Did you ever stop to think what makes us love these funny faced (as my neighbor refers to them) little guys. They are not really what you would call beautiful or pretty, but to us they are the cutest things around. Why is that! They have bad teeth, they shed 365 days a year, they have bad breath, they fart, they snore, and God knows what else, yet we the Pug owner doesn't see that. We love our babies anyway. Now I am not a Pug expert in any means, but I have had 7 in my life 3 of which I own. There was poor Midge who only lasted in our family for maybe two months. She has bad allergies which was very expensive at the time, so my parents gave her to our vet. Then came my best girl Molly. I was young, but she was mine and she was the best friend a young girl could have. Molly never and I mean never did anything wrong. And she could talk, she could say Mama. I taught her to walk with me with no leash, and we would just go for out walk, and she would follow behind me. She loved to go visit my grandmother too. I would say to her, "Do you want to go see Lizzy", and she would just get so happy and so excited, and off we would go. Than there was Mack. He was very much like Linus, had a mind of his own. And he was stubborn too. We had Molly and Mack at the same time, only Molly was about three years older than Mack. My parents got Mack in the hopes of breeding him with Molly, but that didn't happen, Molly wasn't really strong enough to have puppies so the vet said. Mack did sirer a litter of pups, and that is where our next pug came into play. Midge, not the sharpest, cutest, brightest pug around, but she sure did make my grandmother happy. Midge lived with Nanny for lets say 3 or 4 years until Nanny passed away. My parented said they couldn't handle 3 dogs at once, so Midge went to live with a truck driver. I heard he was very happy with her company when he traveled, so that makes it all seem OK, but I do wonder about Midge every once in awhile. Molly died at the age of 13, and I was already out of the house by then, not taking her with me because I knew that is where she belonged, but she was always my best girl, My parents had Mack put to sleep not long after that, as he got real nasty, and the vet told them it was the best thing to do. And of course there are my three, Lulu who you have all seen in pictures. She was my son's pick of the litter, and she was not much to look at at 3 weeks old, but she turned into what I would say was a pretty girl. Lulu had many small medical problems, and in the end she just lost the use of her legs, and I couldn't stand to watch her sit in her own pee or poop, so in August we put her down, God rest her little soul. And you guys all know Lily and Linus. Would I get another pug, you know I would, already have a name picked out, and I am hoping it will be a black girl when that time comes. Funny, but what is it that makes us love these little guys so much.

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Comment by Helena Brown on March 2, 2010 at 7:17am
Diane, my breeder used to say that the Boy Pugs for the Ladies and theGirl Pugs for the Men. Seemed to work because the day we went to collect Henry, his Mum Hebe landed on my Husband's knee. She had been a real Daddies girl too, all my boys have just loved their Mum, but Hektor is reasonably even handed, as he sits with me in the afternoon, he eats his b one on his Dad's lap in the evening.
Comment by Di's spoiled kids on February 28, 2010 at 9:12am
Christina you got that right about being naughty and funny all together. My new guy is just that one minute I am yelling at him about something he did, and the next he in on my lap acting stupid. He is a lover this one.
Comment by Christina on February 28, 2010 at 1:58am
What I loved about pugs, is that they are so damn cute. Once I started looking into smaller dogs with longer lifespans than my original breed ( the cancer prone boxer) I thought it was a going to be a fruitless mission. I didn't really believe that I could find a dog that had all the qualities that I loved in a boxer, but in a smaller package. The bravery, the "smushy face" the unwavering loyalness and the patience to put up with a mommy like me who must spoil and cuddle at all times possible. My ownly previous experience with small dogs was a mean little poodle. Then I went walking through a mall pet store one day and saw this most adorable face... she was being bought by what seemed like a nice women, getting a her 2nd pug, she had lost the 1st to congestive heart failure at the age of 16. We talked for about an hour, and she let me hold and cuddle her new baby. I fell in love especially after all the stories she told me about Mooshi, (I still remember that name a year later) It took me a few more months after this to finally be ready to open my heart, in the mean time I did alot of reading and realized that a pug was perfect for me. They're naughty, and funny, and sweet and can make you laugh no matter what else is going on. I can't even get mad at him because of his little face. It's just too perfect. And he loves his mommy as much as she loves him
Comment by julie foutch on February 27, 2010 at 11:56am
As i know how you feel as i have had a few in my lifetime and with these guys here i know about snoring as i think mine are cutting down a forest and yes we do have those gas-mask moments which as we say they "poofed",and then there are the times we have a licking session going which everything close to them gets washed but,i love every precious moment.For me i fell in love with them the moment i looked in those wonderous eyes so full of love as i still love looking into those eyes or i will sit and just watch them sleep and watch every little twitch these are the moments that mean so much.I'm thankful everyday for having them in my life as everyday is just as precious as the last.

Comment by Helena Brown on February 27, 2010 at 6:31am
Hi Diane, I read your story with a little laugh and a little tear, I have only had four Pugs in my life. The first one was Freddie, my Mother-in-Law's. I remember when we went to get him. I had only ever seen pictures of Pugs before that, there were none when I was growing up, my parents always had mongrels or German Shepherds and I had rescued a little corgi in my teens. I had decided that my next dog was going to be a Pug even before we got Freddie and he only convinced me that I was right. He unfortunately went on to develop hip dysplasia, Henry was his half brother, he was of all these Pugs the strongest and the longest living, he lived until two months before his 15th Birthday. Angus who was Henry's nephew and Freddie's half brother also but without the hip problem was my third. He, like his Uncle were a pair of characters. they often fought to a standstill, I often got caught in the middle, but I loved them both. Now I have the Bold Hektor and boy is he different from any of the rest, which is what I wanted. He snores very softly, doe not fart and has no bad breath, and is very handsome, especially for a Pug. He gives me nightmares, he is so brave he is stupid with it, but I love him to death.

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