I have been watching Rufus tonight and realised that he has quite a few random quirks...


he will only use the right hand side of the stairs to go up and down, never the middle, never the left..he is seriously going to wear the carpet out on that side lol.

he does not like to touch raw meaty bones/muscle meat with his paws, he would rather struggle than use his feet to steady his food so he can get a good chew on it.

he barks at ANY Lady Gaga song.

he just has to have the last word...he barks, I tell him to be quiet and he just has to do a low grumbly growl..he can't possibly be quiet until he has done that.

he insists on sitting on my feet, next to them is obviously not close enough.

every morning without fail he will stretch out his front paws, then his back paws and then he yawns whilst sticking out his tongue and makes this noise that would not sound out of place coming from a cat.

he will lay on anything on the floor that is not his bed....wet towels, bedding (when I change the bed, he gets straight on the dirty bedding on the floor), socks, clothes, pj's, dressing gowns...pretty much anything that smells of either me or Karl.

he loves to take socks and then kind of taunts you with them in the hope you will chase him, when you don't, he hides them under his bed.

he finds it impossible to get in and out of the car without taking a big bite of grass from near the driveway and then smacks his lips for the entire journey as it gets stuck in his teeth.

he loves to bark at animals on tv and then tries to look behind it when they disappear off screen.

he loves to bring his kong to you, stands there wagging his tail like mad and then runs off with it if you even so much as blink...he then procedes to 'hide' it right in the corner of the room, but does it where everyone can see him.

he loves to sit on the fourth step of the stairs, only the fourth step though.

he lets you rub his tummy and encourages it by flopping on his side but he really is only luring you into putting your hand near his mouth so he can 'get you' (he is just playing btw lol!).

he somehow knows when I am going out for the night with my friends and puts on a whole 'feel sorry for me' show complete with puppy dog eyes, sighing and a refusal to sit on my knee.


This is just a few of the many crazy things he does that I can think of off the top of my head.

Do your pug's have any quirks like this?

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Comment by Jackie Hiras on September 4, 2012 at 2:16pm

ha ha ha they really are CHARACTERS!!!

Comment by Laura Cook on September 4, 2012 at 2:07pm
Haha, rufus sounds like a hair dryer when he howls! I bet it's funny to listen to them. Ohh yes jackie, rufus is also a face rubber and he enjoys scraping his chops all over the rug in the living room.
Comment by Debra on September 4, 2012 at 10:52am

Our oldest pug Boogie makes these jurassic sounding noises when he yawns.  He is also the choir master and gets everyone to howl for a good long time whenever they hear the garage door open!  It is quite a racket and somehow they all know when to stop at the exact same time.

Comment by Jackie Hiras on September 4, 2012 at 9:21am

This is so funny and I love how they all seem to share similar ones.  Guido definitely loves to lay on clothes and makes the funniest noises while yawning.  Guido always greets you with a shoe when you arrive home.  Lately, he has a habit of rubbing his face in the sheets.  If you are lying down with your legs closed he will just sit there and stare at them until you open them and he will curl up in between. 

Comment by Hernan Marquez on September 3, 2012 at 4:32am
This is great, all of you are also describing Moe and Jojoe, this cracks me up and that is what makes us love these little buggers so much lol.... We have had others breed but none are so funny than pugs. These pugs are on a league of their own.
Comment by Laura Cook on September 1, 2012 at 3:06pm
Glad to hear other pugs have some of these quirks! I think they are all great and are certainly what makes pugs unique. Each pug has their own little personality and they aren't afraid to do what it takes to get what they want. I think pugs are so funny :)
Comment by Helena Brown on September 1, 2012 at 6:04am

Where do I start, like Tin Tin Hektor dislikes men wearing black or dark clothes, he also does not like men on their own at any time. Television is a nightmare, nature programmes, forget it, though he has so many other things on TV that we often think we would be better forgetting the TV altogether. He always and I do mean always has the last word. Should you tell him off, he always has the last bark. He is also racist, does not like the Chinese couple we used to meet in the park, I put it  down to the strange walking they did, Tai Chi..... they now cross the road or go the other way if they see him coming. He took a dislike to an Indian Gentleman who had an obvious bad leg and I am ashamed to say he is also homophobic. Now this I only  discovered when we had a couple of older gentlemen to view the house, I remembered that Hektor continually barked at them no matter what they did to placate him. He will no longer walk up stairs in the house though he will use any, regardless of size outside. He will travel miles to find the right piece of grass before he poops.

