As we all have seen more and more rescues are in need this year more so than last,with the economy in such a state,it's hard for these rescues to do what they do.For each family that must give up their little curly tail wonder,these rescues try to never say no,they accept all know matter how full they are,these people are on call at all times,opening their homes to the next pug in need,as i know what they do and how long of hours they give.As so many have come forward to want to help to open their homes and their hearts to do what they can,they also deserve our thanks but,for those who may not be able to give a home to these little wonders,there are other things you can do,like food donations,blankets,collars and medical such as cottonballs and or Q-tips,ect.We know how hard things are out there but,remember when you attend a pug fund raiser or festival,remember what you give is going to help these people to keep doing the great job their doing and that is saving the lives of these little ones that we all love so dearly.Remember attend these functions have fun,meet all those other pug lovers out there,show the world your little angel and as you do,remember all those other little angels your doing this for and the angels that are helping them.

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Comment by Reta Parton on July 11, 2010 at 8:12pm
I want to say THANK YOU to all of you - I have about 20 volunteers with our rescue - 2 years ago we had 3. Only through this volume of voluneers and each one's talents have we been able to take in as many as 30 at a time - not just 8-9 like we have before.

Dallas Ft Worth is one of the largest Pug Rescues I know of. They had to stop taking in pugs from other states earlier in the year - but last week when all the rescues put a plea out to take 14 pugs from a breeder in Oklahoma 150 miles from them - they did what they do best - they took them all! Horray for DFW!

I have got 2 9 month old puppies this week - 1 7 yr old and 1 abuse case. Remember, not all of us can be the one who goes and gets the pug - not all of us can foster - not all of us can afford to donate or to transport - but there is always something to do.

We have a lady on fixed income who puts labels on fliers and prepares them to mail. One calls past adoptors and "checks in to see how the pug and family are doing", two different volunteers also donate 4 hours a month to man a petsmart adoption day.

No matter what your talent is - no matter what your location - you can be a volunteer - maybe it is just forwarding email to people on your mailing list with information about a pug or rescue in need. Things you think is "too small" or "not needed" might be the one thing that would find a pug their forever home.

We adopt out of state too - We require our families to come to Arkansas to pick them up and they are not allowed to fly in cargo - they must fly up front with the adoptor. We also assist in getting veterinary health cards. Don't be afraid to ask a rescue - I will be honest - some will assist and some don't know how - but all will do what they feel is best for the pug.

Thank you all - contact your closest pug rescue - and ask - how can I help - Think about your talent - maybe you write poems - draw pictures - tell stories - your talent may be something a rescue might put in a silent auction to raise funds to help save a pugs life. You are the ones who make our jobs possible - our jobs are to do what is best for the pugs. Thank you all.

Comment by Surf City Pug - Nalani on July 11, 2010 at 2:06am
God Bless you_ Julie..
We wish we could help more.
Nalani is a rescue dog and we couldn't imagine life without her.
Comment by Mum to Her Royal Muffiness on July 10, 2010 at 6:06am
fantastic effort, well done!
Comment by julie foutch on July 10, 2010 at 4:25am
I know about this as i help with other rescues also we have rescued so many in just the past few weeks that were dropped at these shelters as soon as we hear we're online trying our best to find someone who is closest to go and get them so far we've rescued every one so we are all so happy as we work quickly and together.Thank you!
Comment by Mum to Her Royal Muffiness on July 10, 2010 at 4:15am
I really admire what you do Julie and everyone else involved in pug rescue (for that matter animal rescue). It must be very rewarding, although heartbreaking at times I'm sure. Like Helena and Dorothy's mum were commenting about UK, in Malaysia there is no pug rescue as there aren't many pugs and they are quite expensive so only people who really want them and can afford them usually will get one. Plus there aren't many available apparently as they are hard to breed from what I'm told so people have to wait to get one usually. In fact you have to really look after them as they get stolen (one poor girl on the Malaysia pug group had two of hers taken recently and is heartbroken) - they are one of the top two breeds that are stolen I've heard. The only case I know of that made me quite angry was a story a friend who volunteers regularly at the Malaysian SPCA told me about was an elderly pug dying of cancer was apparently left at the SPCA to die by its family supposedly because they couldn't bear to watch it pass! The poor thing of course didn't eat and must have been bewildered and lost without its family and of course was not used to living with other dogs and having to share food. He passed quite quickly and my friend believes it was from being heartbroken not due to the cancer. I only found out the story a year later. At that time I didn't have my Muffy and my friend didn't know that I was interested in pugs. I would definitely have adopted him and given him love at the end if I had known. What makes me so angry about it is that now I have my baby I understand how strong the bond is between pug and owner and its something I never could have imagined until experiencing it myself, so no wonder the poor fellow was heartbroken - so cruel and the owners were real cowards!
Comment by Reta Parton on March 23, 2010 at 8:23pm
Julie, I want to say a heartfelt Thank You for saying these kind words on rescues. I am the president of Pug Rescue of N W Arkansas and we have had as many as 30 pugs available at one time this year - two years ago - there were 8. We do get tired - but there is another pug in the wings needing someone to love - what they are best at. My Pops is blind - 10 yrs old - the best giver of puglove I have evern known. Young, Old, fat, skinny - we have seen them all - but the love of a pug is our paycheck - all our money received and most of our own goes to pay the vet bills. This is because we ALWAYS see they are spayed, neutered and brought up to the best health available to them. We have found if we don't do this before they are adopted - the adoptors may never get around to it - so we check in at least annually.

