it,s been a while, almost two years since you welcomed me to pugslife, and I am very, very happy to tell you that I do own a pug now. His name is Jordan and I've had him for almost a year. He came to me already a year old and i did not want to rename and confuse him. I also wanted a dog that was fully grown and strong and had had all the shots, because I had two terrible experiences just before I got him. One we went to see at four weeks and sort of booked died a couple of weeks later, and another I got at a pet store (I know, I know, I shouldn't have but she was so adorable) died of parvovirus about a week later. I was devastated, particularly by the second incident because I was with her throughout and watching her struggle so valiantly to live really broke my heart. I didn't think it would be possible to love another dog like I did my first pug, but I was willing to give it a try, and -- you guessed it, it is possible, of course. I love lim like life itself, he is a wonderfully cuddly and handsome dog but then, when it comes to pugs, I am completely prejudiced. Well that was long enough, that was a comment but my life story! Thanks for the welcome, and here I finally am.
At 5:44am on December 1, 2015, julie foutch said…

Merry Ho,Ho December,lots of warm peppermint kisses on the way to all.

At 9:51pm on May 16, 2015, Sharon Soldner said…

Thank you for the welcome. Tank & I are happy to be in contact with some like-minded people :)

At 2:36am on May 11, 2015, Helena Brown said…

Morning Pam. well I did not call her Prunella and she is not the bonniest Pug in town, strangely I reserve that for Hektor. We seem to have arrived in a Pugless Village but that is now sorted. Hektor seems to be loving his new house. He has several jobs to do, one is doorman, our bell is not working, a small problem with the transformer so he always knows when there is someone at the door so we pay great attention to his barking. He is also supervising the building work at the back, there are three houses under construction behind our fence. They will not obstruct the view too much, we will not see too much of the small park but that is not too bad, other wise for the first time in our lives we actually look out onto fields the odd horse and to our left a field of cows. We are also blessed with a country Pub within walking distance, serves food all day and we have a Vegetarian Coffee Shop next door to the Pub. So far we have found nor flies in the ointment, I am sure one or two will turn up.

Love to Daisy Doo and Bailey.

At 2:27am on May 11, 2015, Helena Brown said…

Thank goodness, you and Rashmi were my next ports of call. Stupid old me got things completely mucked up.


At 3:52am on May 6, 2015, Jetta Lash said…

Hi Pam & Pugs:  Thanks for welcoming me and Jetta to Pugs Life.  Yes, I need to take more pictures as she is growing so fast!  Maybe this weekend ;)

Have a good day.


At 5:51am on April 4, 2015, julie foutch said…

Happy Easter Auntie Pam,lubbing you bunches.

At 11:06am on March 24, 2015, Phylis Bond said…
Hi everyone that welcomed me to pugs life. The three pugs are Jasper in front, my pug, Juno and Gershwin. I hosted pug parties at my home in Palm Springs. We have moved to Long Beach in So Cal.
I began with Jasper in NorCal. We belonged to Pugsundayinchico. Look them up! My friend sandi works tirelessly for pugs in the Chico area.

I missed them so much I began a social group in Palm Springs called PS Pugs. I tried non-profit but it was too much for me. I made some great friends and met lots of amazing pugs.
Now we have moved again. Jasper is my best buddy. He is almost six but like all pugs is still a puppy.
Glad to find this site. I'll try to post more. Going to the first meet up in Long Beach. It's the Long Beach/Lakewood pug group.
At 10:36am on March 18, 2015, Wendy Silva said…

Thanks Pam!  Yeah I need to play around on here and add more photos.  I will check out the blogs.  

At 8:28am on January 29, 2015, Sin Dixon said…

Thank you! My Pug is named Freddie and will be 4 on Feb 10th

At 12:17pm on January 28, 2015, julie foutch said…

Pam,we'l share lol,it was awful now we wait and see if this next one hits us,good grief i'm ready for spring lol.Even today as cold as it is bear wants to be out and mom is like no baby bear too cold out there,i'm very careful with him to as i know these dogs are meant for snow but,this type of cold i'm still very watchful.Hope you are enjoying the day,we're keeping toasty right in here lol,take care my dear Pam give sassy a kiss for me.

At 5:39am on December 18, 2014, julie foutch said…

From Our Home To Yours With Love.

At 5:59pm on December 16, 2014, Dawn Roberts said…

Hiya! It was good to meet you too! :-D

At 10:02am on September 29, 2014, Gisele Monteiro said…

Thank you so much!


At 3:09am on September 7, 2014, julie foutch said…

A very Happy Birthday to our  dear Aunt Pam,we wish you lotsof good things on your special day love and kisses,Buggy,Bear,Zoe,Julie.

At 10:17am on August 8, 2014, Hiruni Wijesena said…

Hi I have only studied one so far. I am looking for more albino pugs to continue my studies

At 2:51pm on August 6, 2014, Mark and Celia Jordan said…

Thank you Pam.

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