I finally have a new name :) Come in & read what it is.

Hello, everyone, thank you for your sweet words. Well all is well here in the Compton house. We have FINALLY picked out a name for the "Dog" he will hereby be called "Takota" which means........."Friend of everyone". The pugs are both becoming QUITE fond of each other. We only had one very very small face off today & that was over Takota wanting the bed Shini was in & so he just went & plopped down on top of her in the bed and Shini got up & did this really quiet bark thing & then took off through the house & did the pug run LOL. We took them both for a nice walk tonight & it started out that I had Tokata and Mike had Shini, well that didn't last too far from the house as Shini was throwing a hissy fit that I was walking Takota, she was running circles around Mike & just was not walking her normal walking self on the leash, it was like a whirlwind. So we swapped off dogs & Little Miss Shini walked then like a princess on a leash (LOL she is too dang funny!!) All was well after that & both little puggy's enjoyed their walk. Right now they are both laying in their opposite beds, by that I mean Shini  is in Takota bed & Takota is in Shni's bed, but oh well whatever floats their boats LOL! The neighbor lady brought her grandaughter over today to see & play w/Takota and they came in the door & Takota got out and flew like a bat out of you know where & Mike & the neighbor lady both ran after him & they finally caught him up in town at a friend of my family's car lot!!! We freaked out & panicked to say the least. Then later my son came by after he had stopped at our LITTLE town's cafe & had brought & bought Takota a baked chicken sandwich & tater wedges, said he felt that Takota needed fattening up! LOL (Takota looks great in his pics, his broad chest makes one think he is very plump & healthy.) But in reality we can see Takota's ribs & he is VERY under weight. So of course he got the meal out of the carton it came in & sat down & fed both Shini & Takota the meal, Takota got more which he needs, Shini does not need any more weight. Both dogs were very happy & Takota now has a new best friend. Before my son got here Mike had takin Takota out to potty on a leash (no doubt :) & when my son got here Mike went ahead & took Shini out to no avail, she was too excited that her buddy Jerell (my son) was here & only pulled & pulled to get back in the house before Takota got all of Jerell;s attentions. Shini loves my son to pieces!!!! Takota LOVES to ride in the car & like Pug Chicks foster is a pure gentleman when riding. You all I cannot tell you how much we are loving this little fellow. We went shopping for him today & we were standing in Wal-Mart in the pet section & I just got overwhelmed w/love for him, I had tears in my eyes and held back a cry. I wish everyone of you's could have the chance to meet him. He is unbelievable!! And as we all know, pugs love all of  the family , but they kind of have their very favorite person. Well............................Takota is Mike's dog!! I can walk through the house & sometimes Takota will follow me, sometimes he doesn't. But now Mike can walk through the house & sweet little Takota is at his heels wherever he goes. He is so fascinated with Mike!!!! And of course Mike is on cloud nine here! He calls him his "Little Buddy" Takota sometimes doesn't even know Shini & are in the house. He is ALL about Mike! So I figured it out today, Mike is layed back & mellow & so is Takota. Shini & I on the other hand are both a hyper sort. LOL Oh & I almost forgot!!!...............When my son was leaving today, we are so used to Shini, if she gets out when someone comes or goes, she will just come right back in the house. But they had told us that Takota if he gets out he takes off. Well once again....................Takota darted out the door, my son & Mike took out after him & Takota stopped for one brief second to whiz on a bush down the street & my son swooped him up to safety! LOLOL So sometimes around the house we will let Shini go without her collar as she never runs off. But we made the decision from here on out that Takota will ALWAYS have his harness or collar on at all times!! I mean when they said he will run........................they literally meant he WILL run!!!!! Oh & about the doggy diaper bag thing Pug Chick, yes when we got Shini we bought her a diaper bag. It goes with us in the car it has everything we need in it in any emergency LOL! We even have baby wipes & Q-tips to clean her wrinkles or ears..............just in case LOL. We even have a small bottle of Johnson's baby powder in there as sometimes when we are out & decide to stop & visit someone and Shini smells like a dog, we douse a little powder on her & she smells wonderful. LOL I know, I know we have done gone pug nuts! LOL I think it is where I have had Empty Nest Syndrome since my kids left home, & this pug thing helps me get by I guess LOL. These pugs are our lives here. Mike is a father but he too has empty nest syndrome, we both are so lost. But as I said these pugs are a true blessing for us. We have a purpose again in life & the pugs benefit greatly from it and so do we. LOL These pugs are so very spoiled rotten in our home! But we & I believe they love it. We have spoiled Shini so bad, and our new little guy Takota is getting just as spoiled, but hey why not. I am gonna be honest with you all, when we were getting Takota we wondered if we could ever love him like we do Shini. Well that lasted until about 15 minutes after meeting him. We took Shini to meet him & spent time w/him & they got along fine and the lady had asked us if we decided Takota was a match, would we be taking him home w/us that day. LOLOL . We told her yes. We were hoping she was okay with us adopting him as she was a snooty looking woman but her personality was awesome, she was such a nice lady. We are sure happy campers right now w/our pugs. By the way right now we are in our 2 bedroom travel trailer at the camp site with these two. LOL But it is going great!! And glad when we bought the travel trailor we opted for the 35 ft, 2 bedroom one.  Room for us to have our two baby pugs along with us. And Di, I think it was you that commented on one of the pics about Takota's hair will look better once we get the flea thing cleared up. We were wondering today if that is why his fur looked so horrible. It is VERY VERY course & dull looking. Shini's hair is sooooo..... soft. It was good to hear you say that, gave us much hope. We were wondering also if that was normal for fawn pugs. We bought him a good puppy food today in hopes that may help him get some good vitamins in him & help him put on some weight. Okay, well, now that I have written a book (LOL) I guess I will leave you's now knowing that both pugs are in the beds snoring loudly. lol. Hope everyone has a great day with your pugs.  _Mike, Cher, Shini & Takota...................The End :)

