People ask us how we came to name our dogs. Here's a tiny bit o' history.


Alexis: our first pug was not named by us. My son's girlfriend named her. When My son moved out, he left us Alexis, which was a good trade. She's my baby and really daddy's little girl. I used to think it was a stupid name for a dog, but I changed my mind when her personality grew to fit her moniker.


Max: sounds straightforward, doesn't it? Well, his full name is Maxamillion. Most times, when people ask, I say "Maxamillion - he's one in a million." But honestly, I named him after the bionic dog in the old Bionic Woman TV series. Nobody knows this but me. Most of the time I call him "Maxo" or "Maxie" or "Maximo!"


Neumacks: easily the strangest name I ever gave a dog. He was our first pug rescue and came to us as a full adult and was used to his name - which was Max. But, as you just read, we already had a Max. Since I had to change it and resisted the "cute" alternatives people suggested (Max II - jeez), I wanted something that would still retain his original name. Since he was Max and he was New, he was New Max. But that's a stupid name, so I made it one word and made it vague German for no reason other than to be unique: Neumacks. Believe it or not, he took NO time remembering his new name and would come to use before we got past "Neu--". He was a smart and sweet pug who used to howl "I love you" when we came home. So deserving of respect was he that I started calling him Mr. Neumacks and it stuck. He passed away a year and a half ago and we still miss him terribly. 


Anthony: he was our second rescue, who came into our lives a month and a half after Neumacks died. He was immediately comfortable with us, almost like Neumacks filled him in before we arrived. When we went to pick him up, they told us his name and that they sometimes called him "Tony." I called him that and he shuffled over. When I said "Gimme kisses, Anthony," his curly tail wagged and he slobbered kisses on my. After that, we never called him Tony again. When someone reacts to learning his name by saying "Tony" we always respond: "yeah, he doesn't like that, he prefers Anthony. Or Big Ant."


Funny, but all of our pugs wound up with human names. It was close though, because Max was nearly named "Waffles." Kinda glad that didn't get past the first round of approvals…

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Comment by Cyn & Pug Crew on October 19, 2011 at 9:56am
I named Vala after a character in Stargate SG-1 she was awesome and so I renamed my 6 month old pug rescue girl. Her name at the time was Aphroditie did not fit her at all!!! Vala really lives up to her namesake. Cheto was already named and I did not change it. Harley was named by one of his foster homes in pug rescue and I did not change it except to call him grampy which fit him so well, He was a happy go lucky little guy!!
Comment by Pam & Pugs :0) on October 15, 2011 at 10:21am
Our Daisy was "Daisy May", except she wouldn't stop doing her doo doo in the house.  So, after 2 years of cleaning up turdlets, we re-named her "Daisy Doo"!  Of course the day after turning two she was potty trained!  Go figure!  :0)
Comment by Helena Brown on October 14, 2011 at 10:11am
Well Scott, all my Pugs have had human names too, we have had Henry, called Pug Henry, then Angus, called after my Breeders Grandson and now we have Hektor, called for the Prince of Troy, funny he has turned out to be a right warrior. Before that my parents had dogs with doggy names, Chummy the Lab cross, my first one though was Dante the German Shepherd cross, I must have been a very well educated five year old because I named him Dante. I think that my Dad used to talk about Dante's Inferno and hence the fancy name. Then we had two Lassies, one a Grey German Shepherd and the other my rescue Corgi. I think that Pugs suit human names, all the ones I know here in Scotland have had them.
Comment by Puggirl on October 12, 2011 at 2:18am

Rusty, my lab, is a gift from a friend, and I named him so, as his ears are kinda rusty. My husband loved the name when I suggested it. In fact the day he was to arrive, my hubby was busy searching the net for a good name, but at the end of the day, was happy to go with my suggestion.

Tin Tin owes his name to my hubby's fondness for the comic book character Tin Tin. Morover, my hubby also chose this name as pugs are of Chinese origin, and Tin Tin sounds Chinese enough, without being actually Chinese. The inspiration is also a pug named Ming Ming from the neighbourhood.

