So i got Milo ready for his evening walk since it's been hot all day so i waited til it was cool. I Attached his leash to his harness and the other end to my belt loop. My mum was nagging me to take Peawee but i said i'd take him out seperately later.. Good job i did!

SO me and Milo went for a quiet stroll and i decided to go for a long walk today.. On the way back Milo was a bit tired and we were walking along the grassy area in between the two roads.. He was plodding along beside me then all of a sudden he bolted ahead about a metre or so with his butt down looking frightened. He ran for the road but i called him and he quickly made a u-turn back to me still frightened so i picked him up as the clip on the lead was destroyed. I saw a dog running loose behind us! Ahh! After i picked up Milo a car sped past! Once again, i feel lucky for Milo to be un-injured! *Why does this always happen?* ... I think Milo was a bit startled by having a wet-nose sniffing his butt. We didn't even know the dog was following us!

The dog must have escaped his garden, the owners came out after him but only when he ran into someones garden. But they didn't even think to apologize! Ahh! Milo could have got hit by a car.. :/ In the end i carried Milo back to the end of our street then looked at the leash, it was super destroyed *Quite strong, mind* so i just looped it around his harness and tied it then we strolled back home. Good thing i didn't have peawee with me...


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Comment by Sophie on June 24, 2010 at 9:03am
Does Linus know recall? Even if they do i know it can be hard to get there attention when theres something interesting to chase! :p That's why i plan to change Milos recalls to a whistle and a treat. I usually barely hold the leash, sometimes not even thehandle, just have the actual leash resting loosely on my hand..Probably not a good idea :P

I might just get this clip for his leash now... Surely that'd be secure with the clip on the leash too
Comment by Di's spoiled kids on June 24, 2010 at 8:19am
I had Linus get away from me while walking not long ago. I kind of had him on my wrist, and he saw a squirrel, and he pulled free. He ran across the street, good thing no cars were coming. I tried voice command, with no luck there, so I had to run after him, which as we all know puppies think you are playing when you run after them. Luckly I was able to step on the leash and get him that way. He did get yelled at for that, and we continued on our walk. That is why Linus is in the Bad Boy club.
Comment by Pugman! on June 23, 2010 at 4:17pm
Actually that could work for you they do have small enough one and they are spring loaded. I did like the idea of the lead he has though, tomorrow I am going to check with our one and only pet store to see what they have along that line. I haven't experienced your problem though, thank goodness.
Comment by Sophie on June 23, 2010 at 4:12pm
Just found the photo of the leash, wonder what it is. Never seen one like it before..Might be safer than what we have now.

I was scared when the lead came off and he JUST missed the car, thanks to my recall being successfull. It happened so quickly.. Milo was panicky too, bless him. He had no idea what had happened. He was just strolling a long then he gets a wet nose up his bum. ha. I know i shouldn't have been worried because he'd sense that, but when your dog escapes being hit by a car then you can't help it.

Electric nail trimmers are so great... Best invention ever i reckon. Before i had one Milo would literally panic and i swear he was almost having a heart attack when the nail trimmer came into site. Cheese and the dremel works great.

I think Maybe a carabiner, used for people would be a good idea. That's got to be strong, right?! And maybe a padlock for extra safety. Well, maybe forget the padlock... Haha. People would probably think i was crazy for using padlocks and carabiners. But then again they also find it weird how it keeps unclipping. Hmm...
Comment by Pugman! on June 23, 2010 at 3:48pm
I think you need to take some of that L100 you have and invest in another lead and soon for your own peace of mind! We have a new member from Canada that has a lead that I thought to be quite interesting, I thought of you when I saw it. I asked him who the mfg. was and the name of it, haven't heard back from him as yet, I shall go see if I can dig him up again and give his name to you. With four Pugs to walk at one time pretty soon I think I would like to have one just like it. Yeah, I went through a couple of boxes in the shed today and found my electric nail trimmer, another retractable lead along with another coupler (that I have been looking for for some time). Now I need not spend the money on a replacement. That always works for me. Glad to hear that you and Milo make it okay with that harrowing experience. That would really have had my heart thumping!
Comment by Sophie on June 23, 2010 at 3:01pm
Fortunately Milo is good with Buses and all the sounds they make. 1. Because it was our only mode of transport when he was little 2. They go down our street through the day. It's not that they;d really pull me over, just that if milo had gotten of his leash scared itd probably be difficult to carry him home whilst holding peawee. We had dog training tonight, i decided to attach an extra clip to his leash and clip it onto his harness. WHilst he was sitting down watching me waiting for our turn int he ball and spoon race i noticed one of the clips had undone *How?* Fun game though *Had to have the leash on your wrist with the spoon in the same hand with the ball on it, weave through cones then get to the end and stand in a hula hoop then pull it over us then weave back without dropping the ball *Yay we did it* but one of the clips undone.. 3 times tonight. I'm just happy i had two attached. I have no idea why or how they keep unclipping. :/

Maybe they were, but they saw their dog startle Milo anyway.
Comment by Helena Brown on June 23, 2010 at 4:44am
I have had experience of Hektor getting a fright in this way too but fortunately only in the Park but the other problem I have found is when buses or cars go by and especially with the buses, them letting out their air brakes and the noise makes Hektor jump. I also had Hektor pull the lead out of my hand in his youth, to go after a motor bike. I now always have the loop tight round my hand, my OH uses the loop round his wrist, but it does not work for me. Yes it is difficult with two dogs, I know I had two Pugs in the past, and they could pull me off my feet if I was not prepared. Pugs are ridiculously strong and they have a low centre of gravity which does not help. Thank goodness Milo is okay. I suppose these other people were unaware of the problem?

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