My Boston Bonnie is one very lucky girl.  The other day someone in our family who will remain nameless left Bonnie and Clyde in the dog pen and did not check that the gate was secure.  We left to go get some dinner and on the way home my husbands phone rang.  I listened to his end of the conversation and he says "Oh NO!"  I could tell from his tone that something awful had happened.  He proceeds to tell me that Bonnie got ran over by a truck.  Before he can say more my heart jumps out of my chest and my mind is whirling as to how this could have happened.  Then he said but she is ok.  I say ok how can she be ok and who are you talking to?

He says it is our next door neighbor.  Neighbor says that he was coming home from work and was behind a truck on our street when he saw a dog run out in front of the truck ahead of him.  He said that at the precise moment the truck went over the dog that the dog flattened itself on the pavement and the truck went right over it never touching the dog.  He and the driver both stopped and got out to find Bonnie perfectly fine just scared to death.  Neighbor recognized the Bostons and called us.  We were almost home so he said he would get them to follow him back to our house.  They would not let him touch them but they did follow his truck back home.  When we pulled in the drive here comes Bonnie and Clyde bounding up to greet us.  The neighbor is sitting in the bed of his truck.  Seems once he got them back on their turf they became territorial and Clyde decided to reward him for his kindness with a bite on the leg.  Thank goodness he was good natured about it and undaunted.

So it would seem Bonnie had a guardian angel watching over her that day.  She had the luck of the Irish so here is her picture in the lucky dog t-shirt.

Oh and the nameless one slept in the dog house that night.

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Comment by Konrad Jaschke on March 22, 2013 at 2:26am

Wow, what a story.  A friend of mine told me a story about him riding his bicycle and something on the side of a semi knocked him off his bike.  He went right underneath the semi's trailer and out the other side.  Luckily the car in the other lane stopped.  The woman got out and said he was lucky she stopped, she thought he was just a piece of garbage getting blown under the trailer! :)  Yikes!

Don't test those guardian angels anymore Bonnie!  Stay safe and warm.

Comment by Di's spoiled kids on March 19, 2013 at 4:18pm

Bon so glad you are oK.  Clyde, you need to kiss to say thank you, not bite

Comment by julie foutch on March 19, 2013 at 12:44am

oh my i'm so glad she is okay what a scare,give her hug from us and a hug is on the way for you as well.

Comment by Puggirl on March 18, 2013 at 10:26pm

Am so so so glad Bonnie emerged out of this ordeal unscathed. Sending Bonnie loads of love, huggies and smoochies!!

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