So thats my story :-)
Comment by Puggirl on October 12, 2011 at 2:17am

My first pet was a Lhasa Apso, Whisky, who was with us when I was a total kid. My dad had named him Whisky, and God knows why, considering that my dad was a tee-totaller. Whisky was very possessive of my dad and simply doted on him. Now, my dad was a civil engineer in the Indian army and was in charge of projects involving construction of highways in hilly and difficult terrains. He also had to travel a lot in the course of his work. On one such trip, my mom and I accompanied him and we left Whisky back home with our domestic help. When we came back from the trip, we learnt, to our horror, that Whisky had been let loose during our absence and had been bitten by some rabied stray dog and had died. My dad never really recovered from that shock for a long long time.

The next pet I remember is a dog named Brutus. He lived with my maternal grandpa, and funnily, he was also named by my dad. My dad tells me that he had named him in memory of a dog named Bruto he had had in his bachelor days. I distinctly remember that Brutus was devoted to my grandpa and had cried a lot when my grandpa died. And I also remember, sadly though, that when my grandpa died, no one was willing to keep him, and he had to be given up for adoption 

Next I had a cat named Rocky. He was a white ball of fur and was gifted by a neighbour. I was the one to name him Rocky and I have no recollection of why I named him so. He came under a car one day and met his end. He must have been barely six years old when he died. I was at school when this happened. No one told me and my folks kept telling me that Rocky must have just wandered away and would be back. I chanced upon the truth years later, and until then believed that Roky must be alive and kicking somewhere.

I also had a cat, who came to me much after Rocky passed away. She was found at my doorstep one festive morning and I fell for her and simply adopted her. I named her Dimpy, as I felt as if she had dimples. Alas, she didnt live with us for too long either.

Then my father brought home a baby rabbit he had rescued from somewhere. I named him Rusty, as he was a nice rust colour. Unlucky as I must have been, he was affected by Diarrhoea soon after and died within a fortnight of arriving at my house.

Much later, we were gifted a german shepherd mix puppy and I named her Raisa. Those days Raisa Gorbachev used to be in the news a lot and I used to quite love the name Raisa. So I named her Raisa. Now, Raisa was more of a guard dog, and my father had a farmhouse that needed a guard dog, so my father moved her there. We used to visit the farmhouse once a wek and she was with a caretaker in the farmhouse. The caretaker must have been a cruel person, as one day, he poisoned my Raisa to death and told no one about it. The next time we went to the farmhouse, Raisa did not come barking to greet us as usual, and when my dad asked the caretaker where she was, he pretended to have no clue. But we searched far and wide and finally found her body in a gutter. My dad interrogated the caretaker again and he confessed to having poisoned her. My father wasted no time in kicking the caretaker out.

After that I was convinced that I was jinxed as far as pets went and that I should not keep any pet. I stuck to that and managed to survive without a pet until two years back.

But deep down I knew my life would not be complete without a pet and so now, I have again kept pets. This time I am trying my best to do all I can to keep them healthy and safe. Moreover, my hubby is not jinxed with regard to pets (he has had healthy dogs for pets all his life), and hopefully his good luck will prevail over and wash out any bad luck I may have had until now.
Comment by Di's spoiled kids on October 11, 2011 at 3:14pm
Well if i think back I named both Lily and Lulu even though Lulu was our son Carl's dog.  Lily is Princess Tiger Lily, and it just seemed to fit her.  Lulu was the runt of the litter and when we saw her at three weeks old she was just so tiny, that we almost didn't take her, but she ended up being the sweetest little thing around, and she became know was Little Lulu Belle, because she was what I thought of as our southern belle.  Linus was my husband choice, and I was not real sure I liked it, but it now fits him.  He is Sir Linus Henery, his father was Sir Henery, and my husband's name is Henry.  And then we have Lizzy, and I always said if I got a black pug her name would be Lizzy, after my grandmother, believe it or not.  Lizzy's given name is Lil Lizzy Bit.  So there you have it all the L's
Comment by kristen vaughn on October 11, 2011 at 6:35am
Chimaera-I decided when I moved out that I needed a black pug puppy. So I called everyone I could find in the state asking for a black girl. I found only one and she had to be picked up asap because someone had gotten her brother and really wanted her so we agreed to be there (3hrs away) the next day. About 10 that night I realized I hadn't even thought about names so I looked in harry potters guide to mythical creatures and read that chimaeras are beasts of several kinds sqished into one and it sounded cute saying it. We picked her up and they handed me a tiny bugeyed sneezing drandruffy curlytailed mess. It was love at first sight!

