So we need help and bad, just not sure what to do with little Zoey...... She is now two, she drives us a little crazy.  She loves to chew on her feet lick them to death.  She loves to clean herself all the time especially in them.  She does this what we call the "pug scoot boogie"  where she spins around in a circle seemingly itching her butt on the ground, and she does it probably 50 times a day.  She refuses to completely potty train, and deposits poop in our closets all the time, and then sometimes, more rarely, than God, she'll pee.  When we think things are getting better, it will rain outside and then she won't go out at all and of course she'll have accidents.  She's ENCOURAGEABLE!!!!!!  We love her dearly, but we just don't know what to do with her.  The terrible ear infections, and constant bladder infections seem to have improved as she has gotten to age 2.  She's fun, loving, and beautiful and I adore her, but husband never wanted her and she does add stress to our lives with the refusal to potty train.  We think because it's summer and the kids are home and they don't pay enough attention that is why she's gotten worse.  We also know that she definately seems to do it as a punishement to us.  We know she has allergies, as we have her on grain free food, and her stratching at her face until it bleeds went away when we did that.  And the shedding, I could go on and on about that........But what to do.  I love her with all my heart.  IF only there was a way to help her stop going to the bathroom in the house, we could deal with all the rest.  


I did try to express anal glands once, but the groomer said that in a dog her age and in pugs esp.  it's dangerous, that you can do more damage than good.  They own a few pugs, and seem to know what they are doing with them.  she's my baby girl and i love her so much.  Please, any suggestions to make life less stressful would be good.  There has to be a way to potty train them.  She's been crate trained since she was 6 weeks old and never had an accident in there.  

I really believe she just does it to make a point when she is sad, angry or upset.  

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Comment by Christine London-Camper on August 6, 2012 at 10:29pm
Sounds like you need to go grain free everything and possibly daily walks:)
Comment by Cherie Middleton on August 6, 2012 at 8:49pm

I will never give up on her.  The problem is not me, it is my kids.  I am very consistent, they are not.  They are teenagers and don't pay attention to her properly, distracted, and when they get home from school it's a problem and the summer is a problem.  I bought a cloth diaper and we are keeping it on her as quarenteening her to a room or to her crate is just too harsh.  I do agree it is our problem, not hers.  I love her dearly and will do everything to help her success.  I think the diaper will be the trick, if the kids will do it consistently.  As she does not and has never gone in her crate.  She HATES POOP.  WE have talked and talked with the kids about this problem and how the lack of consistency and the lack of helping with her potty training since hubby and I work full time is the reason she still has problems.  We do not blame her in any way.  I just want to help her thru it.  

Comment by Hernan Marquez on August 6, 2012 at 6:06pm

All I can say is patience and regularity in other words a routine, dogs need this and freaking adorable pugs need it times 10, be patience and do your best to follow the poop, pee routine, I take my ipad and stick with them until they are done and if they are particular stubborn guess what, they stay and I leave and then check on them... lol that's all we can do..... ;)

And shedding its a given with these guys, my wife and I vacuum 3 times a week I guess. and there is the itching, God these guys a something else aren't they, mine has been prescribed Prednisone and has worked so far but I don't know if that could apply to Zoey, check it out.

Best of luck and yes keep us posted.

Comment by Helena Brown on August 6, 2012 at 2:41am

Oh and I endorse what Pugnacious says about keeping her out of parts of the house you do not want her in. Hektor used to go up to our top floor and that is where he would poo before he was completely toilet trained. Now he will not use the stairs in the house. Get a gate a kiddy gate or a dog gate but block off her access to your closets.

Comment by Helena Brown on August 6, 2012 at 2:16am

My two friends below are going to be cross with me but I am going to go against the grain and say the reason she is not potty trained by now is down to you. Firstly puppies need to be taught and that requires a regular schedule. After every meal and as soon as soon as she looks like she needs out. Also have her at the Vet and get those glands checked, it may be nothing but when they are young this often happens. Is she firm in the poo department, softness causes problems with the glands. She is not punishing you by pooing in your closet, dogs do not have any idea of that concept. I understand your problems and possibly a behaviourist would be a good idea as this is now a long term problem.  have always, apart from Angus who had separation anxiety managed to toilet train by at least 6 months but this requires being able to walk the dog outside to get them to understand there is a world out there which is much more interesting to pee and poo in.If she is not over the garden gate then you may find that is part of the difficulties. Do not give up, follow a routine, and you will see a difference and clean up thoroughly where she has gone.

Comment by Di's spoiled kids on August 4, 2012 at 2:39pm

As Pugnacious said potty training come to all at different ages, my first dog was not completely house broken until the age of two, and it was a hard time as I was working full time.  Lily and Lulu were a little eaiser becoming house broken by the age of 1 and 1/2.  Now my two I have right now were no problem at all.  As for her doing it on spite, yes she could be doing that, but there also could be a reason behind it, something more with the allerigies if she is alway scutting and biting or licking her feet.  For the potty, you can always use diapers when she is in the house, will help some, at least with the peeing.  Don't give up on her until you are completely sure that there is nothing else left for you to do, I know this is hard, but there is stil hope, she is still only a pup in her own mind.  Good Luck

Comment by Pugnacious on August 4, 2012 at 9:25am

Oh how i wish i knew the miracle for potty training myself.My 10 year old wasnt completly trained until about 3-4!She would go downstairs and poop sometimes and when it rained even more.My 7 year old got it quick,never an accident.But my 2 1/2 yr old still will go downstairs,even though i have a doggie door they can get out whenever they want.If she has been crate trained maybe you will have to start all over.Keep her in the crate and take her out imediatly to potty then offer a treat..put her back in,do this for a few days,do not give her free rain of the house.Maybe keep her on a leash attatched to you when she is out of her crate,i hear that works for training.Or gate her in a certain part of the house?So she cant get to your closset.They are stuborn and you just have to be persistent!It does sound like she needs her glands expressed,groomers are only allowed to express outside not internally,so i take mine to my vet to have them done internally.When you do that they can tell you if they were full or half full etc.then you will know that when she scoots its time to have them expressed again.It could be whats makeing her act out right now as they can get infected.My youngest has bad allergies,i give benedryl daily and always have wipes by the door to wipe her down when we come in.And have special shampoo also,she gets bathed more than the others.Im sure others will chime in here with more good tips for you.She is still a puppy AND a pug,like i said they can be stubborn.:)Please update to let us know how she is doing.

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