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Comment by Sophie on October 22, 2010 at 3:50am
Even i considered using belly bands once for the constant marking. I didn't. All i did was pick a tree not far from my house (The only tree without leaves) and took them to that tree three times a day at the start and end of each walk so they could pee/mark. When they did i rewarded them. They don't mark lampposts, other trees or bushes. Nothing. (Unless off leash) but it stopped the marking indoors, don't ask me why. Probably because i wouldn't let them mark anything else but only that tree. (Obviously i took them into the garden when they weren't on walks)
Comment by mary milton on October 21, 2010 at 10:48pm
i have beey bands for Bentley and they work well for marking
Comment by kristen vaughn on October 21, 2010 at 4:06pm
Routine is best. I don't have boys but I have heard a lot of people use belly bands. Lots of rescues use them for the adult boys who aren't trained. I have never used them and not 100% sure how it works but they are highly recommended. And no don't rub their nose in it!
Comment by Julie Musselman on October 19, 2010 at 11:49am
We used potty pads but only in Daisy's pen when she was little. We didn't get a crate but rather a large pen that you could make into different shapes. We kept it in the rectangle about 2 1/2 ft by 4 ft. She had a bed, her water and the potty pad at the other end. We also used baby gates to confine her to the kitchen/dining room area when she was out of the pen. This way if she had an accident it was on the tile and not the rug or couch. Also take them out often...every hour or two is best. I am a smoker so I was going outside anyway and this helped so Daisy went to the yard everytime I went out. She learned very quickly and didn't have more than maybe 5 accidents total. The pen was taken down long ago but her bed is still in the same spot and she goes to it like the pen is still there. The baby gates came down too and I can't praise them enough!! They were probably our best investment in training as Daisy knows to stay out of the laundry room (where the litter box is) Good luck with the potty training, and be patient. Some take longer to learn than others. And also watch for signs that they may have to go potty. Daisy's sign is licking her lips alot. Let us know how it goes :-)
Comment by Chantel Demeter on October 17, 2010 at 7:24pm
Hello, Rocky was a quick learner. Both myself and my husband use to take him out a lot when he was a puppy, I believe every hour. He was excellent, only had a few accidents, he would want to go out but wasn't quite sure how to tell us because he was not much of a barker. My husband looked it up online and one of our friends tried it and it worked. We put two jingle bells next to the door on the wood molding, everytime we took Rocky out to go to the bathroom, we took his paw and made him ring the bells. Then we took him out, we did this for a few days and...on the third day he rang the bell himself when he wanted to go out, it was a great help. Now...when it got nicer he started ringing the bell several times because he just wanted our attention and for us to take him out so...after a while we took them down but...he was fully trained and then just went to the door when he needed to go out. Another easy sign for us is when Rocky starts pacing quickly back and forth around the room, that means he needs to go out. He has been excellent and very easy to train so we were luck, good luck!
Comment by Helena Brown on October 17, 2010 at 1:18am
I agree totally with Sophie, routine is the answer, puppies need to go out after each meal, and you have to watch them and anticipate when they need to go. Now I used puppy pads but if you can get them out to the garden then that is the better thing to do,, our problem with Hektor was he came to us in December and fear of getting chilled was what made the pads necessary. We also had Hektor beside us at night on occasion in his box, we had a nylon crate but most of the time he was in his bed. If he needed out or he got up to use the pad we were there. As he got older and got out we took him downstairs and out to the garden. He was toilet trained very easily. You have to persist and the puppy needs you to work with him. Most Pugs are clean and once they get older don't even won't use their own spaces.
Comment by Sophie on October 16, 2010 at 6:55am
No, it does not. It is cruel and unnecessary.

Put it this way, if you had a child who wet the bed one night, would you hit them and/or rub their faces in their mess? No. You wouldn't. That would scare them.

Potty training takes patience. Don't use training pads, i found it made things harder when it came to the great outdoors :P! Puppies can't hold their bladders long so expect accidents.A good idea for night times when a dog is being house trained is to use a crate. (Personally i have never used one for my Pugs) But you want it so they can comfortably stand, turn and lie down in. Crates aren't for punishment, they are like the Pugs bedroom. Their place to sleep or to be alone. If a Pug decides to go in their crate during the day, leave them be. Basically it is helpful for housetraining because it's very unlikely a dog will urinate in the area it sleeps. If the crate is too large they will no doubt go in the part of the crate they don't sleep in. (You may need a bigger crate as the Pug grows). You let your dog out before you go out somewhere, put them in their crate. Go out and do your thing, shopping or whatever and when you come home let them out for the loo. Similar thing at night. Let them out before bed and first thing in the morning. If your Puppy is very young you may want to take out every 30-60 minutes. Or 10 minutes after each meal. Don't get frustrated if they take a long time, just wait for them to pee or poo and when they do say Go Pee or Go Poo (Depends which they do) wait until they have gone and reward and praise and maybe play a little game. Just make it an awesome fun thing to do. If you do catch your Pug going indoors never yell hit or scold them. Make a noise to show your disapproval. Such as "Ah-Ah" or "Oops" or "No" and usher them outdoors so they can finish of their pee then praise. If you have found a patch of wee don't go find your dog and scold them, unless you can show your disapproval during the act of peeing they won't understand. Just try and hold back the annoyance and clean up that mess. When they get older you can increase the amount of time until they go out. I usually let Milo and Peawee out every 2 hours. They go for a walk before each meal so they don't need to go out too often.

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