The picture on my page is one of Hope my very special girl.

Hope came to me in October 2007 as part of very sick litter of 12 week old puppies turned into Rescue by a back yard breeder. The breeder realized that he couldn't sell these sick puppies and turned them in to me along with the Mom and Dad pugs.

The puppies were pink and raw from Demodex. Several had eye ulcers. Hope had a seizure within the first half hour of being with me so it was off to the emergency Vet for the first of many trips. Hope was the sickest of the 5. She had a fever, eye ulcer, lung congestion and the skin issues. She needed to spend the night in emergency. I named her Hope because I felt she would need "Hope and a Prayer" to make it through the first night. The puppies were so sick blood couldn't be drawn because of the fear of spreading infections into the bloodstream. But with lots of care, love, good nutrition and more bathimg than any dog ever should have, the litter flourished.

Hope continued to have problems. An eye ulcer threatened to go through her eye, so a flap needed to be sewn in to repair the eye and preserve some sight. Success! But the prednisone needed for eye healing caused her demodex to rage again. She developed neurological problems from Ivermectin so she had to be put on daily Interceptor. Infections were a way of life for her. The other puppies gradually cleared up and were adopted out, but Hope never developed the immune system she needed to fight off her problems and so she stayed with me.

She was not my favorite puppy initially but I gradually realized that she was meant to be with me forever and our relationship became intense. Time went on and Hope grew hair, but then she went into heat and away the hair went and the demodex was back. Then she developed a false pregnancy, so spaying became necessity. It was the right thing to do and Hope began to grow a beautiful thick coat and enjoyed a period of good health. I was able to adopt her within days of her spay. I was so tickled to get to pay her first Vet bill on my own. It meant she was truly mine andI was hers!

My other dogs loved Hope and she gave them a youthful zeal. She became the "evil minion" to my alpha queen girl and Coco accepted Hope unlike she's ever done with any other female. Hope brought so much laughter and happiness to my husband and I.

But then she developed auto-immune disease and her red cells began attacking her healthy cells. Hope faded and became very sick. But she remained determined to be with me at all times no matter how bad she felt. But the day came when it was obvious she wasn't going to rally. We made our final trip to the Vet. Everyone in the clinic came in and cried with me as Hope's misery ended. She was special to all of them also, just like she touched everyone she met.

Hope only lived 18 short months, an unfair amount of time. I still miss her daily and cry often thinking about her. She has left a gaping hole in my heart. She will never be forgotten by my husband and myself.

My dogs have become complacent and are also obviously missing our girl. Our house is much quieter and less activity without her. So I am beginning to look for a new pug girl puppy to help begin to fill the gaping hole Hope left behind. The new puppy won't be a replacement, because Hope was unique. But we miss her zest for life, her zany antics and her unconditional puppy love.

I think Hope is at the Bridge greeting all newcomers. She is so excited about her new home and wants to share that with everyone else. She tells them not to be sad, this is just a different life. She always managed to get so much living done. I'm sure she's continuing that now. She's missed, but she's not suffering and ill. I'll see her someday and we will always have the love that we shared.

I miss my sweet Hope. 15 months was not enough time together. But I would not of missed having our whirlwind relationship if I had ever been given a choice. She was a special girl. And she's proof that "Hope Springs Eternal".

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Comment by Dorothy's Mum on May 24, 2009 at 2:38pm
How can anyone read that and not become emotional? Life is so cruel to some creatures..... thank goodness that Hope experienced some love in her life.... and remember that you were the special person who made her short and precious life a million times more comfortable than it could have been. Total love and dedication is a gift and you have certainly had it in abundance.... Love Dorothy's Mum XX
Comment by crystal on May 24, 2009 at 12:00pm
Im so sorry! Poor Hope!! Im sure she knew how much she was loved and has a great life in heavin. About 5 yrs ago a couple adopted a cute white pug/ sharpei well after he didnt eat for a week they brought him into my job. The puppy had a bad case of pnemonia. The people decided they didnt want him and signed him over to us after having them in their home for a month. He was heartbroken ofcoarse. Soon he developed cherry eyes- where the corner of the eye comes out- in both eyes. The vet did surgery on him. About a month later his intestines came out of his rear end.- the vet again did surgery. The pup now was getting healthier but had no home and no one wanted him so the week before christmas I took him home. He went everywhere with me, he was my baby! One day my grandma took him in the back yard while she was on the phone, she came in and asked me "did macho come inside?" I went on a frantic search. A friend and I looked everywhere.. just as we walked down the drive way there he was just laying there. He had escaped through a hole in the fence. After all pain he went through as a pup his precious life finally ended. The car driver never even stopped!!! But he's in heavin now playing with all the other dogs- smiling
Comment by Magda Beale on May 23, 2009 at 8:08pm
Hope was lucky to have you for the very best 15 months of love and care of her life.
Thanks for all you do.
Comment by Pam & Pugs :0) on May 22, 2009 at 8:03am
Oh, Laura, I have tears in my eyes reading this. I remember when this litter came to APARN; thank you for sharing Hope's precious story. You truly are an angel on earth. I truly believe the Lord works through us to keep his dear creatures safe and in Hope's case, to give her a few month's of love. I hope my Lucy is taking care of her at the Rainbow Bridge. God Bless You! :0)
Comment by julie foutch on May 20, 2009 at 6:23am
Each one is different in their own way,they are very special and should be treated as such,and it's very true there are some who shouldn't be breeding,as they do not know what their doing and we wind up with dogs with health issues,they should be stopped.We here know how precious our little ones are,like Hope,they teach us love and that's the greatest gift!My heart is with you.
Comment by Helena Brown on May 20, 2009 at 4:52am
So sad, but there is a bitter sweetness, as you say she was meant to be with you. If only we had some control over breeding. I have advocated that you should have to have a licence to breed and you should be checked for fitness to do so. I know that here in the UK we have too many "Pet Breeders" we end up with inferior dogs being bred to equally inferior bitches resulting in health issues.
Rant over.
I hope that you are successful in your quest to find your next little puppy, I know that Hope was unique, they all are.
Comment by Jenna on May 19, 2009 at 7:14pm
Wow, what a tear jerker... I am so so sorry for your loss :(

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