Abbey (non pug), My Foxy Lady, Has Taken Her Last Journey

on to the rainbow bridge today.  I'm sad to announce my pack has lost another member, two in as many weeks.  She was probably about 17 years old.

Abbey was the most loyal of ladys.  I got her as my 2nd dog, the family has had others.  I wanted a Chihuahua and saw that the Delta SPCA had rescued a bunch so I went out to have a look.  When I saw them all in the cage I remember they were all bigger than chi's and fluffy mostly.  They were all sitting around one in the middle sitting on a pillow. :)  Little did I know that was the lady I would get to take home.

I wanted the smallest one, she was named Abbey I think and that's the name I wanted to give to my next dog.  But they thought she was too timid to be in a house of dogs and cats and kids.  They gave her to an older gentleman.  Then they showed me Holly.  She was great, but then they said let us show you something.  They took us all in a long run kennel and threw a tennis ball.  Boom, Holly goes and gets it and brings it right back.  Well little did they know I had never had a dog that would fetch.  Some would just look at you like I'm not getting it, others would get it and never give it back to you.  As soon as I saw Holly fetch I said I'll take her!.  I asked them if they thought it was ok if I change her name to Abbey.  They said no problem, the staff just gave the names out.  And then they said the staff at first gave her the name Crabby Abbey since she would bark and show her teeth when frightened, but she didn't seem to take to Abbey so they changed it to Holly.  :)  Well I changed it back and she's been Abbey ever since.

When I got Abbey she was about the same age as my pug Zoe, 3yrs old.  They didn't know for sure, it was just a guess.  She and her sisters had been used as breeders.  For the first five years or so Abbey was very scarred of many things including cameras.  When I brought the camera out Abbey would have to go and hide.  But she got over that and fit into my pack very well.

She is such a loyal dog.  My sister tells of trying to take Abbey for a walk while I was out of town.  She wouldn't budge  past the front steps.  Another time I was at a friends place on a lake and I was in the middle of the lake in a small sail boat.  As I moved around Zoe, Jake, and Abbey would move along the shore looking at me.  Then I noticed Abbey swimming out to the sail boat.  I couldn't believe it, a dog that was scarred of the water was swimming out to meet her dad!  I would never have thought she would do that.  I got her in and everything was OK.

Abbey's body was very healthy as I think a lot of cross' are (Chi Pom).  She was very slim, maybe had a bit of arthritis coming.  But something was wrong with her brain, maybe a tumor?  About a year and a half ago I was on the Island and all of a sudden Abbey is having a seizure on the couch.  I thought she was having a heart attack and I thought I had lost her right there.  But she came out of it and didn't have another for a few months, but they started coming more frequently.  We got her on meds and it was like magic, no more seizures until Feb this year.  We upped the dose a bit and added a 2nd med.  She was good again, but I noticed she was getting more and more wobbly.  This last week or so she couldn't even stand or hold her head up.  Finally these last three days she couldn't eat and just laid there all day like she was under heavy sedation.  I finally had to make the decision and took her in to the Vet today at 2:40pm.  My Aunt wanted to also see Abbey off (the rest of the family were mostly out of town :().  The doctor got her ready, as the drug went into her system her tail started wagging.  That was tough to see!  And then she was gone.  The doctor left and I had a big cry over my Foxy Lady and said my final goodbyes.  I will remember yo always Abbey......RIP

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Comment by Pugnacious on August 7, 2014 at 9:14am

What a good dad you have been to all your furkids.RIP little one.

Comment by Jim Anderson (docand) on August 1, 2014 at 3:39pm

RIP Abbey!!  I'm so sorry Konrad.  It's been awhile since I've been on the site.  Lexi and MN MPR has been keeping us busy..  We've been doing home studies for the rescue.  Also been going to different events and representing the rescue and the breed.  Hope all is going well with Kloe.  Doc and Lexi the Pug

Comment by Helena Brown on July 31, 2014 at 6:06am

I know that some dogs do grieve and get so upset and poor little Kloe has had more upset than many with losing her big Brother and now Big Sis. I always worried that I would lose my old boy first because Angus the young one was the fragile emotional one, who had never been alone given he came from the breeder, he was the last of her line straight to us and of course his Uncle Henry. Thankfully it wasn't to be, he was the first to go and Henry settled back into the routine he had started with a mere eleven years before. He never grieved, never seemed to miss him one little bit, maybe because Angus had been the trial of his life.

