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DID YOU KNOW........

Let’s start out with an interesting “factoid”……Those silly looking poodle haircuts we have all laughed about and wondered what drug the groomer was on when they “did the deed” are the actual and appropriate cuts done over several hundred years ago. The poodle was first bred in England for hunting small game, but it was discovered when the dog was wet, it greatly limited the speed and agility in which the dog could perform. So the dog was shaved, but due to the cold and damp weather, large tufts of hair were left on the joint areas of the dogs to help arthritis and rheumatism. Those silly looking clumps of hair we see on show dogs and pets over the hip joints, shoulder joints, feet, etc. are appropriate to the breed. So, there is a method to the groomers” madness…….

DID YOU KNOW.........

There are more female dog bites than male dog bites.

Dogs turn in circles before they lie down because in the wild, the turning behavior creates a “bed” out of grass or other substances.

Mixed breeds of dogs will usually display the behavior that is closest to the breed he or she most resembles.

Aggression does not necessarily present as growling, barking, lip curling or biting.

DID YOU KNOW........

A dog can become depressed, suffer poor self image, have OCD’s and suffer grief just as humans can.

If you have multiple dogs, never try to treat them equally. Dogs are pack animals. Jealously games can occur because of the importance of position in a pack. One, either canine or human must be leader. They will submit to any canine or human with a higher pack status and require the approval of the pack leader.

Dogs, just as humans are either right pawed, (handed) or left pawed (handed)

Dogs are not color blind. Their vision is likened to ours in twilight. Dogs will first distinguish an object first by scent, then movement, then brightness, then by shape.

DID YOU KNOW........

Within the first three months, Puppies that have had very little human contact will probably not make good pets.

Dogs cool themselves by panting, and the longer the dog’s nose the more efficient the cooling process, but they also sweat! Their sweat glands are located between the pads of their feet.

There are more than 10 forms of aggression and that no one form should be applied overall to any aggressive behavior.

When dogs hide or bury food items, be it in the yard or your house, it is a part of their feeding ritual, when they enthusiastically shake their food or toys; it is a part of the hunting ritual.

Non-aggressive family dogs that growl when family members are playing a little hard or rough are not mean or upset, they are asking if they can play too.

DID YOU KNOW.........

Never ever punish a puppy for chewing. Chewing instigates the loss of baby teeth and stimulates the growth of adult teeth. Just provide the appropriate chewing toys.

A growl is the culmination of many warnings that the canine has been sending. A snap or bite will be next!

Dogs have only about 10 vocal sounds.

It has been recently determined that dogs can now detect the presence of autism in children.

In certain situations, making eye contact with an unknown dog can activate the pack mentality in dogs-they could interpret the contact as a challenge and possibly bite or attack.

DID YOU KNOW.........

Male dogs do not need to lift their legs to urinate. When scent marking territory, the higher the urine stream mark the bigger the dog. The scent the dog is trying to cover when marking can tell the marking dog the size and health of the dog that had previously marked. Sometimes dogs will lift the leg and actually hop to one side in order to raise the level of their urine mark.

Never blow into a dog’s ear. This act is compared to our running our nails down a chalkboard, magnified 100 times! It is not the movement of the air, it is the frequency of the sound (air coming through our vocal cords) that causes extreme discomfort. They hear sound ranges we do not. HOWEVER, they love to hang their heads out of that car window!!!

During a full moon, when we hear that dog howling, he is reverting to the pack behavior of calling the pack leader and letting the other pack members know where he is.

When our dogs “smile” at us, it is actually a submissive behavior.

A wagging tail does not necessarily mean a happy dog.

And yes, DOGS DO DREAM!!!

Denise Hutson
Helping Paws International, Co-Founder/COO
NFCCP Director of Animal Behavior/Psychology

Copyright 2007helpingpawsinternational/denisehutson

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Comment by Twirly on May 5, 2009 at 6:43am
Great facts! And yes, these should be given out with puppies.
Thanks for sharing them with us.
Comment by Vanessa on May 5, 2009 at 2:58am
Denise, thanks so much for that info.
Comment by Vanessa on May 5, 2009 at 2:53am
I agree Helena, it drives me mad when people decide to get rid of their dogs because they decide they are too much work or do this or that and they thought they would be different. Research the breeds and possible illnesses. I also cant believe that the rest of the world still buy their dogs from pet shops a lot of the time, so know nothing about the dogs and in the USA pugs are so cheap, i saw an advert for $300, no wonder there are so many pug rescue organisations, luckily here in the UK its not like that, as we pay a lot for our pugs people think twice before getting one. We have that problem with Staffs here in the UK, we are overrun with them as they are so cheap.
Comment by Helena Brown on April 30, 2009 at 6:48am
All these fact should be given out with puppies. I am always annoyed at people who do not do their homework when they get the dog of their choice and know nothing about the breed. Until I know what I am taking on I would not get a dog. I read everything I could on the Pug, I researched the possible illnesses, etc.
I know of so many people who have bought most unsuitable dogs for their lifestyles, homes etc.
We live in a three storey Townhouse, Hektor is carried up and down stairs not always up but always down. The couple round the corner who live in the same house as we do have a Great Dane puppy, worrying for his joints, but he is well loved and that is the main thing.

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