Hello all! It has been awhile since we have posted about Shini, so here we are.....................Ever since we had Shini spayed like around 2 months ago she has put on the weight!!! She is still tiny but hefty, hefty, hefty! LOL!!! She is like a butterball! We have put all her treats on the shelf at this time, the only treats she is getting is veggies & fruit, she doesn't seem to mind though. Her chubbyness is adorable to say the least, but we are afraid she will become too over weight. Any advice would be great here.

             Other than that issue Miss Shini is doing great! Although she is now a little more spoiled rotten than she was last time we posted (LOL) She now thinks if someone comes to the door that they have TOTALLY & ONLY came to visit w/her & purely lets us know that we are VERY much in the way while she is trying to visit w/HER company (what a funny sight to see.) She does this w/strangers even but especially w/my son Jerell. We honestly believe that she would go home w/him & be happy as a lark & NEVER miss us one iota bit! He is just as crazy about her in return as she is him. When he visits he walks in & the first thing he does is pick her up & he NOR she hears a word we say, it is like they are in their own little world when they are together. The whole time he is here she is all about him & Mike & I are invisible ghost about the house LOL! She litterally worships the ground he walks on! He is DEFINATELY her favorite guest by far! LOL Heck Mike & I are now convinced & facing the true fact that Jerell is her favorite human PERIOD!  LOL They are a mess together, wish you all could see it w/your very own eyes. Honestly it blesses our hearts, and my son has ALWAYS had a way w/animals even at a most early age, animals just take to him. And to top it all off he had a VERY nice truck and recently traded it in for another new truck, well she knew the old truck when it was near, she lets us know he is coming w/a totally different bark than someone else pulling up, so we know the bark that means...............Jerell is coming..................Jerell is coming (LOL). But when he got this new truck, it did not take him two visits for her to know that trucks sound (how she knew.............Lord only knows. But the funny thing is she lets us know he is coming about 30 to 45 seconds before he pulls in driveway, like she has some kind of radar. And this is a New truck, no loud mufflers or anything. Will never understand that one for the life of us!

          Anyway, my leg is doing good here & I am walking, slowly but walking. I even take her leash now when we go to walk on the river bank, it feels good to be the one walking her now, Mike always offers, but me in my independant way, refuse that offer as I feel blessed & thankful that I can walk on my own two legs now, where as before I took it for granted. She has about knocked me down a few good times, but I still will not relinquish the leash over to Mike LOL. I have yearned since the day we got Shini to hold the other end of the leash & walk my doggie, and I am now doing just that & it feels great!

          Also, Mike's book has finally takin off, we are having sales of up to five & six books a day sold, we are excited & he is about half way done writing his next book. 

          Well I guess that is about all the news here from Comptonville, if I left anything out..........I shall return :) You all have a blessed day & don't forget to smile as it is a pshycological known fact that it will trick the brain, try it it really does work & don't forget to hug your Pug(s). 

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Comment by Lynn on June 12, 2012 at 6:48pm
Never feed according to the bag instructions, they want u to feed more than u buy more!
Comment by Lynn on June 12, 2012 at 6:47pm
The weight gain is normal after being spayed, but u have to be very careful how much u feed her! They can gain weight so fast & it is not healthy, it affects their breathing, and their heart, I feed 1/3 cup to my female(14 lbs) and a half cup to my male(17 lbs), I am very determined not to have a fat pug! They get treats in the morning & no table scraps,it is very important that u monitor what she eats....Lynn
Comment by Mike and Cherokee Compton on April 30, 2012 at 9:11pm

LOL Di, they are just way too smart sometimes and always so human..

Comment by Di's spoiled kids on April 23, 2012 at 3:38pm

Oh I am sure Shini would never leave you guys, she just loves her brother too.  My mom thinks her Sam loves me more than them as she talks to me every morning when I am there.  My mom says why does she talk to me and not to her.  Know my car when it comes down the street. 

Comment by Mike and Cherokee Compton on April 23, 2012 at 1:40pm

The Wee Woman, I am not sure about that at all. But I have Downloaded the Kindle app to my Laptop & that is where I read my books I buy from Amazon. Shini will be a yr. old on July 2nd. We have her still on the puppy food, wondering if would hurt to go ahead & put her on adult food now. Thank you all for your support of Mike's book, much appreciated.

Comment by Konrad Jaschke on April 23, 2012 at 11:51am
As long as you have a computer or a reader based on iOS(iphone/pad) or Android you should be able to get a free amazon kindle app. Otherwise im not sure. Ill probably pickup the book. Just trying to finish book five of the Game of Thrones right now.
Comment by Helena Brown on April 23, 2012 at 11:27am

Remind me  how old is Shini and how much does she weigh? I think that if you have cut out her treats and are feeding her veggies you will find she will get thinner. Make sure she is having enough exercise to compete with what she is eating.

p.s. I have a blios reader now, any chance I can get Mikes books from them.

Comment by Mike and Cherokee Compton on April 22, 2012 at 9:56pm

Yes, will try to get pics up soon. Thanks for sharing about Zoe. Also Mike's book can be found on several places, but those will lead you back to this one, here is the addy http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0074WE7T2  A website is in the workings.

Comment by Konrad Jaschke on April 22, 2012 at 1:42pm

Pictures! :)  My Zoe was very chubby early on.  I would say maybe at around 6 or so she actually lost a lot of weight and became just regular chubby. :)  Things will balance out as long as you are looking after her.

Tells us about Mike's book, maybe you can get more sales?

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