I've remembered how I must sweep the floor daily and keep everything tidy clean because little Lola has the mouth of a hoover vacuum cleaner! Every teeny tiny piece of anything on the floor goes right in her mouth! I am constantly jumping up and pulling something from her jaws and of course since we gave her the flea pill to prevent fleas she HATES anything coming towards her mouth! She has also discovered the shiny silver knob on my coffee table and for a day has been sneaking up on it and barking and today she jumped up sniffed the knob and yelped and drug her butt on the floor going wild like it bit her! It was a hilarious site but for some odd reason she HATES that doorknob on my coffee table. It's about as big around as a quarter and just high enough for her to sniff at it and now she won't stop barking at it when she comes close to it. She has a toybox full of squeaky things and bones to help puppies growing teeth and this and that but she still likes to chew on my desk and my kids furniture and my coffee table and my benches....lol She's learning No and doesn't like it at all. You say "NO LOLA!" and sit her away from what shes doing and she sits for about 20 seconds and then growls and barks and attacks! She bites down HARD! I've been yelping like it hurts me but that lasted about half a day, now when I yelp like I'm dieing she just bites more. I try not to baby her too much due to the fact I'm afraid she's going to turn into a spoiled biting barking huge lazy dog. So even though she whines and yelps cuz I won't let her lounge on the couch all day I still love her to death. And when my other dog Tater Tot gets a time out in his cage she just goes insane trying to break him from his little doggy prison. I've learned she's quite demanding, and very hard to teach No as it seems she thinks she's in charge and if she doesn't get to do what she wants she'll attack any part of you she can and doesn't take NO for an answer lol.

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Comment by Lisa on February 24, 2010 at 9:24am
LOL!!!!! I swear your talking about my new 8-1/2 week Dexter. Ive had him going on 2 weeks now and its been the last week he is full of piss and vinegar...LOL!!! he is a Hoover and wants to chew and bite any and everything he can get his little sharp teeth on, including our noses, necks, toes, fingers, etc....I've tried almost everything you have done and it still doesn't work. i wonder if puppies out grow this behavior. I take Dexter to the vet in 2 more weeks and I will definately have a list of questions I didn't have for him on the first visit. I think Pugs have got to be the funniest breed of dogs to watch and play with. They are comical. We also have a 3 yr old Pekingnese who Dexter plays with and we crack up at the 2 of them. Well good luck with Lola:)
Comment by Kaci Harrison on February 24, 2010 at 8:21am
lol Having a pug is by far a completely different experience from any other dog, I've had chihuahuas, Jack Russell Terrior, I have a Shihtzu, I grew up with German Shepherds, My grandmother has poodles, My mother n law has 2 Bichon Frise's and NO other puppies have had an attitude like this pup! She's just very unique and it's like she knows she's doing something wrong and when you say LOLA NO! She looks at you and then looks at what she's done wrong and then stands up and kinda gives you this "Try and stop me!" look and continues what shes doing until you come towards her, then she scatters. If Tater my other dog comes near her when she's having her nap or playing with a toy she just goes insane trying to bite him and attacking him in any way possible, growling and yelping and screaming bloody terror while trying to make him mind! lol I love her and I know that she is going to grow out of this. I am home 24-7 and have all the time in the world to teach her manners lol. My other dog Tater is a full blooded Shihtzu and he does so many tricks and minds very well because I took a lot of time training him and teaching him the ropes around this house. He has the Big dog syndrome though, small dog thinks he's a great dane around all the other dogs.
Comment by Helena Brown on February 24, 2010 at 5:19am
Oh how I know how you feel, When we got Hektor it was 19 years since we had a puppy and here we were with one with attitude. My other two were no angels but nor were they little devils. I could not remember when either Henry or Angus had chewed anything they were not supposed to but Hektor demolished a small chest, chewed relentlessly on the newel post at the bottom of the stairs,scratched both the sideboard in the dining room and the chest in the living room and this was a puppy who was NEVER left on his own. As for hoovering up anything, yes that too. The worst thing was his picking up of any rubbish he found outside, we had to get a fast as him to stop him eating anything and everything, he still picks things up to tease or when he is bored.
I know at present you feel the biting thing will never stop, believe me it does and okay I also know that there is no Pug that likes the word NO. We also found that Hektor needed a lot more sleep than he was taking and when he got out of hand we would pop him into his crate covered him up and before we knew where we were we had a much better behaved puppy. So I hope my confessions will help a little. Helena

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