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Comment by Mike and Cherokee Compton on May 27, 2012 at 4:43pm

Interesting Wee Woman. Shini is more a mommy's girl, she follows me everywhere. Although she loves Mike to pieces & they love to play alot in the floor etc. But like we will be outside & it we will get ready to come in & he will tell her lets go & she stands there & looks at him like "Nope I not daddy" LOL but when I say well mommys going............she beats me in the door. She doesn't get two feet from me even if I am outside working in flowers or working in kitchen or going to the bathroom. Now Takota is the opposite of Shini. He is all about Mike. I was telling Mike what you wrote & he said he too had heard the boys go for the females & the girls towards the males, but we have it the opposite here. I had never heard that, so it was interesting when I read your comment, thank you, Wee Woman.

Comment by Helena Brown on May 27, 2012 at 8:41am

I think that Shini and Takota have a great home with great parents who will give them both so much love. I was interested to read that he has taken to Mike, another one of my beliefs shattered again. All the girlies I have known have gone for the men and the boys tend to be Momma's boys. I always remember getting Henry and Andrew my Husband having Hebe, his Mother planted on his lap. Henry's breeder said that if the men in the party showed reluctance towards the puppies, she always sent in the Mom's, they usually swung the sale. She did not do it in our case we were sold any way.

Comment by Mike and Cherokee Compton on May 25, 2012 at 9:54pm

Awe! yes Guido done very well and was a definate Braveheart!!. How is he doing now? 

Comment by Jackie Hiras on May 25, 2012 at 8:23pm

I love it Cher!  Love how you always find names with great meanings!  I'll never forget Guido's "Braveheart" after his surgery :)  xoxo

Comment by Mike and Cherokee Compton on May 25, 2012 at 5:57pm

Awe Di, I am so sorry hun! But if you remember the same day we got the call for Takota was also the same day we thought we would get one & the owners were located so we didn't get him. But then Takota came right up to lift the disappointment. Hang in there, I know Mike & I have had to wait for some time. But the one for you is on it's way. 

Comment by Di's spoiled kids on May 25, 2012 at 5:42pm

Cher it didn't work out, Little Bit was adopted yesterday, I was a few days to late.  Will wait til  something closer to me comes along I think.  The girl at the GA rescue said they would not transport to me anyway.  So maybe it was all meant to be.

Comment by Mike and Cherokee Compton on May 25, 2012 at 2:29pm

Di, we first named him Tucker then changed it to Takota middle name now Tucker. Also we were worried about the same thing with Shini, she is such a momma's girl that we weren't sure adding another one to the mix was gonna work. But we took the chance & it was a great match to Shini & to us. Actually Shini has weaned away from me somewhat since Takota came here. She is too busy trying to play with him & watching his every move now instead of mine. So it could be a good thing all around, wish you well and very excited for you.

Comment by Di's spoiled kids on May 25, 2012 at 2:09pm

Oh this is great, welcome to the family Takota.  I am thinking the flea thing is under control but the hair still looks ruff.  Give it time, try a little conditioner with the next bath, that is once the flea are gone.  Don't forget the flea shampoo is medicated, so that is more harsh on the hair.  Where did I get the name Tucker, were you thinking on using that or something?  Well so glad that Shini and Takota are getting along, that is very important.  THis is one of my concerns on adoption.  Linus is such a momma's boy that I hope he will be OK, that is if all works out, but they application only just went in, and then there is the getting the little guy to me, which might end up being a problem.  With Henry's anixiety  he cannot drive far, and there is no way I can drive all the way to GA myself, I am not use the that kind of driving. 

Comment by Pug Chick on May 25, 2012 at 9:49am

Oh Cher I forgot to say.  In regards to Takota's fur.  It will get better with a good diet and care.  Louie's was very coarse when we got him and it has improved immensely over time.

Comment by Pug Chick on May 25, 2012 at 9:38am

I love the name Takota!!!  Enjoyed all the pics you posted too.  Oh my you have a RUNNER!!!!  LOL  I forget how old is Tokota?  Pixie was a runner when we first got her.  She has stopped that somewhat, now she just stays far enough ahead of you that she can get off to where ever it is she wants to go.  Total BRAT!!!  LOL  You and Mike are gonna have so much fun with these two.  Sounds like they are getting adjusted to one another.  They are so much like children it's hilarious.  Love how you have the fully stocked diaper bag...LOL...LOL  Cracks me up!    Look forward to many new post of the adventures of Shini & Takota! 

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