I know how long it takes to find yourself not looking for them, we had no dog for four years but my husband would check his watch of an afternoon if we had been out on our own and say we better get back it was nice to return to the situation when we really do have to get back.

Love to Kloe, extra hugs wee lamb. I am glad you have so many photo's. Our two came before digital, we only have Henry on video as we lost Angus before they became common. Take care. Helena

Comment by Di's spoiled kids on July 30, 2014 at 4:17pm

Konrad my vet told me they know these things, and make sure to give the ones left behind a lot of love because they need it just as much as you do. 

Comment by Konrad Jaschke on July 30, 2014 at 1:01pm

Kloe has been acting a bit strange for a few days now.  When Abbey was sick she would sometimes get stuck under chairs or in a corner and would cry out a bit.  Kloe would wake up instantly and go downstairs and I'd follow behind.  Kloe and myself have both heard what sounds like Abbey a few times, but its children outside or something else and she goes running downstairs. :)  But today when we came home Kloe went all around the house sniffing around.  It might just be me projecting onto Kloe human emotions, but it almost looked like she was looking for Abbey.  That or she was looking for a good place in the house to take a poo! :)  She does her pee's in the right place, but for some reason her poos don't go in the same place as her pees? She likes to hide them under tables, etc. :)

Comment by carol rochester on July 30, 2014 at 12:55pm

Konrad ,I am so sorry to read of your loss but you must take comfort that you gave her a fantastic life full of love and loyalty RIP to a lovely little girl xxxx 

Comment by Di's spoiled kids on July 29, 2014 at 1:02pm

Konrad, so very sorry to hear this, Abbey is now with Jake, he will show her the ropes and then there is Zoe, she was there to meet Jake, and now both will be there to meet Abbey.  She was such a pretty lady.  RIP sweet lady.  Run Free with Zoe and Jake, and all the others from our Pugslife family.

Comment by Konrad Jaschke on July 29, 2014 at 9:50am

She was great as they all are!  I am just so happy that earlier this year I got some great pictures of her.  In her earlier years she was so scarred of cameras.  I see I have barely any pictures of her.  I love the one of her sitting in the green grass.  I've got one great picture like that of each dog.  They seem to be one out of every few hundred I take I get one really sharp great looking picture.

I felt good about writing up her little story and Jake's, sad, but good about writing it.  I think it helps.  Since I had been giving both of them meds for a long time now I sort of feel like I've forgotten to do something all the time.  With Abbey she would have to walk and walk, her brain telling her she had to keep going until tired, so I had to keep her downstairs with all the corners and stuff blocked off.  She would walk around the house until tired.  I would go down every little while and check on her.  Now I keep thinking I need to go down and check on her. :(

Kloe has developed a bit of a fold infection so I'm nursing her, it never ends.  Now she is scarred of paper towels. I bring one out and she runs away. :)  She hates the folds cleaning!

Comment by Helena Brown on July 29, 2014 at 9:41am

Oh Konrad I just saw this, oh I am so sorry, words just do not convey just how sad this is. I will think of her running free with her buddies. She was such a beautiful lady and she will be missed. I will definitely miss her.

Comment by julie foutch on July 28, 2014 at 5:17am

Oh my konrad i am so very sorry as i loved that sweet face she was such a precious lady my heart goes out to you this is just so sad.It is hard when you lose them so close that i know as we learn to cope the pain is still there as for me i think it always will be.I know she is playing carefree now with Darla,Noah,Sheba and my Abbyand all her cousins may they frolic in that most beautiful place a place where there is no more illness just happy babes that special place we know Rainbows Bridge RIP dear,sweet Abbey.Konrad my thoughts and prayers are with you.

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