Dottie and Albert are my favorite story right now - Dottie and Albert are in love. They have been together since Albert was two - when Dottie entered his life - their mom's business folded and she received a scholarship to go to California for college. However, the scholarship did not include Albert and Dottie - so she checked us out - she would only release them if she knew they would be loved and taken care of . They are in a great foster home but waiting for a great forever home. go to our website: and check out their story and see these wonderful babies.

Invite everyone to PUGFEST 2010 in Springdale, Arkansas on October 9th from 11-2pm. Yes it is our fundraiser - to pay more vet bills - we take in heartworm positive pugs too - their bills are high - but before they go to their forever home - they are healthy and heartworm negative. Thank you for being so friendly and kind and saying such good words
Comment by julie foutch on July 13, 2009 at 5:58am
Thank you as i will continue to open my home and my heart to these babies as there are alot of people giving their pets up everyday and so many pugs out there need homes and need someone to love them,these little angels are my heart and soul.
Comment by Helena Brown on July 13, 2009 at 5:08am
My heart goes out to you in America, as Dorothy's Mum says there just isn't the same problem in the United Kingdom. Pugs are thought of as the little oddballs of the dog world and though there is a demand there is a small pool of good Pug breeders who you have just about to pledge you first born to get a puppy. I remember reading an article by the lady who ran Pug Rescue in England saying that the biggest problem was the Puppy Farmers producing inferior dogs. Trying to rescue a Pug in Britain takes time and endurance and I agree with Dorothy's Mum that it is a pity we cannot take up the slack for you. Best Wishes in your work.
Comment by Dorothy's Mum on May 24, 2009 at 2:21pm
I find it bizarre that in England, should you want to find a rescue Pug it's virtually impossible? You would hardly EVER find a Pug in a rescue shelter. Is this simply because there are more of them in USA/they are more popular? Everywhere I go in Northern England, people old and young say "oh I'd LOVE a Pug" or quite often "oh my girlfriend is desperate for a Pug"!!... when I was originally looking for a Pug, I tried a UK rescue site, but had to put my name on a list and was told it could take up to two YEARS? What a pity we can't help you over in the States and good luck with all your excellent rescue work. X
Comment by Laura-Dawn Eubanks on May 23, 2009 at 8:15am
You can also participate in "transports" like I did this past week while on vacation. When a public animal facility in a four county area receives a dog, it has TEN DAYS. NO MORE. These facilities have a friend of mine on their "list" when they receive a pug, they call her. She and I call around and find a pug rescue that has room and drive the dog to the no-kill. No matter how far, we know it will save the dog. IL-MO Pug rescue in Belleville IL is one good one, as is Kentuckiana Pug rescue. Giving your time (and gasoline) is another option not to be overlooked! Also, have you thought about fostering? I have four dogs, so one more for a week or two is not a stretch. I've fostered several in the past months..... Always very rewarding!

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