Sadly I think that Pugs have lived with us Humans for far too long and they all have learned behaviour from us. I have since learned that Hektor is as quiet as a mouse when he is out with Miriam his holiday carer but as noisy as anything with us. I can even believe he has absolutely no dislikes of other dogs when on holiday but he has total hatred for some with us. They are just like kids, give you a showing up, as my Mum would say, as soon as look at you.

Comment by Debra on August 31, 2012 at 8:33am

My oldest pug Boogie has to go in circles before he can eliminate.  He starts with a real big circle, and goes round and round until it is a small tight circle and then he squats and goes.  If his circle is interrupted he has to find another spot and start the circle all over again. 

My mother pug Wednesday will not come up the back steps when the oven fan is on (it vents above the steps) -- she refuse to walk past until it is turned off but when she is inside the house the fan doesn't bother her.

My first pug Pugsley was afraid of the hard wood floor -- he would forget, start walking across the middle and just freeze with his legs spread when he remembered he was on wood.

All my dogs sit on my feet -- I almost don't need slippers.

Comment by Di's spoiled kids on August 30, 2012 at 1:09pm

Yes most pugs I think have a few of these quirks.  My Lizzy and Linus both have to have the last word also, drives me nuts.  Linus must have my underwear, while Lizzy must have the wet smelly towels, and most of my pillows end of on the floor. 

Comment by Puggirl on August 29, 2012 at 12:05am

Yep, mine have some too - as under:

1. Tin Tin hates people wearing black, whether on television or in person. He barks at them most vigorously and I have a tough time soothing him. Wonder why thats so....

2. Whenever my hubby, I, or for that matter, even our domestic help of 3 years, come home from outside, Tin Tin comes to the door wagging his cute li'l bum, but then dashes back to our bed room and looks for a shoe or a slipper or anything he can lay his mouth on. He comes running back to us with that in his mouth and fusses over us with that object for at least 10 minutes thereafter.

3. It is a fact that dogs miss us when we are away for a while, even a few hours, and give us a most rousing welcome when we are back. Tin Tin, however, gives us an A-one welcome, even when we come back after havng been away from the house for, say, five minutes. Eg. if my hubby has gone to the office room (which is off-limits to the dogs) for a couple of minutes to get something, and comes back to the residential part of the house, Tin Tin gives him the same A-one welcome that he otherwise would've. I find that quite funny.

4. We all know that pugs make the most amazing sounds. Tin Tin makes a specific sound (sounds like 'ghoooooo'), that we have by now come to associate with a whole lot of emotions - (a) Extreme happiness : when he sees my hubby, me or anyone else he loves after a bit, or when he is about to be taken for a walk, or when he meets one of his friends, he makes that endearing sound; (b) Contentment : When he is content and resting in the crook of my hubby's or my arm; (c) Fear : When he is afraid of something; (d) Guilt : When he has been caught red handed in an act of mischief and surrenders: (e) Satiation of Hunger: When eating his everyday food at times when he is really hungry; (f) Love : When he is showing his love for my hubby, me or Rusty.... My hubby and I find this most endearing.

5. Tin Tin cannot potty unless his bum leans on a wall, tree, flower pot etc. He finds a compound wall/tree/flower pot etc., scratches against it fervently for a minute or so and finally sits with his bum almost touching the wall/tree/pot, and potties. This is a very funny sight :-)

6. Tin Tin always manages to eat some grass or leaves during his walks. Particularly just before pottying. I sometimes wonder if I am taking a cow to graze or a doggy for his walk :-)

7. Tin Tin is drawn to dirty smells. He manages to get in the loo when my hubby is peeing and stands right next to him savouring the dirty smell. He loves the smell of unwashed socks, dirty underwear, used tissue papers etc. I cant seem to get him off this habit.

8. He loves his walks like crazy, but the moment I take the harness near him, to fit it on him, he plays hard to get. Jumps away and barks in his excitement. So I lure him with a treat and put the harmess on him. And after that he is one happy doggy.

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