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At 6:57am on September 11, 2015, Bruno Serra said…

Hello Dear, How is everything with you,I picked interest on you after going through your short profile,I have something very vital to disclose to you,but I found it difficult to express myself here,since it's a public site.Could you please get back to me on(brunoserra@outlook.fr)for the full details. Have a nice day. thanks Bruno Serra.

At 6:57am on September 11, 2015, Bruno Serra said…
Hello Dear,
How is everything with you,I picked interest on you after going through your short profile,I have something very vital to disclose to you,but I found it difficult to express myself here,since it's a public site.Could you please get back to me on(brunoserra@outlook.fr)for the full details.
Have a nice day.
Bruno Serra.
At 12:31pm on March 13, 2012, Helena Brown said…

Hi Emma, up till yesterday I would have said he was great. Then we met a guy on the road who could have been described as a bit creepy. You know the type wearing his hood up, well he went mad. My Husband had him on the leash and he gave him a smack because he leapt at the bloke snarling. We took the water pray out with us last night, but he behaved himself. I had a bit of bother with him this morning, but only a little. otherwise he has behaved very well. I just wish I could control his guarding instinct, but this is the hardest thing to overcome. Still not heard from the behaviourist. May have to look at who I contacted again, you see with me using a new computer I have lost a lot of my addresses. Thanks for asking. How are things going with Miley's change of diet? Helena

At 4:51am on March 5, 2012, Helena Brown said…

Hi Emma, definite improvement, wee slip up this morning. We had met Charlie the Chug and were walking with him and then we met Dingo the Yorkie and his Mum. We stopped just about the swing park as Dingo and his Mum were heading back and we were just about to leave the park. Hektor was off until we got to just before we reached there, a normal thing. I had not paid much attention that there was anyone there but then i heard the little girl crying and I saw Mum, push chair and child. Hektor then got upset, I could not walk away, very difficult  at that point, but he was on the lead so I did take him away from the people, he was barking hysterically then. This is the main problem, he does not like people approaching if we are atanding talking to anyone, it his overblown guarding instinct. After this I have said to my Husband that he will have to take his cue from me. if I say we have to go, he has to end the conversation and move. It took me a bit to calm Hektor down again, he was then barking at people who were walking outside the Park. He was fine once we got walking again with Charlie. Helena

At 7:45am on March 3, 2012, Helena Brown said…

Meant to add that Hektor is behaving a lot better since I took control, he is more subdued, probably kidding me on, but he does know how to behave. I think he has just been let off with too much due to his health problems, If will not happen again.


At 7:43am on March 3, 2012, Helena Brown said…

Hi Emma, there must be Veg you cannot feed dogs, I think onions are one of them so that should exclude all the aliums but I know you can use garlic so perhaps not. Hektor cannot have maize, so anything with sweetcorn is out for him. Dogs Trust print a list of things you cannot give to dogs if you google them you will find it.

I have stuck with the mix that I feed because a, it suits him, and be he loves carrot and does not seem to mind the others, also he had problems with all the grains and he was loose with rice. He gets his microwaved, I let it cool down a bit before adding his meat then he gets his piriton tablet and his 250ml oil, it vanishes in minutes.

At 10:00am on March 2, 2012, Helena Brown said…

HiEmma, could not remember if you were UK, thought you were, Aldi's vegetable medley is what I feed Hektor on, but both Tesco and Asda do similar. He never has loose motions and he loves his veg. You get used to the tecnicolour poop. Helena

At 7:04am on September 30, 2011, Ang Stevens said…
thanks for the nice comments. Otis is a sweetie, but then all pugs are! Miley looks as though she loves the sea. Otis just loves paddling, and with some encouragement (unfortunately that could mean me going in the sea) he would be swimming. We're at the beach in a couple of weeks, so will have a good try then. He is one year old on Sunday.  Love your photos.
At 9:50am on August 16, 2011, Steph Derry said…

hey, i got his from ebay off a seller called mydoggiescloset . they're in america but they post to the uk for about £3 per item. its kevin's 3rd one off them :) he wears a large 'rite-fit' one now :) x

