Well the update is that we have renamed Takota (hopefully for the last time here lol) to "Toko" So, with that being said......Toko is doing excellent! His hair is looking REALLY good now, his eyes, has no more haze over them and he is still leading the pack on their walks with us & still prancing like a horse LOL. No more fleas or itching coming from him at all. His sores are healing almost to completion, and we can still see his ribs but now there is a fine line of meat over them, so he is slowly putting on weight, over all he is looking fine! He has appt this week with the vet for a well check up. We have opted for him to be on Pedigree puppy food & he is eating it really good. He also now does not poop one every two days, he is going once or twice a day so even that is better. They both got their nails trimmed yesterday, Shini doesn't mind that but Toko didn't take too kindly to it at all. It is EVERYDAY that we are seeing such changes in him! He had at first tolerated Shini & her puppy playing, but each day he has played some with her (if you really call it playing) but this a.m. while Mike & I sat drinking our coffee the two of them played HARD! They both were running about the house & Toko acted like a puppy himself for the first time. They are both worn out now from their 40 minute playtime & are both fast asleep. We bought them a pool yesterday & Shini, it took her a minute but then she figured out what the pool was for, but could not figure out when she pushed on the ball or her plastic toys why they bounced back up, she kept looking at them like foreign objects LOL. Toko did not take to kindly to the BIG surprise but when we put him in it, he did not give a fuss. Toko has learned however (by watching Shini) ........................ that when we come in with bags in hand, that it means there is always something special in them bags for him :) He has that down pat!!! Now for the sad part still existing in Toko................The other day Mike had takin him out to  potty & while they were out Shini & I went out to sit and wait for them to get back, well with Shini we can take her out without a leash at times as she does NOT leave my side ever & is not a runner, however Toko has proved to us that he is a runner, so when Mike & Toko came walking back to the house, Mike automatically (being used to Shini) unleashed him to let him run to me........................well I freaked out & then Mike realized which dog he had just unleashed & freaked as well. So I instantly began walking toward the front door saying: "Mommy's going to get treats" Well ever so shockingly to us..................Toko be-lined past Shini & was in the door in a split second, so Shini followed as well & I went to the other room to retrieve them both a treat with both in tow & I got the treat bucket down & got  them both a treat & sat the BIG bucket on the computer chair & reached down to give both a bacon treat, when all of a sudden my leg spun the computer chair around a little bit, causing the treat bucket to take a flying leap on the floor pouring out a thousand treats, well, these two you would have thought it was Christmas here in the Compton house! They both looked at each other & dove right in, I ask Mike to get them back so I could get them all picked up, so with him & I cracking up laughing, he grabbed ahold of their harnesses & Toko freaked out!!!! To say the least!! It was a givin that he thought he was about to be beaten. Mike picked him up & reassured him that he would NEVER be beatin in this house. Also when I sweep the kitchen floor he again freaks out, he DESPISES a broom!! We have noticed also on his right rib is WAY out of whack! So it is a given that he has been more abused than what we first initially thought. It is heart breaking  to say the least! And those of you who take in abused rescue pugs (or any animal as far as that goes) we admire you greatly!! We now see how broken heartening it REALLY is. They come with issues that rip at your hearts, one must be tough! And when we look at him, our hearts break in the one sense, but in the other as Mike & I have stated over & over again, at least now he is safe & receiving much love and is already spoiled rotten & we can even see him acting like he is spoiled a bit, it shows once in a while. Our hopes is that he too act like Shini in the sense she KNOWSSSSS and it shows she is rotten. It made us feel so good the other day out at the vets as they were telling customers about one of the funniest pugs ever created is named Shini. And also told them that if an animal ended up in our home, it would DEFINATELY be spoiled rotten & loved. You know we know that we love them & do everything that we can for both of them now, but to hear such a compliment especially from an upstanding vet & his staff really made us feel good & I believe it was then that we saw just what good we do do instead of taking it as just our life & that we all do it naturally without a blink in the name of love for our wonderful pets. None of us I believe EVER demand recognition for what we do, as it just comes natural & normal to us to do what we do, but I would like to take a moment just to pass that along & thank each of you all for loving your pets in the best way that you can as I know that many of you do. You are not only appreciated by your pets, but by many people who see you living out your normal daily lives loving your pets. And for those of you's who do rescues the same goes for you, it takes a special person to take on these precious mistreated babies & all the after affects of that abuse. To Mike & I Toko & Shini are   little angels sent by God into our family & extended family!  Hug your pug(s) today & in that moment that they should get underfoot etc. instead of being a bit aggravated, I challenge you to take a second & stop whatever it is your are doing & reach down & give that special angel a nice pat on the head or pick them up & give them a nice warm loving hug! Your aggravation will desappear & a puggy got a kind word or hug. One thing that I have always done with Shini is when I wash dishes that is when her & I have a talk. She just sits there & listens to whatever I tell her & I always tell her at that time what a good girl she is & how much I love her & now I do it with both her & Toko. He seems to enjoy it as much as she does & let me tell ya it makes washing dishes most relaxing & even enjoyable! We love & appreciate each & everyone of you, sight unseen!

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Comment by Di's spoiled kids on June 4, 2012 at 3:57pm

Cher and Mike this is wonderful, and Toko will soon be unafraid of that broom and a raised voice, he will soon understand the true meaning of love.  You guys are doing a wonderful job with him, I envy you for being able to have that rescued boy in your home and sharing your love with him.

Comment by Pug Chick on June 4, 2012 at 2:50pm

What a great blog!  I loved reading every word.  I so enjoy getting insight into every ones lives with their pugs.  Sounds like Toko is coming along just fine.  The story about the treats cracked me up.  I can just see them in a frenzy trying to scarf up as many as possible before the manna from heaven disappears....LOL  I will tell you that it takes a really long time for some of their scars from their former lives to heal if they ever do.  We have had Bonnie & Clyde for over 2 years and they still act very wary when the broom comes out or when James takes off his belt.  You can just tell that those items have caused them pain in the past.  I just hope that as time passes and they realize that these things will NEVER EVER be used to cause them harm that they don't shy away with that wild eyed look.  They are getting much a better but you can still see it.  As the Dog Whisperer says we cannot change their past but we can make their future.

Please say a prayer for Bosco as he goes in tomorrow morning for his neuter and dental.

Comment by Mike and Cherokee Compton on June 4, 2012 at 2:09pm

Awe what a great rescue story Wee Woman! And yes Shini is helping him to reclaim his youth & to know it's okay to be himself & let go. They are starting to bond now.

Comment by Helena Brown on June 4, 2012 at 12:33pm

Well I think you have a really happy pair of Pugs there and yes they are both spoiled but never rotten. I have such admiration for those who re-home and rescue Pugs. I never have done so, but I did rescue a little girl Corgi when I was still a teenager and so I do know that with them you have to exercise a great deal of care around them. It was my father who noticed how our Lassie behaved and how she was always reacting if you raised your voice, It was him who said that whoever had her had beaten her for the least thing and though we had her for nine years and she was also spoiled by then she never liked men with drink in them. The one day she made a mess in the house, she hid, It was not her fault we were held up getting home. It took ages to persuade her to come out of her place and realise she was not going to get hit. I would have loved to have met her previous owners, they would not liked to have met me or my family. Good luck to all of you, to little Shini who does not know she is doing so much good either. Helena

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