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At 3:34pm on August 22, 2010, Matthew Hernandez said…
Hello Denise!!! Hope you've had a great weekend!!! Dolce Dog had a great day at the dog park and she is done for the rest of the day! Lol. CoCo Belle has her vet checkup in the morning so here's to hoping it goes well! Cheers. 
At 3:29am on August 10, 2010, Helena Brown said…
Hi Denise, I wish I could help with Penelope's surgery but as I said I am completely unhelpful in that way. I know that nearly all have been fine after it. Roisin in Ireland with Isla has had it done twice her diagnosis was not the best because they discovered that she had stage 3 larygeal collapse and she was not happy because her own Vet had told her she was fine there. Isla is doing well though with care, but the shortening of the palate seems to go quite smoothly. I know I would be just like you if it was Hektor. I am very much the worrier, maybe a little less than I was with the other two but I am off to the Vet ASAP when I feel it is needed. On the subject of Dunottar Castle, isn't it funny that you and Elaine both have memories of the place. My Husband wanted to show me there so many times and when Henry and Angus were still alive we went up. It was a dreadfully hot day and we were too early to get in and we moved on, so when we were between Pugs we visited on what was a perfect spring day as you can see in the picture. It is one of my favourite pictures and I wanted to show Brent the very best of my country that I could. I hope that Penelope continues to improve and doesn't give you any more worries. Helena
At 10:55am on August 9, 2010, Helena Brown said…
Denise How is Penelope doing since her operation?
At 7:47pm on January 16, 2010, Pug Chick said…
Just found you and enjoyed reading all your interesting canine facts. May I pick your brain so to
We have 2 pugs and they are the loves of my life, but my ? is not about them. I was wondering what advice you might have regarding a 6 yr old female Jack Russell Terrior we just rescued from deplorable conditions. She belonged to my husbonds uncle who died in July 2009. Now comes the heartbreaking part ( I'm looking for info on how to socialize her and help gain her trust etc.) I expect for all her life she has been kept inside with very little if any socialization. I know for a fact that the past year she has been locked in a nasty rat infested, recently condemed home. Where her only contact with people was this guy the uncle knew who would come by to feed her. She was not even taken out to do her business, but living in it. Covered in fleas, she has chewed off most of her fur on her hind side and legs. Anyhow we rescued her Friday Jan 15. She was extremely scared and snarling and biting. The guy who had been feeding her put her in a crate for me and I immeadiatly took her to my vet. Amazingly health wise she is not in to bad of shape. Got her cleaned up and given flea capsule etc. She is beginning to trust me, but is a major mentle case. Her health issues can be easily treated, it's her mentle issues I'm looking for advice on. Sorry this is so long but I felt you would need as much info as you could get. Let me know if you need any other info and any advice you can offer is much appreciated. Oh I posted pics of her on my page.
At 8:29am on December 20, 2009, Pugman! said…
As an addendum: SOCIALIZE: To take part in social activities or behave in a friendly way with others.
At 11:08am on December 19, 2009, Pugman! said…
I'm thinking...this of course is a thought provoking question requiring careful placement of words and ideologies. I too enjoy stimulating conversations. So many things can be learned from both sides. I possess absoluely none of the professional background you have acquired (something I should start researching now that my time is mine). And what better place to start...conversing with you....hope you will bear with me on this.

The ideas I hold stem from having been in the show arena first, and then everyday life, and of course questions I have asked through the years of people that I considred having a much broader knowledge base than me.

Episodes of misbehaving are going to occur, this can not be avoided, whether it be in the humon arena or between our four legged friends. This is an indisputable fact.

With regards to the show arena, this behavior is frowned upon and depending upon the severity of the behavior, the perpetrator can be removed from showing and any points acquired during that show can be removed for that show. Again depending on the severity of the bad behavior the animal can possible face permanent disqualification from showing. A rare occurance, but still there.

Having said this, for me the following hold great importance .With proper and even intensive training (if deemed necessary) this behavior can be minimized and even irradicated. A dog showing aggesive behavior should be a warning flag of potintual disaster at a future time. Necesitating appropriate interventive actions by the owner or handler. An aggresive behavior can lead to devestating consequens both to the aggresor and the potintual victim. In closing how can it be an acceptable behavior in humans or domesticated animals? I underline the work acceptable. I egarly await your response, I have a feeling I am about to broaden my knowledge base.
At 5:58pm on December 18, 2009, Denise Hutson said…
Humm.....interesting ...... Let me put this to you-are you talking aggression being socially unacceptable behavior in a human arena or an animal arena?? I know what you initially meant, but loving to have mentally stimulating conversations such as this can become, I am interested in your thoughts on the above comment.
At 5:12pm on December 18, 2009, Pugman! said…
You really have me thinking about my platform. That being: Aggression is a behavior, aggression is not a socially acceptable behavior hence aggression is a weak link in the socialization process. I defer to your expertise, is my thinking in error? I left out the tie between social and behavioral traits in my last comment to you.

