Weaning off of steroids and the Dr Goldstein PLan UPDATE

After 4 weeks of slowly weaning Casper off of steroids and supporting her with all the homeopath supplements, Casper slowly got worse each day, mostly. her mobility. As I cut down the steroid she got less and less mobile, more stiff and painful to walk and hold her head up. she was walking with her head down... then her right side became so weak probably due to inflammation in her neck and sciatic nerve to her right side. she could hardly stand and buckled over 2 her right side. She was a trooper and I tried to support her the best I could. then she had a mast cell surface (the steroids had been keeping them under control) then a few days later 2 more appeared and she was unable to chew because of the pain in her neck. The vet suggested we go back on the steroid and within 3 days she was better than she was before she started with Dr Marty. she is walking with her head up and getting stronger each day. the mast cells have shrunk down to more than half their biggest size (nail head to half that size) all this in 4 days of back on the steroids.

Because of the dramatic loss of mobility from the weaning of off the steroid I was unable to detect any positive changes due to all the supplement support. But now that she is back on the steroid and much better than she was a month ago when she started the program I gotta believe these supplements are really helping her.

I decided to go for the 3 day IV thearapy Dr Marty uses at his practice for overall health benefits but particularly to address mast cell (which he has cured with this therapy) and her overall inflammation.

she had her first full day treatment yesterday and is currently undergoing day 2.

when she came home yesterday she was very perky and walking and standing and seeing better than she has in months. Dr said first night commonly shows great energy and improvement, but next 2 nights she could be lathargic.

I felt her 2 remaining mast cell bumps and they had gotten smaller and by this am were hardly papable. she was very alert and peppy this am at breakfast. I had to travel up here by train (metro-north) and am spending the day at a neighboring cafe with wifi waiting for her. She should be done by 430 and we'll head back to the city. If you want to read more about this treatment please see the website www.smithridge.com or http://www.smithridge.com/cancer.html

Casper has never had malignant mast cells but some type of inflammatory disease that produces these small pin head and nail head size tumors (look more like acne bump than anything or small wort or mole) now that she is older her joints and eyes are in a degererative state.

through all this she is a very strong has an incredible willingness to thrive and Dr Marty described her as being strong as an Ox. either from her heart or head and we are trying to find the right balance for her to be able to thirve fully.

I took a video of how she was walking when I started this treatment and will post it in another month with a new video illustrating her current mobility . I expect there will be improvement. we rechecked her blood work yesterday and her liver enzymes numbers dramatically dropped (IMPROVED) alkaline level from 588 to 286! so I believe these supplements are helping her overall condition but we now have to figure out the right steroid dose and or get her stable enough to try to substitute the natural steroid (from yams) from the dexametasone. Also her cushings symptons seem to be greatly reduced and on their way to complete reversal.

I hope this update makes sense. It's so much to write and I'm trying to keep it as non-technical as possible. will post new photos soon. thanks to all our friends here who read our post and wish us well. I'm trying to be so thorough
so we can help other pugs out there.

Ps with regard to mast cell Dr Marty says he sees it more in his pug clients than any of the other breeds he treats!
That really really sucks!

Ps Funny story: I was playing phone tag with Dr Marty last week and was getting frustrated. He is a "celebrity Vet" with his own radio show and many tv appearances so I knew to expect that he may be busy or hard to contact at times. Last week when Casper was really having a hard time b4 I started her back on the steroid, He had talked to me as he drove to his radio show taping, then said "sorry he had to go, rob thomas had been waiting for him for over a half hour" I got off the phone grateful that we had talked and told my hubby who is a bit more cynical and said I do not want to hear from him about oprah or martha or rob thomas..."does he even know who matchbox 20 is??" and we both laughed...

Well Dr Marty got the last laugh as when we were both in with Casper yesterday, Rob Thomas walked in with his dog Tyler who has cancer. I laughed out loud as I looked at Rob, Then pointed to my husband. Then we expIained to Rob that we did not believe last nor were we impressed last week when Dr Marty told us "Rob Thomas was waiting for him." Rob understood and laughed himself and said he was actually friends with Dr Marty. We talked about our dogs then Dr Marty popped his head out and asked Rob to wait as he brought us in to talk about Casper for a half hour! We were still there when Rob and Tyler left and he made a point to say good by to us... he is very sweet and hunky in person. just like those steamy videos! LOL...


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Comment by Sharlene on August 14, 2009 at 7:05am
Hi Madison am so happy tohear Casper is doing well I've enjoyed reading your blog it really has been very interesting. Casper is one amazing pug you can see in her little eyes she knows how much you love her keep well you guys are in my prayers. Hugs to Casperxoxoxox

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