At 9:40am on February 11, 2011, Sophie said…

haha, damn, i hate owners like that.  Mum had the same problem the other day.. She was walking with my sister and Peawee. Little Peawee was walking loosely beside her and some man was walking his dogs, the little shih tzu and big black dog he was walking lunged and pulled towards peawee whilst peawee ignored them, and he told my mum to bugger off! It's weird, it was his dog lunging..

Milo just confuses me, today he saw a german shepherd at the park, ran at it at full speed and headbutt it and snapped the air beside it whilst jumping up, then came back to me. But then minutes later was calmly hanging out with a Husky, two pekingese, a pug, a shih tzu, a JRT, a poodle, A yorkie, a German shep mix and a labrador and he was completely fine with them! I guess he doesn't like every single dog.. Ah well.


Yep! Just click, and immediately follow up with a treat, making sure to not move your arm to reach down with a treat as you click, or that will make the dog think that you reaching down means a treat is coming, rather than the click. So click, then reach and give a treat :P


Hey, who knows.. Maybe you'll have a skateboarding Pug soon too. haha! Milos favourite trick at the moment is walking with his feet on mine .. :P Cute, but as long as he doesnt do it without me realizing and tripping me up..I'm teaching him to limp at the moment with the clicker, tough work! I've finally perfected his 'leave it' with he clicker now. he LOVES to play frisbee (Got him to love it with a clicker of course!) and so if i throw a frisbee hell chase it like a mad man, he can be about to grab it, if i say leave it he immediately runs back, thanks to that clicker.. great tool. Same with dogs now, if hes running toward a dog, i say leave it, he comes back. Its like he doesnt have to think about it, just say the word and immediately he turns around. I dont think it would have been as easy without a clicker :P

At 7:05am on February 9, 2011, Sophie said…

I got a few more people into clicker training recently, someone came up and asked me what the clicker was for cus they heard me use it.. At least theyre interested in using positive training methods rather than forecful ones!


Pugs are happy, Milos been scared of bigger dogs lately who come running towards him snicking their nose underneath him and jumping on him and may snap at it, but today he got along fine with a large brown dog, walked with a rottweiler and played with a collie, so maybe he just dislikes rude dogs. I haven't been on here for a long time either, lost my camera and just busy really :P! My mums ok now, kind of. Some day she can go back to being a little childish, but maybe thatll stop. :P So how are you?

At 6:25am on December 22, 2010, Sophie said…
At 6:24am on December 22, 2010, Sophie said…

They are obedient, i knew how to train them but i took them to obedience classes simply to help milo gain confidence, especially around dogs. I use clicker training and positive reinforcement. It's not all about treats, rewards can be a verbal praise, a petting, a toy or game, a piece of food or access to the environment. Like with loose-lead walking, the reward is the access to the environment. eg - When Milo or Peawee pulled or went too far ahead so that the leash was tight i walked backwards until they willingly walked towards me, then i clicked and tossed a treat on the floor and we continued walking forward, if he stayed behind or beside me when we continued he would get another click and a reward to show him its thed right thing. However, he didnt need treats because the rward was walking! But it sped the training up.


I have done shows in the summer, Milo won Most handsome and obedience, peawee has won two aswell. I might go to some this summer for fun..

