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At 5:31am on February 16, 2011, Helena Brown said…
Hi Sophie, having a little problem and really want some reassurance. Hektor has continued to be really loose in the poop department. So bad that today I have actually given him,with fingers crossed that it does no harm, some boiled rice. He has had only the white meats, namely rabbit, turkey, and chicken these past few days, kept him off the red stuff but he is still not firming up to where he was. Any ideas other than what I am doing. Helena
At 5:03pm on February 14, 2011, Juno Allure said…

Happy Valentine's Day!


A friend gave me this for Valentine's Day. Thought I'd share with my Pug Crew :)

At 11:41am on February 14, 2011, Pugman! said…
Happy Valentine's Day to you Sophie.  I'm sure Milo and Peawee have something wonderful planned for you this day.
At 6:16am on February 12, 2011, Helena Brown said…
Hi Sophie, thanks for the tips, wish I had read the one about the hearts because he had a little of the lambs ones I had bought on Friday, but so far so good. I will have to try and find a butcher than can do me big bones. He has had the Parma Ham ones out of the Pet Shop. Today he is on rabbit and a bit of nice green tripe, loved it. Seems to be doing him good, no problems with his eyes. His ears are cleared up and just a little bit of skin I am not too happy with but nothing much. Ta again, Helena
At 6:14am on February 10, 2011, Emma-Lou said…

Yeah, im good thanks. Me and Rik (my boyfriend) have finally found a house. We are so excited but scared we are still living with parents at the moment so it will be a bit strange at first. Miley will love it its got a nice bigish garden all inclosed with no nasty plants so she can charge around as much as she wants.

 I don't really meet many dogs when we go out as i take her early in the morning and evenings. Riks dad has her through the day so he gets all the joy of meeting friends. They came across a big staffy cross that was off the lead last week, he ran across the road barking at her so Riks dad picked her up. The other dogs owner started yelling at him saying he should be able to control Miley, so he reminded her it was her dog off the lead running across the road not his. Stupid woman. Im always cautious of bigger dogs it doesnt take much to harm our little puggys. Miley isnt bothered about size at all i think she thinks shes a big bull mastive not a pug. ha ha :)

To get her used to the clicker am i basically giving a treat at the sound of it? (to start with.)

Really good news that your mum is on the mend, it must have been a scary time for you.

Em x

At 3:37am on February 10, 2011, Helena Brown said…
Hi Sophie, I tend to use cooked chicken for treats, gave up all the grain when he became allergic to Royal Canin, but I try to keep it to the minimum. I tell everyone not to feed him biscuits and so far so good. He was a bit loose this morning, I reckon the mince he had yesterday was too rich for him, he normally gets the cheap stuff or the dog stuff, this was our stuff and I reckon not enough fat in it. He also had some Pak Choi yesterday and a bit of mandarin, otherwise I have no idea what caused it. He is certainly full of beans, had to chase him round the house to clean his wrinkle this morning and he is not under the weather due to the looseness. So onward and upward, still too much of a coward with the bones and he is still munch his way through his chew bones (addiction) so his teeth are still good and his breath has never smelt. I will keep you informed as to how he is doing, your Milo was my inspiration. Helena
At 5:52am on February 9, 2011, Emma-Lou said…

Hi Sophie,

Ive finally got around to watching that video, its amazing. Ive got a clicker for Miley but i havent used it, I may give it a try. We should be starting back at training classes next week hopefully.

Ive not been on for ages i must upload latest pics of Miley.

How are you all? Hows your mum doing?

Em x

At 5:09am on February 9, 2011, Helena Brown said…
Thanks for that Sophie, I have him mostly on minced at present but will be branching out. We have got him some Tripe Chunks which will go down very well. I have had a problem with Natures Diet (I think) which though not mentioned on the packet had sweetcorn in it. This small amount got his ears and skin going again, but hopefully nearly on the mend again. Have to speak to his Vet next week or the week after and will be telling her that the Optimmune drops were not helping. The one and only time he looked like he was improving was when he went to see her. Grrrr. So as he loves his veggies, he will only get what I give him, no supplements. He is loving having raw, and I much prefer it, he is still smelling like a biscuit but hopefully it will go soon. Thanks again. Helena
At 11:20am on January 27, 2011, Helena Brown said…

