Marco had been searching for a pug for some time. He would always tell me (at least once a month for about 9 months) that one day he would get a pug. But, when he called out to me one Sunday night from the livingroom and told me to come and see a picture of our future pug, I was more than a little cautious. We already had a near two year old male cat and two turtles. But, Marco was so in love with this picture of this little just born pug that we decided to email the breeder.
He called back two minutes later!
The breeder was very excited. He asked us when we wanted to come and get this darling little baby. We went to Woodenville to look at the baby that Tuesday night. He did not even make it out of the crate before Marco turns to me and says, "Babe, I want him." And I couldn't blame him. He was the cutest, ugliest thing I had ever seen.
We asked the details and we ended up buying the dog. (of course) We named him Oscar.
However, once we got him home and was able to observe him for a longer period of time we began to realize that there was something wrong with Oscar. I had had puppies in the past and I know what a pop belly on a baby dog most likely meant. Oscar had worms, ear-mites, and dirty eyes. But, we got him fixed up in no time and he started playing more and eating more and just overall acting so much happier almost over night.
Now, we take him camping and on long walks and to the dog park. I swear he's growing, seemingly doubling in size, over night.
Just days ago in fact, Oscar had his first milestone in his growth. He got on the bed by himself. We were so shocked we put him back on the floor and called him to see if he'd do it again. He did, and he does! Even though its normally cat territory, we still find him on the bed. Especially if I'm reading. He's such a loving little cuddle bug!
It had been such a joy to have Oscar. He is quite the superstar here in our complex. Neighbors we didn't even know were saying, "Oh, here's Oscar!" and would come a pet him. Everyone falls in love with him right away. Every dog who comes in contact with him, no matter the breed, becomes friends with him. I am convinced that it is because Oscar is a cute, happy and healthy little pug that anyone can't help, but love.

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Comment by Helena Brown on July 13, 2009 at 5:39am
Oscar is a star! Mind you my Husband always says our Pug is famous. Everywhere we go in the neighbourhood someone calls out 'theres Hektor' and he has more friends than we will ever have. So continue to enjoy your baby, it only gets better as they get older and settle down and you are never alone with a Pug, everyone wants to speak to them. I have a great deal of difficulty leaving my Husband with Hektor as he gets chatted up by everybody.
Comment by cindy Phelan on July 12, 2009 at 8:37pm
sounds like you are hooked for life!!

enjoy and love him.


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