Neutering next week. + Don't you just hate Chihauhuas? Or rather, their owners..

Milo and Peawee are getting neutered next week, though im worried :P lol. I don't know if it's the right thing to do.....


Aren't Chihuahuas annoying? Milo was the park with me. He was innocently walking by trying to avoid the man with his tiny chihuahua in its little coat yapping and growling. It ran and jumped on Milo and tried to attack him, Poor milo just cowered :/ Then at the Vets this afternoon a grown man had a teeny little Chihuahua on his lap. It was growling, yapping and baring its teeth at everyone and Milo and Milo sat there next to my feet quietly and the man was stroking, cuddling and saying 'Good boy' to the chihuahua all while it was being aggressive.. WTH? Why would you do that?! Ok, i don't hate the Chihuahuas. It's not their fault they're trained to be snappy and yappy.

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Comment by Di's spoiled kids on January 7, 2011 at 11:09am
I have always had my females done at 5 months, and Linus is my first male, but I also had him done at 6 months, all came through with no problems at all.  I do think it is a matter of choice, but if I was not breeding, I would have it done.  Again that is just me.
Comment by Helena Brown on January 7, 2011 at 4:40am
Well Sophie, I did not neuter Henry until I had to and that was a very big decision as he was then ten years old and suffering from prostate trouble. I tried chemical castration for a year but knew he had to have the op. He actually sailed through it, never looked back. Angus was done at 18 months his was kind of like Milo, he was aggressive towards his old (not that) Uncle Henry. #He also had the same problem as Hektor which was an undescended Testicle and this can turn cancerous in time if not dealt with. Henry was much like Peawee in that he was not interested in sex and the only time he showed any interest was when a daft dog walker brought her Pointer Bitch up to the Park in season, and it was a fleeting moment. I have to say that if you are castrating for behaviour I think it has to be done quite early, but look at Hektor, nothing deterred, and done at 6 months though he can be a complete sweetie as long as the dog is not looking for trouble. Just thought I would give you some thoughts. There is no reason other than not breeding as far as I can see and the prostate can be a problem in old age, but I know I would rather have my dogs done now since having them, I also think it would be fairer for the Bitches as they have so much bigger ops.
Comment by Sophie on January 7, 2011 at 4:00am

Well for now i've cancelled having them neutered as it's a tough choice. I wouldn't neuter any younger than the age they are as i would prefer them to be fully matured. Milos just finishing 'filling out' and is looking pretty good now, peawee isn't as leggy as he used to be but is still pretty odd but thats just him. Lol!


The main reason for wanting Milo neutered was aggression. Hed get pretty worked up around male dogs, but then i realized i went wrong. I used to click and reward him for looking at dogs, even if he was tense. This made him think it was how i wanted him to act. He was like this mainly around staffs. I still use a clicker but also a positive interrupter. A kissy noise. He associates the kissy noise with a treat if he only looks at me. So if theres a dog, ill make a kissy noise, hell look at me, ill click for looking at ME not the dog and then ill toss a little treat on the floor, hell look like hes sniffing the ground, a sign to the other dog that he isn't interested in fighting or interacting etc, this also stops the other dog from reacting. Ive been past two staffys in one day and he didnt even react, wasnt interested, he looked at me. he's alot more confident and is finally learning how to react around the bigger dogs.


For now, i don't think i'll neuter. I might in the future but right now there isn't much reason to that i can think of. They don't roam, one time i let Peawee out into the front garden for a pee without realizing the front gates were wide open. I walked off, but he didn't even think about leaving the garden, he came back in the house and thats when i realized the gates were open, so for now their nuts live to see another day :P!

Comment by kristen vaughn on January 6, 2011 at 10:14pm
Neutering is absolutely the right thing to do. All my animals ever are spayed /neutered asap and the earlier the better. There are great benefits healthwise and if actually makes them happier without all those manly urges ruling them.

As for chihuahuas...they are definitely a breed that are high strung but the bad behavior is ALL humans :P
Comment by mary milton on January 6, 2011 at 8:58pm
as well as tracy I also fostered and do still vounteer for a rescue we get in alot of chis they are throw away dogs in la and places considered pocket dogs and never givin a change to be a dog alot turn out to be great pets just not a breed I would own
Comment by Pug Chick on January 6, 2011 at 4:04pm
I think chi's have what is the human world is know as small mans syndrome.  lol....  Neutering  is def. the way to go, they will thank you for it  Mary's comment about the man bits is one wants to see
Comment by Pugnacious on January 6, 2011 at 3:38pm
I know you dont hate them..just a figure of speech..:) There are many breeds out there that are apt to snap,bark,or bite more than others,terriors,pitt bulls,dashounds,dalmations,chiws,etc.I had to think long and hard and do lots of research to find the right dog for my family with kids..A pug was the perfect choice and we couldnt be happyer,although if i had the yard i would have a big dog also as ive always liked huskies or a huskie mix! Have you decided about Milo and Peawee yet?
Comment by Sophie on January 6, 2011 at 3:31am
No, i never said they were all like that. Like i said on my previous comment i have seen lovely Chis, but most ive seen in person, infact all of them are aggressiveand out of control. I've only seen well trained ones online.
Comment by Pugnacious on January 5, 2011 at 7:40pm
No I dont hate chiws. I rescue and foster them.Im an animal lover and will help in any way i can.I try not to stereo type though we all do it.The lady i work with has between 4-14 chiws at a time,when i was there she had 14 as 7 just came in that day..not a one bit anyone there.Fostering has really opened up my eyes to be more patient , tolerant and understanding of different people and animals.I dont want to own a chiw..but love fostering.When got Moosh spayed she came home the same day and slept all day and most of the next as they gave her some pain meds to take,she had a little chills then was fine.
Comment by Di's spoiled kids on January 5, 2011 at 1:40pm
Milo and PeaWee will be just fine, the first day is usually the worst, and then after that they are pretty much back to themselves.  As for the Chihuahua's yes they can be a bit on the nasty side, I think you have to be a Chihuahua person to like them.

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