So Bella has never been a jealous pug. She's usually great with other dogs, except for the barking. After getting attacked by a Boston Terrier and Yorkie, she hasn't let any dogs push her around. Even so, all it takes is a meet and greet and Bella is fine, but the barking keeps people and their doggies away.

A few evenings ago, Bella and I went to visit our friends. They have a big black dog named Lucy, who Bella used to be best of buddies with. They'd protect each other at the dog park, cuddle, and play all the time. Then one night the dog growled at her and scared her off from a bag of chips she had hidden under her bed. Bella ran under a chair and stayed there until we left. She had on her "pouty" face, and stared at the dog and at me to take her home. Every once in a while she'd turn her head away when I wanted to pet her. It was a bad night for Bella, she lost her spark and sulked. Lucy finally took her favorite bone and brought it over to Bella, who just turned her head. Lucy pushed it towards her, and this pug was not having it. She just turned up her nose.


Since then, they've seemed to have gotten over the entire episode. Then, on Wednesday, we went back to their house and I made the mistake of hugging and loving all over Lucy when I got there. I missed the dog, and was just rubbing her head and giving her big bear hugs while she licked my face and went wild. Bella, then started up. She was growling, literally growling for Lucy to stay away. Bella has NEVER growled. Bark yes, but growl, never. Then Lucy gave her the, "Why you so mean?" Bella would not leave my lap. She babied herself and tried to take up as much space on me as possible. Usually a social pug around people, she would not go and make her rounds, jumping from person to person to say hello. A friend asked if she had an UTI, or if she was still shaken up by her "seizure". I didn't think so, earlier that day, Bella had greeted some other dogs, two other dogs, and was a the picture of perfect behavior. She didn't even bark. So I figured, this pug was suffering from not a medical malady, but a bout of jealousy. Every time I tried to pet Lucy, Bella would scramble to get my attention. Once, she even snapped! Lucy came up with her tail wagging, and Bella snapped at her. Oh what a world when my sweet/spoiled little one is snapping at other dogs. I never thought we'd have this problem :(


P.S.: We have the results from the blood test, everything turned out normal according to the tests. My dad said she may have caught something from my grandmother's home. Two weeks after visiting her house himself, my dad's dog came down with parvo, which almost cost the dog her life. He is sure it was something there she caught, and too much of a coincidence that the Monday we get home, she falls ill. I'm not sure, but it seems like it could be. 

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Comment by Puggirl on October 31, 2011 at 11:57pm
I think Tin Tin is quite happy with the attention Rusty gets. In fact, he seems happy to come near Rusty and sit next to him in a content spectator-like manner when Rusty gets his dose of attention. Thankfully my neighbourhood is also full of dogs, like yours, and I pet all of them a lot, even when Tin Tin is with me, and he is now used to it. Early on he used to show signs of  displeasure but I think he has come to realize that after all, all of them are on the side and he is my true love!   
Comment by Desiree Rios on October 24, 2011 at 8:41am
I didn't believe it myself. We encounter other dogs almost daily,  and this is the first time that's happened. Well, the first time she's the one to start trouble. I think you're right about the sense of security mixed with some jealousy.
Comment by Stanisław Krajewski on October 24, 2011 at 6:40am
Pug growling and snapping are the most unbelievable things that can possibly happen in animal world! Hope you'll be able to solve this issue! For a pug, however, being jelous is not something uncommon. Even if it doesn't seem so, pugs love attention - OJ for instance is very jelous when I pay slightest attention to my fat cat. In Bella's case, I think it's more about lack of sense of security and you getting close to other dog at the same time (even if previously a friend). Especially after such traumatic encounter for a pug, as getting attacked by other dogs.

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