And thank you so much for your compliment on my gang of gangsters. I kinda love them just a wee bit.
At 4:21pm on December 18, 2009, Pugman! said…
I have read your bio, and am impressed, still I remain confussed as to which of us your comment pertains too. My position is aggression is not something to be taken lightly, and has a great and imidiate need to be corrected. Again, how can aggression not be a behavioral issue as has been stated by another. Is it I that am way out in the prerverbial left field? If so then my ignorance shines through and I am duely embarrassed.
At 1:49pm on December 18, 2009, Pugman! said…
I need clarification it me you disagree with, if so please guide me to the right path. I am always open to better ways of accomplishing things..Brent
At 1:35pm on December 18, 2009, Pugman! said…
Thank you for your input Denise, short and to the point, my kind of person. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!
To think; I asked you when we were going to here more insightful thoughts from you, and here you are!
At 5:30pm on December 11, 2009, Pugman! said…
When will we be able to enjoy more of your wonderful insights into the minds of our K-9 friends minds. Wait they are Pugs, that's got to be somewhere around a K-3
At 10:26am on November 27, 2009, Dave & Pilar Coody said…
Hi Denise, we are so happy about your ideas on having a PUG FEST next year. Let's make it happen. It will be great to get together, enjoy our pugs and enjoy some good food, music and being outdoors.... We will be looking forward to it.
By the way, we hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving Day!!
At 5:34pm on November 9, 2009, Julie Musselman said…
Hi Denise. Just wanted to tell you I love the names of your pugs!!! My girl is Daisy and her mother just happened to be named Penelope. What a coincidence!!
At 1:39pm on September 15, 2009, Marc Delagarza said…
Thanks for joining the WEREPUG group. We need more people out there keeping an eye out on the spread of this affliction to our beloved pets. Keep an eye out for further details.
At 5:24am on September 9, 2009, Helena Brown said…
Hi Denise, thanks for coming in on the Marking Pug situation, because I was beginning to wonder if I was making any impression. I could see what was happening with Peanut, but the family was in complete denial. I know I had a bad situation with our Angus, but I have since learned a lot more about dogs than I knew then and am always willing to learn more, believe me thanks for the invitation to the US but much as I would like it, I am a home buddy. I am really glad that there are people with the capable training who can help here, I am just an interested amateur.
At 7:17am on May 4, 2009, Gina said…
Hi Denise,
I have a cutie who is 3 and ahalf months old. I am having the same problem that it seems a lot of pug owners are having. housebreaking. My baby girl will have 2-3 days that she has absolutely NO accidents. Than she has a day or two where all she does is go in the apartment. I walk her twice daily , play on my 25'by18' deck with her baby and ball, go out with a tea to give her time to do her job. Sometimes she iwll do either or and than about 10 mins later after i feel she has enough time to finish. sh ewill come inside and do one or the other job in here. I have tried the traing pads and she thinks that if her tiny paws are on it she is okay to pee. lol She seldom goes right on it. So as not to confuse her i have stopped using the traing pad and I am now TRYING to train her strictly to do all her jobs outside. Sharlene from here said you might beable to help me with this problem. Anything you suggest we will try. This is the only problem and frustration i am having with Dixie. Have a great day. looking forward to hearing from you.
Love Gina and Dixie
At 6:29am on April 30, 2009, Helena Brown said…
Hi Denise, will lift a toast to the Clan Mcleod. We have had two confirmed cases of Swine Flu here, a young couple returned from Cancun on their honeymoon. Both have recovered and so far 8 of their 9 contacts have proved to be clear, so with a further 36 people reporting slight symptoms, not really worried. Hektor and I are doing well, still waiting on summer to start, had a couple of days when we thought it had arrived, but no. We took him up to Tentsmuir Forest beside St Andrews last weekend, he had a ball, he loves the sand. Whilst up there we had a laugh at four young ladies in their bikinis running in and out of the surf. We had a really cold wind off the sea with Haarr which is our word for the sea fog we suffer from in the summer. You beginning to see why we emigrate. The Sun eventually came out but the wind stayed cold and easterly. Today it is raining, but we managed our normal walk and a trip to the Pet Shop for some treats, so now he is curled up beside me sleeping. Glad to hear the girls are well and having a good time. Meant to say that Hektor met Stan our other local Pug. He is a lovely chap but typically British. He has breathing difficulties, and the day we met him it was quite muggy, he reminded me of my old boy Henry who was just a voluble when breathing, glad to say the athletic Hektor does not seem to have this problem as long as I keep his weight down.
At 5:50pm on March 4, 2009, Pam & Pugs :0) said…
Thanks for the comments, yes, I'm so proud of my gals. I better not let them think they are Hollywood puggies! :0)
At 7:01am on March 2, 2009, Helena Brown said…
Hi Denise, You drew such an exotic picture of sitting by the pool in the evening that you made me quite jealous. Oh to live somewhere warm. Needless today 2nd March we have a weather warning for snow tomorrow, and it is certainly cold enough for it. This has been the worst winter for absolutely ages. We went up to St. Andrews yesterday, it was certainly cold and there was rain but no doubt the golfers were out in force. Hektor was in his usual pet, if he does not get enough sleep, he requires an afternoon's siesta or he just barks at anyone he takes the hump at. I met two ladies who told me he was a lot bigger than their two, I said that I thought that it was the American in him. Hektor seems to be a whole lot lighter than the two he has met here, but he is an apricot fawn and they were the normal fawn, but European dogs do have a different look from American Pugs. I hope Daisy and Penlope are doing well. Regards Helena

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