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At 5:01am on February 11, 2020, Helena Brown said…

Hi Sophie, I am sorry to say we lost Hektor on the seventh of November last year. He contracted Glaucoma and at first he was responding to treatment, then he wasn't. He was in so much pain that we could not let it continue. The sad thing was that he got sudden onset cataracts, only one ripened at the beginning that was four years ago. We had it fixed, then early last year the second one appeared. Hektor like most Pugs, his trachea was narrowing, so we decided against an operation. Then in August he started to behave strangely, we mentioned this to our Vet and thankfully unlike our previous Vet, she had a really good look, thought one of his eyes looked bigger than the other. She checked his pressure, it was sky high. So off to the Opthalmic Vet, then we were never away until we decided enough was enough. I was sorry to hear about Milo,it is so hard when you lose them


At 4:03am on April 6, 2019, Helena Brown said…


Sad to say Sophie that most of the migrated to Facebook, I just gave up. Di  and I remain I touch by email and I kept in touch with Pam in Arizona, and with Molly in California until she died last year, her and Izzy within months of each other which was horrible and sad. Because of the situation with Molly, we reconnected with Rashmi in India, she lost Tintin but babes become pregnant with a much desired baby.  Julie's you see is still soldiering on for all of us.


At 8:29am on April 5, 2019, Helena Brown said…

The pushchair came out of Amazon, around £40 Mark, not the greatest but we have had good use if it. We were considering buying a new one but they are really all of a muchness. If Milo is anything like Hektor he will love the fact that he can go out with everyone. Hektor would go stir crazy at home. Congratulations on your family, is it that long since we taljwd.

At 3:50am on April 5, 2019, Helena Brown said…

Hi Sophie, Hektor now eleven, heading for twelve, has arthritis, so we bought a push chair for him and he loves it. He got over the cataract but he had been left with the pigmentation in his good eye. He was treated for around four years t on the last but one visit the eye was suffering so we discontinued the drops and so far so good.

I have to say he still is a menace, he was the only Pug in the village we moved to about four years ago but there is another one arrived who will redeem the good name of the breed. This morning he chased a black Labrador and given he cannot walk on hard ground it was a bit of a miracle.

Nice to hear from you, it made me try to get in, seems my password is okay.

At 1:45am on April 5, 2019, julie foutch said…

So very sorry to hear about Milo,it is so hard as they get older,i know about that i wished they could live forever.Please give Milo Birthday Kisses For Me and please take care,i'll keep you in my prayers.

At 7:41am on February 8, 2015, Helena Brown said…

Sorry to hear about Peewee but glad you still have Milo. Hektor and you got his name right, is still here, still causing bother. He has had his ups and downs, now got cataracts forming and he is only just over seven, he is for an operation soon. Seems to be just one of those things which can happen. He had an eye op year July for Entropion which if my Vet had been any use would have been fixed a damned sight sooner took a Locum to diagnose it and refer us, though I still had a fight to get there. He was doing fine up till August then we had him back for his 3 month visit and he had started to develop them. His worst eye, the one which needed seeing to the most is the furthest advanced so we expect this will be done first. You really do not want this, I have never had this with the other two, cost is terrible but lucky that though we cancelled his insurance we have the money.  Reckon it is going to be £3,000 for both.

If you want to find the rest of the members, only Di, Julie and me mostly here, all the rest  are on Facebook. Helena

At 1:18am on February 7, 2015, Helena Brown said…

Sophie, well we seem to be missing a heck of a lot of them but if you want them they have migrated to Facebook. Sad but this seems to be what has happened. You have been missing as well. Some of us are still here barely hanging on so would welcome the return of some of the more active members. Helena and Hektor

p.s. how are the two boys?

At 8:08am on May 11, 2012, Pug Chick said…

Hi Sophie so nice to see pics of Milo.  I ask on one of them how Pee Wee is doing?  What is that thing in your profile pic?  LOL  LOL  Did you know that I went to Oregon and met the Pugman and got one of Malia's puppies?  Her name is Ginger.  You can see pics of the whole adventure on my page.  Hope all is well and good with you.  What are you up to these days?  BTW Ginger brings my pug # to 4 and 6 dogs altogether including the Bostons Bonnie and Clyde.  My has  gone to the dogs litteraly.

At 10:11am on February 23, 2012, Pug Chick said…

Hi Sophie!!!  Long time no see.  Just saw you come on here and clicked your page.  Love your new profile pic!  Is that Milo?  How are he and Pea Wee and yourself?  Miss seeing the lovely pics of them.

At 10:33am on November 3, 2011, Pug Chick said…

Hi Sophie is today your Birthday!!!  Happy 18th to you girl.  How are Milo and Pee Wee?

