My Hektor has been a very healthy Pug right up until his third birthday, he was seldom at the Vet, he had the odd visit for things like, breaking his leg at 5 months, we think doing his usual,bouncing on the pavement. He had the odd occasional bout of conjunctivitis which cleared up quite quickly.

Then just after his third Birthday he started to itch, sore ears and then sore eyes. We discovered that in the first occasion he had a skin infection, which was then followed by a skin allergy, then he had an ear infection. By the time we had cleared up all of these we, a;long with the Vet decided to change him from his Royal Canin Pug Specific dry food to a hypo-allergenic Wafcol Salmon and Potato and he seemed to be fine with regard to his skin and his ears but unfortunately he was still getting continual conjunctivitis, we no sooner got rid of it than it came back.

Two weeks ago our Vet Angela consulted with an Ophthalmic Vet because she could find no reason for this, she had checked hi tear production and though he was making the minimum in one eye, it was all they could think off. She asked me to pick up a tube of this ointment, Optimmune which would help with the tear production. Before we could get up, Hektor had another bout of the dreaded, she could hardly believe it. So we ended up with an antibiotic and the Optimmune. For a week we dutifully put this in, five times a day, three times for the antibiotic and twice for the other. We were not happy with the way this was working, or not working as we felt but on the Tuesday when we went back to the Vet his eyes were perfect. So Angela said to put the Optimmune in once a day, which for the first day we did, the next day were were back to the red eyes again. So on the Wednesday we put them in twice a day and by Thursday he was looking very unhappy. Thursday was the last day he had any dry food, by lunchtime he was on raw beef and we got some more from the Pet Store and since then his eyes are back to more or less normal, they were a little pink on Saturday night but were fine again this morning and he is still on raw food. I wish I had done this rather than going to another dry food way back in October.


Update:- One week since we started the new regime. He is full of energy and was playing at eight o'clock this morning, something we cannot remember since he was a pup. No sign of any conjunctivitis, fingers crossed.

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Comment by Padma on February 5, 2011 at 2:43am
All the best for Hektor getting glad to hear he's fine.....
Comment by Di's spoiled kids on February 4, 2011 at 1:08pm
Helena glad to here that Hektor is doing so much better and that the diet worked for you.
Comment by Paul Knight on February 4, 2011 at 5:52am
Update on Guinness... Due to the food, he does not gain weight easily and definitely does not have the squishy pug body. I have started adding a little bit of cooked brown and wild rice to his morning meals to give him some extra calories and carbohydrates. His diet is roughly 80% protein, and literally is about 4% body fat, every since living with me, he has not been a pudgy boy like he was at the breeders.
Comment by Mum to Her Royal Muffiness on February 1, 2011 at 11:25am
So happy that Hektor's health has improved and is finally on track in an upwards direction!
Comment by Helena Brown on February 1, 2011 at 12:35am
Just a wee update to say that his eyes are actually looking the best they have been since this episode started, he had a little bit bloodshot look on his right eye and this morning it seems to have gone. So onward and upwards, if I can do this anyone can and can I say thanks to both Paul and Sophie and Ittybittybully for their inspiration.
Comment by Pugman! on January 31, 2011 at 1:28pm
The kids and I just go dumpster diving in the evening or early morning, pretty cheap that way, works great in the winter time, don't have to worry about refrigeration like in the summer.
Comment by Paul Knight on January 31, 2011 at 7:45am

Helena, Sooooo happy to hear he is doing well. He'll end up losing some pounds too as he starts the higher protein diet.


I cannot recommend the raw diet more highly, my guys allergies and skin problems have totally cleared up, hes really happy and has way too much energy.


Nancy, My guy has been on raw for about 3 months now, he was always in at the vet, averaging about 250 a month in garbage bills... Now, he hasnt been to the vet since the change in diet, and his skin has totally changed, his coat is shiny and thick, and well sure the raw costs a bit more, BUT its FAAAR less than the vet bills.

Comment by Di's spoiled kids on January 30, 2011 at 2:33pm
Helena so glad that Hektor is feeling so much better.  I myself left the raw, but only because the kids were getting nasty about it, so i am now making their food, but it is cooked, and they seem to be doing well with that.  Anyway, it is good to know that this raw stuff does do something for these guys.
Comment by Nancy Shoebotham on January 30, 2011 at 7:41am
Hi. Would love to talk with you about how Hektor is doing on the raw diet.  My Cooper (6 yrs old) starting having these issues around the time he was 3-4 yrs old as well.  My vet, whom I have geat confidence in, has said that Cooper is at the age now where this issue becomes chronic.  In 2010, we were at the vet's office every 3 months and each time had to go on another round of anibiotics and steriods.  While on these meds, his skin clears up, but within a few weeks we are back to the bacterial infections that seems to plague my little guy.  I have tried various diets and all sorts of vet medicated shampoos.  Cooper also has red eyes and was put on Optimmune last year.  I also don't think it is helping.  Last week the vet put him on the new Royal Canin Hypoallergenic HP.  I'm not confident that this is going to work.  There is also talk of trying the allergy med Atopica.  I've done my homework and there are too many side effects so I'm not sure thats the route I want to take. I had major health issues last year and a complete change in my nutrition and quality of food has greatly helped my situation along with finally getting a proper diagnosis, which is why I would love to find something more natural to help Cooper.  Thanks for posting your message as I've looked on this site for others that face these problems with their pugs hoping to find an answer for mine.  Nancy
Comment by Pugman! on January 30, 2011 at 7:28am
I'm glad to hear that the raw is helping out Helena.  I've been feeding my kids raw now for around 20 years or so at least three times a week and the Vet bills are better than 90% due to injuries, such as stepping on glass and the such.  There is something to be said for it, that's for sure.  I am glad Hektor is doing better.  My kids really like buffalo and venison.  No way are they getting any elk.

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