As for the stays, Check out this video. I used her method and i got some awesome stays now. eg - I can get Milo to do a Sit, or a bow and stay in that position as i walk in a circle all the way around him, run away from him making a load of noise and then go and sit down, he wont move until i say the word RELEASE. That's the key to getting a perfect stay, getting them to understand that the only time they can move is when release is said. It doesnt matter what else you say or do, they cant move until that word has been said! I can get Milo to downs from a distance too, which took a while. Of course, he's still young so we've still got lots more to learn, but i definitely recommend you watch the whole video! Milo had to do Sit/Stays at obedience classes. There were about 12 dogs including him in total. It was where all the dogs would walk around when the music was on, when the music stopped they had to sit and stay. The first dog to move was out.  Me and Milo won :)

At 9:56am on December 21, 2010, Sophie said…

Hey, she is ok now the police are fining the guy who hit her because she doesn't want to go to court, too much stress.


What trick do you wanna learn? Anything on the list of Milos tricks, name it, and ill tell you how to teach it if you like! :P I'll be getting a video camera soon so i might even make tutorials... then everyone can have smart Pugs! lol! I was at the park with Milo today in the snow doing a few tricks, we were doing the trick where he walks with his feet on mine and some guy with a little dog was staring at Milo doing the tricks! lol! Milo hated the snow at first but he likes it now, i took him to the park, he didn't need a sweater, that makes him colder,  we were playing chase so he didn't mind it too much, peawee isn't too fussed by it at all, he doesnt give a monkeys

At 9:01pm on September 20, 2010, Pugman! said…
I apologize, I didn't answer all your questions. The kids go nuts when they see me pulling it out, and get very upset if I go shopping instead of giving them a ride. But for the most part they will jump into it before it is anywhere near the bike and assume their seating positions (they figured that part out on their own after a few arguments). I then clip them into their restraints, button the cover down and off we go for the day. There is another compartment in the rear where I put all their gear, water, treats and food, along with a spare tire pump so I don't have to use up my CO2 cartridges should it get a flat tire. I don't get flats on the bike at all often, I think the last one was about two years ago. I have the Kevlar tires, expensive but hardly anything will penetrate them. I've even had the tent and all camping gear attached to it and we take off for the weekend. Much fun. Next summer we are going to go camping all over the State of Oregon for at least a month.
At 8:38am on September 20, 2010, Pugman! said…
Oh yes, it has a top cover with sturdy fish netting for them to see out of and ventilation, when it's raining it also has a sturdy clear window that zips down to keep them dry. It has restraining straps for them, and cushions to set on when we go. It in this picture is pretty much stripped down, it is also totally collapsible for storage and surprisingly light weight. We put the tent, camping gear food and such in it and go camping all the time. Much fun, can be a chore getting up hills but the bike has 27 gears which helps and then hydraulic disc brakes which is very handy when stopping with all that weight behind you. Also the trailer has shock absorbers. for a smooth ride for the kids.
At 7:26am on September 20, 2010, Pugman! said…
Hi Emma-Lou. The trailer I have is the biggest Burley makes. I can fit all four of them in it quite nicely. When I go round town with them, they are indeed traffic stoppers. I think we may have caused a couple of accidents also. Ooops. I have another bike with an electric motor, sometimes I'll hook up to that one, then we really go zipping around.
At 8:49am on September 16, 2010, steph skellorn said…
I live in cumbria so there's very few pug breeders here. And aw bet you can't wait to get a brother or sister for miley, the saving up thing is hard though, they arn't cheap, but they're worth every penny. Although I find it shocking how many people pass comment on 'how much I spent on a dog', it drives me mad lol. x
At 5:39am on September 16, 2010, steph skellorn said…
Aww, they're cute between 8 and 16 weeks but they're really hard work, im getting polly from the same lady i got billie from as iv kept in touch with her and i trust her, so shes billies sister. its about 60 miles from where i live so its not too far really :)
At 4:53am on September 16, 2010, steph skellorn said…
I'm so excited about her arrival its ridiculous lol I get the pics on sunday so I'll post them on here on Sunday night. I remember when I was waiting to bring Billie home, between the pic of him at 4 weeks and the pic at 5 weeks he'd grown and changed so much, so thats making me even more excited I think. Her breeder says she's very dinky though, hence the name Polly Pocket :)

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