At 11:05am on July 19, 2011, pam panra said…

Hi - Thank you for your reply.  What you described seems to be exactly what happened to my pug.  That is why I reached out on this forum.  The only difference is that my pug was 12 1/2 and he had a history of breathing issues.  He was on the same food for over 2 years, which was Solid Gold Barking at the Moon.  I can only hope that his problem wasn't food related, as I really would never be able to forgive myself.  I am so torn up because his decline came so suddenly.  He was my same dog up until that attach on Aug. 13.  After that, he was a roller coaster.  My guy definitely had a bad collapsing trachea, and his tongue would be bluish at times.  I can only surmise that this was due to the lack of air flow at times.  Nothing was constant, that is why I am struggling to come to terms with it.  I just did not want him to suffer and perhaps him suffocate while I was not there.  That would be the most horrible thing.  He never had collapsed prior to Aug., but he did sometimes appear to have mild seizures every 6 months or so where he would just sort of tune out and walk around for a few minutes, but then either be ok or rest and then be ok.  He never convulsed or foamed at the mouth.  My perspective in Aug. was that he could not get a breath and this I think was due to the trachea closing. 

I am happy that your boy is doing good.  Thank you again for sharing your story. 

At 6:38pm on April 22, 2011, Pug Chick said…
Hey long time no see.  Where ya been girly?  Chickens your new hobby now?  Post us some pics of Milo & Peewee with the chickies.  Miss seeing those two gorgeous puggies.  Give them a hug from me.
At 6:01am on April 21, 2011, Pugman! said…
Hey!  What's up with you young lady?  You go find yourself some super hot boyfriend and now don't have the time for us anymore.  Yeah, busted!  What have you been up too?
At 4:20am on March 6, 2011, Helena Brown said…
Hi Sophie, he is doing well, we are still adding a little rice to his raw chicken but one thing I will say the gloop has all but gone from his eyes. He is much more lively we end up playing with him in the morning. He has also regained his equilibrium, he is not as snappy and bad tempered with other dogs. We have met so many new puppies recently and he is so tolerant of them that it has been commented on. We met a very strange looking Yorkie yesterday who is apparently a throw back to the basic components of the breed, he looked like a little sky terrier. He has skin allergies and we were talking to his owner about Hektor and telling them about his problems so they were very interested in the diet, and said they were going to have a go. Their wee do had much the same skin problems as Hektor was having. So it is so far so good. Helena
At 11:31am on February 26, 2011, Emma-Lou said…


Hows the limp going? Has he mastered it yet? We are back at dog classes started last week. Miley was really good, the others in her class arent as advanced as she is so she looks really well behaved :) I start helping with the puppy class this week, I can't wait. I will just be an assistant but at least its a start.

How is Milo getting on with bigger dogs now? We met a BIG springer spaniel the other day he was a bit shy so Miley started crying at him because he wouldnt play, ha :)

Em x

At 1:52pm on February 20, 2011, Nancy Shoebotham gave Sophie a gift
Cooper says, "Thank You Sophie!"
At 1:49pm on February 20, 2011, Nancy Shoebotham said…
THANK YOU SOPHIE!!  It was so funny because I found the rawlearning site this morning and thought it would be a good resource and then you send this message with the site listed.  I so appreciate all your advice.
At 7:01am on February 20, 2011, Nancy Shoebotham said…
Thank you Sophie!  This is all very interesting.  I was also thinking of going this route for our cats as well so I was happy to hear that you feed your cat raw.  We have 6.  I'm curious if you used any literature to help you in determining how much and what combinations to feed.  Do you feed twice a day or once?  I'm so afraid I will do this wrong and end up in a worse situation, but am convinced that I'm on the right path so I need to forge ahead. I truly appreciate your help.  Nancy
At 9:04am on February 19, 2011, Nancy Shoebotham said…
Hi Sophie,  I noticed in your new photos uploaded today that your boys were eating raw.  My Cooper is 6 and we have had a rough time over the last few years with bacterial infections of the skin due to allergies.  Also goopy eyes.  I started the Primal raw diet,, but still wonder if I shouldn't be feeding solely raw meat.  Primal's formula has added vegatables and supplements.  Your boys look so healthy and I would love to hear about how you feed yours raw. I would greatly appreciate any advice you may have.  Regards, Nancy
At 10:11am on February 16, 2011, Helena Brown said…
Thanks for that Sophie, I think I have given him too much variety, have to stick to one sort of meat it would seem. ~He seems better since he had the rice with his raw chicken so will have to stick to that for a bit with my fingers crossed. I would normally have taken time with the switch over, I know I should have but the circumstances were dire with his eyes and simething had to be done in a hurry. Funnily enough he was quite firm until the end of last week almost to the day I found the corn in his poop. I wonder if the mixed meat nuggets had something to do with it. We have been on this for three weeks on Thursday. i am off to see Angela anyway as I want to talk to her about his eyes, ears etc. Thanks gain for the info it was very helpful. Helena

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