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At 1:05pm on April 4, 2019, Sophie said…

Hiya! Just going around seeing where everyone who used to hang out here in 2010 has gone? How you're all doing! It's Milos 10th birthday this year and his health is getting worse and I've been reminiscing at his old photos and wanted to see how everyone was doing. 

At 4:44pm on December 4, 2017, Bebe Magoo said…


Nice to see you are still here at Pugs Life.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Bebe's mom

At 12:03pm on December 4, 2017, Marcie Gent said…
Thank you ever so much for your welcome. I can’t wait to read all the stories and be kept up to date about pugs.
At 11:44am on December 4, 2017, Bleu said…

Awww - thank you! ;)

At 8:44am on August 13, 2017, Laura said…
Thank you
At 9:03pm on June 29, 2017, Christine London-Camper said…
Hey Julie,

I truly want to thank you for welcoming each new member as they are approved!! You have officially been crowned the best worldwide pug welcomer!!! It's nice to see someone take the time to do that!!!!

Glad to be back!!!
At 6:01am on June 23, 2017, Debbie & Tom Agostinelli said…

Thanks so much!!

At 9:58am on May 12, 2017, YOGI said…
Thank you.
At 4:31am on April 28, 2017, Helena Brown said…

Thanks for the comments, Little miss Edith was on her first outing when she met her old uncle who can still show a clean pair of heels when necessary. She was lovely, Hektor does not really make dog friends, he much prefers their owners. His only real girl friend lives round the corner. Rosabella is a big Yorkie Lass who he actually runs around with when they can.

At 6:23am on April 17, 2017, Helena Brown said…

Hi Julie, Bear and Andy must be in seven heaven with their new sister and Sassy could not have a better home with you. Buggy must have been looking down and thinking you could do with a girl this time. Di was wondering as well if she was like Andy and a bit of a poodle. Good that they are all getting on.

Hektor is a lot better, now eating which he was not doing earlier yesterday but he seems to be a bit runny in the motion bracket. I think he will be fine in a little while, dogs are more fortunate than us in having a shorter digestive tract and he is not running all the time, are you enjoying similar weather to Di, we on the other hand have had really cold winds even though it has been mostly dry. We have been trying to get the veggies in to the ground but this evening we have a frost warning so it looks like they will be in the garage instead.

Love to my boys and to my new little lady. Love from Hektor who is presently snoring on his cool pad, why I do not know it is not that warm. I think he likes to warm it up and use it like heating.

At 6:17am on January 12, 2017, Helena Brown said…

Hi Julie. I have no idea why you cannot get me through my email it is zero one not the letter O jus in case that is the problem.

Di has contacted Christine who says she is going to address the problem.

We have similar problems all over with tree branches every where and as you know the last thing you want is your pug walking into one.

We have joined you today with snow, it was freezing yesterday and we got caught coming home in the car with the first snow shower, since then we got a hard frost last night and snow. It has been snowing quite heavily for all of today with a wind getting up. We had a yellow alert for snow and wind, tomorrow is to be almost as bad but Saturday and Sunday at least the snow will go. I was just about set to take Hektor up the local field but I had just suggested it when the heaviest snow storm yet came down. I am watching the sky right now and it is getting ready for another one. So I think regardless of his lordship it will be down the park, I am just watching a couple of dogs running around as I type. I will have to wait so unsocial Hektor can have peace, sometimes he is just terrible.

Well January, soon be spring, maybe sooner for you than us. generally May before it looks like spring and that is usually when it is ending everywhere else.

At 3:40am on January 10, 2017, Helena Brown said…

Well one way or another we can keep in touch, my e-mail is hcb01@sky.com so with that if we lose Pugslife we can still speak.

Sorry to hear you are still so cold. It may be that by the end of the week we will join you. Presently we have clear skies which is nice because we were so dark all weekend but cold wind and this is to get stronger.

Hektor seems to have discovered a new lease of life, must be the tiny amount of weight he has lost. Unfortunately he has also discovered his voice as well which is driving us mad presently.

At 6:44am on January 8, 2017, Helena Brown said…

Hi Julie, I have seen the news for around the Eastern States and you seem to have been ahead of the curve. I know you do not need me to tell you to take care because you always do.

We on the other hand have warm moist air coming up from the Azores which is giving us fog and general rawness. It has never brightened up today and the lights have been on in the house all day if we have been in.

Di seems to have snow as well and as I said to her the Central States of Europe are under a blanket as well. We shall see a return of the cold around Thursday but I doubt any snow.

At 6:43am on January 7, 2017, Di's spoiled kids said…

Morning Julie, yes we got a little yesterday, but it cleared by afternoon.  We are getting more right now, this one looks to be maybe more then yesterday which was only an inch.  We are on that border where we could get the three inches or just the one, so by noon time I guess we will know where we stand with it.  Linus and Lizzy do not like the cold, Linus can take the snow better then Lizzy she will run into the garage if the door is open, if not she will not leave the back steps.  I have to make her go do her business, and sometimes she will hold until she really has to go.  Glad you are handling your weather well, you are the one who has to be really careful as you seem to get it both ways, really cold and the snow.  I think we will see 50 again in the middle of this up coming week.

At 7:30am on January 3, 2017, Helena Brown said…

Hi Julie, seems Pugslife is in breakdown modes, could not get to reply to your comment on Pugslife and members. I agree that with simply us three, you, Di and me being on here with Konrad off and on as well it is simply not alive any more. I did get a reply from Jackie and Guido last month but I have no heard from any of our usual and much missed members. I am not on Facebook and have no intention of joining if I can help it. So good luck with getting some back.

New Year was it's usual quiet self, apart from the fireworks which upset Hektor, no not in the usual way he just wants to go out and give them what's what.

How is the snow, we had a day of frost but nothing else and today has been warmer, so much that Hektor has enjpyed being out.


At 5:45am on January 1, 2017, Helena Brown said…

Julie, just to say thank you for the beautiful picture on my page. I am very bad these days for simply cloocking onto the message page and going no further. Happy New Uear to you and all the boys.

Helena Andrew and HEktor

At 3:11pm on August 8, 2016, Di's spoiled kids said…

Julie love all the pictures of the kids, I could not respond to all of them, I have having a little trouble opening some of them, my computer, I am sure.  Anyway just wanted to tell you I loved seeing them.  Hugs Diane

At 2:52pm on May 17, 2016, Sandy LaClair said…
Thank you. We just got a little girl on the 14th. Her name is Zoë. We are in love. We lost a pug(Emma)Last May 21. She would have been 12 last Oct. We miss her so much.
At 3:59pm on April 01, 2016, Kim Ledvorowski gave julie foutch a gift
At 2:47am on January 27, 2016, Anil Ramachandren said…

Thanks Julie - interesting that we can organize so many humans to love and protect pugs....also wish I could share my wife's comments to the family members, using the latest pic of our pug Champy...its like using an avatar to make nice and encouraging comments...


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