Thursday afternoon, I packed up Guinness, headed out to NYC to get the girlfriend and we were off on the open road, I-80 for all those that are curious. Now, Guinness loves car rides, but this one seemed different to him, may have been the fact that we were driving for an hour and a half before we stopped. He was more than happy to be with us, he was proudly perched on my left leg (his driving position). He was seeing all of the trees, and day dreaming about making them all his as we zoomed through pennsylvania. At about 730, we pulled off the road in Lewisburg, PA for the night. Once there, Guinness went wild as the hotel registration lady gave him loves and a treat. This hotel sees a lot of dogs, but pugs are near and dear to them, apparently 3 were staying there, and the hotel manager had one also. Very cool we thought as we headed to the room. We unloaded the car and took 10 minutes to catch our breath before heading into town for food. Once back, Guinness took a quick walk, and marked almost all the trees in the forest surrounding the hotel, and we settled in for the night. Guinness was so anxious, he did not sleep, he was too busy standing guard. Once the sun came up, we headed out for our walk, once outside, there was Riley, a black female pug from Pittsburgh! Guinness was stoked to see her, Riley was grumpy however and did not want to play. So, Guinness and I headed down a long gravel road, and about 2 miles later headed back to the hotel. Sleepy pugs are better for car rides! Once back, we had a quick breakfast and headed back out on the road, Guinness slept a little on the way, and about 4:15pm we made it to our destination, Cleveland OH. Guinness enjoyed his time in Cleveland, however, he felt that it could have been a more dog friendly city! Sunday morning, and we are heading back to NYC, Guinness was zonked out for almost the whole ride home approximatelty 8 hours of sleep! I dont think he slept much because of the new surroundings, but he took off monday to recoup, and by today, he was back to his normal crazy self! I know that I would love to go one more roadtrips with my pug as he is a great car dog, I think this trip just solidified it!

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Comment by Helena Brown on August 17, 2011 at 8:19am
Guinness seems to be a bit like Hektor, a guard dog. It is good that he doesn't mind travelling. Our Hektor doesn't mind the journey but like Guinness he does like to be somewhere dog friendly and he hates being kept on the leash all the time we are away. The second but last time we took him to a Hotel we have used which like yours is extremely Dog friendly he met two Weimaraner Bitches and not knowing they were not his mate Herman, he jumped up to say hello and boy did he get told off. I am sure that put him off vacations forever.
Comment by Jackie Hiras on August 16, 2011 at 3:01pm
How neat that you saw another Pug and the hotel manager had one as well!  Don't we get so excited when we learn that someone else has a Pug?  I know I do!  LOL
Comment by Pug Chick on August 16, 2011 at 10:06am
Sounds like a fun trip for all.  Mine all love to ride and are good riders except for Pixie.  She just gets so excited and is very vocal and rambunctious.  She does eventually settle down but then every stop sign or light she gets worked up again.  May have to tranquilizer next
Comment by Di's spoiled kids on August 16, 2011 at 8:38am
Pugs love road trip, or should I say most do.  My Lily and her sister Lulu traveled from the time they were 1.  They loved going with us on vacation.  Linus and Lizzy have not had that experience yet, but I am hoping that someday I will get them to go with us and have as much fun as Lily and her sister did.  I am afraid Lily's vacation days are done, but she still likes to go for a car ride now and then.

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