Springtime such a wonderful word as many of us are ushering in this beautiful season so are our pets with their spring fever which may cause some to go a bit crazy lol,as mine are doing now.Most know how it goes the playing like puppies,staying outdoors and not wanting to come back in or as i have experienced the hurling of toys and yes the hurling of those couch pillows which seem to get a good shaking out.This is also the time of year to watch for those not so nice things as fleas and ticks which i good flea-tick remedy will take care of that whether it's a collar,drops as we as parents try and keep our pets safe.There's also another little issue and that's flower gardens as some may stop and smell and well,others stop and water or as my big footed wonder likes to stomp as he goes which all can be fixed with a bit of fencing.It's the time of year that they can finally get that workout in which is great for those who have been in more because of weather.That first walk can be quite exciting the smell of the fresh air can put this walk into "Hold On For Your Life'lol as this is what i call fast paced walking.Spring is such a great time to do so many things like those day trips as we are are doing and will be doing more of which is good for you and those furbabes,getting out together making friends,getting excerise which we won't say that word around them lol.We hope you all enjoy the spring and all that  it holds and as i said that first walk Hold On'as they tend to do that fast sprint walk and you get a bit of that it hurts'.Enjoy Everyone!

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Comment by julie foutch on April 7, 2017 at 7:46am

Helena,hope he feels better soon as we have a dog park here but,a few were getting sick as well so not many go there as for me i'm the protective mom they go where i go which is usually over in Vermont where i walk them around the villages which is much safer.When it turns real nice we will be going to the lakes over there as they have many nice ones and there a few covered bridges which we can sit under and have a picnic.You give my little man kisses for me,feel better soon my little buddy.

Comment by Helena Brown on April 7, 2017 at 5:35am

As you know Julie Hektor is a boy who goes walkies anytime but then we are luckier than most we have several publ.ic parks which dogs are allowed to explore as long as they are not an nuisance, problem this year is Hektor seems to have aged a bit, he is dragging his feet,something Henry our old boy did all his life. So he got himself a sore toe and we have been reluctant this past few weeks to walk him on hard surfaces. This is when it has become a problem, we have only two places to really walk him in our village, the small park and the community field. He does not mind the park but now the children are off school it is full of screaming children and he has to remain on leash, nd today he is sick because he has caught another bug of the field. Too many dogs using it, we are a village full of dogs, our street has 5 alone and I have lost count of the ones we know personally outwith our street. So it is not only the fleas and ticks which can be the bother, sometimes dogs like humans pass on the bugs.

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