Well I thought I knew most of what was to know about Mr Pug, or indeed Mrs Pug. The other day walking the streets with a very tired and fed up Pug known to you all as Hektor, I popped into our mountaineering shop to have a look round, it is the only shop here who will let him in. I bought a pair of sandals when I was in and the young lady serving who I had met before was making a great fuss of him. She said about her friend having a Pug and how wonderful she was and we got talking as we Pug people do. Then she dropped the proverbial bombshell. Of course she said Pugs were used way back as Tiger Killers. that is why they have short noses to stop them getting in the way of biting the Tigers neck. I laughed, I said, not to my knowledge, Pugs were cushions, kept to sit on your lap and keep you warm. In fact as someone very respected in the Pug World here but sadly no longer here or her book in print said, the Pug used to accompany the Emperor of the Chin and his hunting dogs, and ran out with the dogs but always came back in the chariots. Anyway she was not for agreeing so I said well it was a new one on me.

Come on, look at your average Pug, the only way he is going to kill a Tiger is by sticking in it's throat. Mine thinks he is a Bull Mastiff but boy the average Staffie would dispose of him in short order.

Molly said she wasn't taking izzy to her friend's because of the extra large Maine Coon cats, well they are not Tigers.

As for the short nose, well that was a case of selective breeding not that long ago, we can thank those people who lived in the era of Queen Victoria here, so if the Pug had a short nose for killing Tigers they were not the dog we know.

I am sure that our friends in Africa are aware of the Rhodesian Ridgeback, who was bred to protect livestock from Lion well, Hektor has a friend of that breed and he has to lean down to even see him.

So people, you have the proverbial Tiger Killer in your midst, just don't let them know, they will fall around laughing.

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Comment by Helena Brown on August 12, 2015 at 9:15am

I am glad I have made you all laugh, yes Rashmi, Tin Tin and him could probably thing themselves into tiger killers but I seriously doubt they ever were, just their size makes it ridiculous, their willingness is not in any doubt. My story was from a lady who was a premier breeder of them in England circa 1940/50's and a contemporary of the Lady who bred Henry and Angus, was that they went hunting with the Emperor of China, they ran out with the hunting dogs, but being sensible Princes came home in the Chariots and I expect had dinner and went of to sleep on fine silk cushions. Now  I can see them all doing that.

Comment by Puggirl on August 12, 2015 at 5:54am

This is a rocking blog! I truly get the bit about pugs being tiger killers! Mine is one (or at least thinks he is), although he has so far only had to fight (or rather try to fight) german shepherds, bull mastiffs, doberman pinschers and the like, lol! To him, size is just a number methinks and fear is the last thing on his mind. But for all the tough exterior (or the pretext of it), he loves sleeping snuggled in my quilt, piling up cushions and sleeping atop them, curling up at my feet, shoulder, belly, thigh, wherever, but making sure that he is attached to some part of my body. And then I think, so much for the tiger killer! But I loved this blog!

Comment by Sharon Soldner on July 11, 2015 at 11:53pm

LMAO!! That is truely hillarious! Thanks for the blog... I always thought that pugs were meant to sit in cars with the stereo full blast singing "Who Let the Dogs Out?" while their owners fight aliens (Courtesy of 'Men In Black')

Comment by Pam & Pugs :0) on July 8, 2015 at 8:16am

LOL, oh how puggies think they are so tough!  What a delightful blog to start my day.  :0)

Comment by LA Pug Mom on July 6, 2015 at 4:04pm

We're laughing here!  Only in the movies, maybe -- and an animated one at that!  However, I do remember a time when I referred to Izzy as the Toy Slayer.  Hmmm, I'm willing to rethink this.  (LOL)

Comment by Di's spoiled kids on July 5, 2015 at 6:58am

Yes I can just see Linus going for the Tiger, and the Tiger with those big teeth looking Linus in the eye like come really you are coming at me to maul my neck  LOL.  Lap dog, royal highness, that is the breed I know, yes they might get their hair in a tizzy on occasion, but Tiger Killer not likely, or not in any of the books I have read.

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