Adeline- our second pug was a rescue and was named adeline which we loved and as she was with us we called her addie and in true pug fashion we babytalked her and addie paddie became common. Then I called her paddiecakes. She now answers ONLY to addie paddiecakes! We call her the paddiecakes when talking to other people and everyone else calls her that too!

China-our third pug is a rescue and came to us as china. We who wants a plain name so she decided she is either "china china("yes twice) or "china pachina"

Twinkle-dachshund and came with that name. Unfortunately she knows it and responds well so twinkle it is

Baby- a black cat formerly had a black brother named otis. It was near halloween and they were named after a brother and sister homicidal maniac team from the movie devils rejects.....without otis she's just a sweet cat named baby!

Callie-the real homicidal maniac. Short for calico. She was 5 weeks old and loved our pugs and they loved her. The dachshund tried to kill her and left her with brain damage. Now she's demonic.

There ya go like it or not!
Comment by Puggirl on October 11, 2011 at 2:17am
I love both the stories :-)
Comment by Pug Chick on October 10, 2011 at 10:54am

Thanks for the insight.  I always enjoy hearing about how folks came to have their pugs and the history behind them.  So now I must tell you about mine...haha  I'll try and give the Readers Digest Condensed version but will still probably be long.

Puga-First pug we ever owned and my baby girl.  She came from a breeder in Athens Ga home of the University of Ga and their mascot an English Bulldog named Uga.  Being huge UGA fans hence Puga. She arrived in 2008, and was my birthday present.  Our oldest son had left for college and she was his replacement.  Seemed like a fair exchange.

Pixie-The hubby and I would fight over Puga except when it was time to take her out in the middle of the night.  Then she was nobodies pug.  Poor girl :(  Since I usually got the duty I would tell him he was not derserving of pug  One day I saw on facebook someone looking to rehome a 7 month old black female pug puppy.  They we giving her away.  Knowing what I paid for Puga I couldn't imagine "A Free Pug"  So I jumped on it and presented her to the hubby as "His Pug" for fathers day in 2009.  She started out as Patches due to a patch of white on her chest but quickly decided that didn't suit her mischievious personality and came up with Pixie.

Louie-I started fostering pugs for South East Pug Resue Adoption and Louie was a 5ish year old that came to me to foster.  Louie was already Louie and it fits him perfectly.  Louie was adopted out but was not happy in his new home and started acting up so he could come back to me.  His trickery worked and he has been here since 2010.  He also put an end to my fostering as he is extremely bossy and claims me as his property and has run off any fosters I attempted.  He graciously allows those who were here before him to stay but begrudgingly.  He has a special dislike for Clyde one of our Boston Terriors.  It's a male thing.  Which brings me to Bonnie & Clyde.

Bonnie & Clyde-Although not pugs they are very much members of our pack.  Also they were here before bossy Louie.  A friend showed me a picture of two Bostons that were 5ish.  The owners had had them since they were puppies and had become to busy and had tired of them I guess.  The story was that if they could not be adopted out together they would have them put down...Ridiculous I know.  We took them in not for sure if we woud keep them or just find them a new home.  They arrived as Ernie and Stella.  They stayed and not liking their names which they didn't particullary seem all that found of I went about thinking of new ones.  I wanted something that went together like Lucy & Ethel, Fric & Frac, Ying & Yang.  You know what I mean.  My son....the youngest still at home at the time came up with Bonnie and Clyde...Perfect!!  They approved and it was settled.

So there you have the whole of it wanted or

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