Hi Sophie, need help, changed Hektor onto a raw diet today, Minced beef, all I had, I have been along to Pets at Home this afternoon and got some of their tripe, rabbit, lamb and chicken, all seemed to be minced and all frozen. They do not seem to have any other than that and some beef chunks. What do you suggest I try. As you know Hektor has had sore eyes for several weeks now and nothing has worked. I have been concerned for a bit as he was still smelling like a Biscuit (we were going to change his name to McVitie). The Vet put him on an eye drop for dry eye last week, that and an antibiotic, when we saw her on Tuesday his eyes were fine, but on Wednesday they were not as good and after only putting in the optimmune drops the once his eyes were not good this morning, so we decided as Angela his Vet thinks there is an underlying problem, we thought we would take him off dry food and feed him raw.

So any help will be gratefully received, and you can say "I told you so". Helena

At 6:40am on January 17, 2011, Helena Brown said…
Sophie, I had a e-mail from Cookie in Malaysia regarding her dog (I think Her) it is suffering from itchy skin, badly, I suggested that she contact you with regard to feeding raw, though I have no idea if this is possible there, but as you are the most informed regarding this I felt you would be more help than me. I hope you don't mind. The Vets out there cannot find anything to help. Helena
At 6:19am on January 10, 2011, Emma-Lou said…


Sorry I haven't got back to you about training etc. I've been so busy with work and house hunting as soon as things settle down I WILL watch the clip and get back to you. Hope you're all ok?

Em x

At 4:25pm on January 7, 2011, Juno Allure said…

I grew up in Somerset USA! I didn't even know there was a Somerset in the UK. Cool :)

Your pug is adorable. 

At 4:29am on January 7, 2011, Helena Brown said…
Thanks for that Sophie I knew I could rely on you. How are the Boys doing? Helena
At 5:19am on January 6, 2011, Helena Brown said…
Sophie, when you get a minut could you look in on the discussion DMV is having regarding seizures, I said that you could give advice on a raw diet that just might be some help. Helena
At 3:00am on December 27, 2010, Helena Brown said…
Hi Sophie, the scarf came from Pets at Home, not that I bought it, probably a better fit on your two, it barely fits Hektor. Size 16 inch neck and growing.
At 4:05pm on December 25, 2010, Pug Chick said…
Hey Sophie ck out our  Maybe by tomorrow there will be enough for the pugs and Bostons to build a
At 3:27pm on December 22, 2010, Jennifer Whedon said…
Your dogs are gorgeous!
At 6:00am on December 22, 2010, Emma-Lou said…


Glad to hear your mum is doing well. It must have been upsetting seeing her like that. I know what you mean about the stress of court, the criminals seem to come off better all the time. They never do a full sentence so they never learn.

Anything, we are willing to learn anything. How about working on our stays? She had to do a 60second stay in our last exam but she can do it for 2mins if we really try. I dont think she really understands what Im asking her to do, I think its just luck. I guess I would just like her to be more obedient all around. I dont want to wipe all the cheekyness out of her, just want her to understand what Im asking her. (or me to understand how to ask her - more likely) Are Milo & Peawee obedient? How have you trained Milo & Peawee, did you just do it alone or by going to dog training classes?

Do you do shows or anything with your two? I wanted to get into shows but never really got further than thinking about it. ha :)

Are you looking forward to xmas? Miley and I are, she got loads of goodies already. ha ;)

Em x

At 5:43am on December 21, 2010, Emma-Lou said…

Hi Sophie,

How is your Mum now? Did you get anywhere with prosecuting or have you decided to leave it?

I was just looking at all the tricks Milo can do, how did you train him to do all that. We took Miley to dog training she can do the basic but would love to learn more.

How are Milo & Peawee enjoying the snow? Miley loves it.

Em x

At 1:03pm on December 18, 2010, Jodie Clifton said…

he just choked on nothing, couldnt breathe, we saved him once but then it happened again, he just collapsed and we couldnt save him, we think it was breeding but the breeders are being awful about it all so were taking them to court, hopefully we will get some justice for poor little ian xxxx

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