You  just never know what you'll find when you get going through things as I have done coming across these rolls of film with many wonderful photos most of the earlier rescue years when I first started taking off which many thanks go to Pam,pugpapa,for those who were there and gave me support and guidance.These were my most memorable moments all of which are so dear to my heart,as i look back on those days i feel so truly blessed.With Gizmo who was a short term rescue she came from a puppymill but,you wouldn't know it as she had such a strength nothing seemed to hold her back as she had so much love and what a character she was a true free spirited pug.My home was truly a home filled with so much pug lovin",the most i had was five to six at one time but,as you all now mainly seniors who just captivated my heart.My forever home stories were always tearful but,oh so happy which makes you feel so good inside although there's that part i think will always hurt a bit which as we all know is so worth it,Gizmo went to a wonderful woman who indeed loved this little with all her heart and a woman who made gizmo her world she is truly one pampered pug as i still hear from her.Many here have shared my forever happy endings which all are truly cherished each in their own special way as you all followed Noah,Sheba,Darla,Buggy from pretty much start and shared in those tearful moments of goodbyes or those until we meet again.As i'm sorry many couldn't share those times with Miss Abby who herself was quite a treasure,a pug well just like her sister Darla and as i have said i believed abby lived through Darla as they were so alike in many ways.I know many here know what i'm saying it's when you come across that one item that makes you say i remember that "whether it be a photo an item of clothing,a toy,in my case many photos i sit and remember back to those treasured times which were and are my most cherished moments,those moments which i will hold so dear to my heart.For all those who gave me support,guidence i would like to thank you all so much if it wasn't for you i wouldn't have been blessed with so many of these cherished memories,as now i can say my life has been and forever will be blessed.

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Comment by Di's spoiled kids on July 31, 2014 at 2:05pm

Aww Sheba, Noah. and Miss Darla, they were the sweetie pies Julie shared with us all, and we loved them as though they were our own.  If I could, just like Julie I would have a house full, they do make your life whole.

Comment by julie foutch on July 31, 2014 at 9:54am

Rescue is what i'm about,it's who i am and as long as i breathe i will continue it's a big part me.As it does take alot out of you,it also makes you whole if that makes any sense,i can't imagine my life without any of them as each one has been so very special to me and yet today my heart still aches but,we do learn to cope and yes we do go on never an easy thing but,somehow you just do.I have to say having my pugslife family there for support and their love which i thank you all,i'm very blessed and i thank god every day,i have many treasured memories as many of you here do as well you have been wonderful aunts and uncles and we will always have those wonderful memories which we all hold dear in our hearts.Thank you wee woman as my darla will forever be my Queen Mum'Helena you made her feel special and as you seen she knew it lol.I am looking forward to all the new memories we will all make together,those treasured memories here at Pugslife".

Comment by Helena Brown on July 31, 2014 at 6:18am

I think there is not one old timer on here who does not remember your senior's Sheba and Noah and of course the Queen Mum herself, Darla. Always Pugs with character and in your home able to show it, Buggy has a new Brother and Sister, both needing the warmth he has basked in, and we know Julie there will be many more pass over your threshold before you are finished who will share in the love and care that happens in the Foutch home.

Comment by Karyn Palmeri on July 7, 2013 at 11:48am

Love the page! 

Comment by Karyn Palmeri on July 7, 2013 at 11:47am

Hi Everyone,  Im karyn & I have 4 dogs, two are pugs.  Recently adopted a senior guy.  Hes ten and blind/deaf, left sided cardiac insufficiency, (will know more tomm).  He came with very bad ear & eye infections.  And some incontinence.  Sometimes he walks into things and at other times I swear he can see!!!  Anyone else have a blind or deaf puggie?  Hes totally deaf. Cant hear me call me his name. Amazing how he knows where I am at all times!  And truly amazing how forgiving and loving he is, considering he was an outdoor pug for his entire life. 


Thank you for accepting "us" in you're group. 



Comment by Di's spoiled kids on July 6, 2013 at 2:05pm

BEAUTIFUL story Julie, thanks for sharing that.  You have such wonderful memories of you babies as it should be.

Comment by Puggirl on July 6, 2013 at 3:44am

Amazing story and great pics!!! You are a great inspiration to all of us, Julie! Sending you loads of love.

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