I just lost my pug 2 days before her 3rd birthday and I am devastated.... The pathology report confirmed PDE. I never heard of this before... Is there anyone that can offer advice? Both healing and coping?


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Comment by mary milton on June 10, 2010 at 6:35pm
thankyou Empress for the info I know it was really hard for you to relive it ao I do thank you . I as well have a very difficult time with Milo's death he to was my baby and it was a very hard decition to put him down as the neurologist said it could possible be managed with chemo but I could not have him live for 1 to 2 years allways worrying about him ,milo to was the run.t unfortunatly in my case I did not know about a necropsy Iwish I did so I could help other people prevent this terrible disease. Milo had siezures starting in Dec 09 just after he turned 2 we made sure he had his pheno barb every 12 hrs and follolwed him closely constanly worrying about him then in April he had some more about 6 that day even with our rectal vallium he still had them and after being in emarg for the night with the vet not able to control the clusters I tranfered him to the CARE center in Calgary where the only nerologist saw him and thought just epilepsy and increased the meds, however the next day though he was accting very strange going in circles around the bedroom and I tried to comfort him on the bed but he pressed his head against the wall and was panting the whole time and just did not settle down I knew in my heart it was PDE and waited patienly for Dr.Diaz to call me back (I called at 7:30am and did not talk to Dr.Diaz untill 11:30) for the next course of action I brought Milo back to the CARE center and they did a spinal tap Dr.Diaz called me a few hours later and I was devestated hearing the news that was the hardest thing I have ever had to do was decide my baby's fate I had to put Milo down on March 22/10 I think about him everyday and we have his ashes to spread in the mountains as he was allways with us camping.I never want to go throught this again I really thankyou for shareing your story with me it helps to know there is other people whom have and still are going through this
Comment by empress on June 10, 2010 at 5:38pm
Dear Mary
I have to force myself to relive this tragic event. It remains a tragedy when your baby..... gets his/her life stolen from you, and there is no explaination. In our case, we were not accepting that the Empress Chung-Chi out of the blue just had seizures and died..... that was not something we could digest. (as I type this I have Maxine on my lap) she is about6 months older than my beloved Empress would have been....
This is very hard to resurface....
The Empress Chung-Chi was also considered runt. Very petite for a pug....
Some people use to tease she was a "miniature pug"
Anyway..... we were not able to accept that she would just die on us for no reason so we did internet searches and found a wonderful person although mythotical in character (maybe due to all the pug tragedies she witnessed) not sure.... A Ph.D. at Indiana University East agreed to examine my baby's remains and conducted a pathology that demonstrated the symptoms:

Pathology Report - Case # W086-R (A09-14612)
Date: 8-25-09
Histologic Findings:
Cerebrum: Severe, diffuse, subacute, nonsuppurative and necrotizing meningoencephalitis.
Cerebellum, Brain stem: No significant findings.
Comment: The findings are consistent with Pug encephalitis.

THat is what we received in return with her ashes and her paw prints.... Oh MY this is hard even after a year has gone by.....

So in hopes of contributing to research to the cure..... we allowed our baby to undergo the necessary pathology examinations...... in hopes for a closer reach to a cure.
I cannot continue right now. Too painful I wosh she could have been here to day to play with the adopted babies.... She would have LOVED Maxine...
Comment by mary milton on June 9, 2010 at 7:33pm
I am just reading your blog now,I as well had to put my Milo down in March from PDE it is a terrible disease,I now have a pug puppy from a reputable breeder,and he is much different,I tend to wonder if Milo was sick from the begining as he was a runt and was never really a puppy if that makes sense? how long did it take the pathology report to come back and how did they know for sure it was PDE? I was told a necropsy takes years?
Comment by Larene Heilman on September 12, 2009 at 1:13pm
I felt terrible when my first two pugs died of old age, but this is different, it just isn't right when such a young dog dies, especially when you know that breeders could prevent this. There are good breeders, it just seems that there are so many that don't care as long as they make money. I feel that there are so many things to watch out for these days. Years ago dogs didn't get so many diseases so young. I"m nearly worn out trying to check out the ingredients in dog foods, plus the vaccine issue. Empress, you are right some people are cruel and don't even realize it. People tell me to get a different breed and that is not what I need to hear right now. Pugs are the most loving and charming dogs, I can't imagine living without one.
Comment by empress on September 10, 2009 at 5:45pm
Dearest Larene
Dear Larene, we are soooooo sorry for the loss of your baby puglet Cleo. Our hugs and simpathy go out to you and your family. Our baby was a fawn. We remain devastated. She was a BIG part of our lives. We completely relate to the tears that just do not stop. We need to find a way to stop people from breeding this desease, causing loving families to be devastated. Not to mention most importantly, the poor little baby puglets that suffer. People tell me "get a different type of dog next time" but we are "in Love" with the breed. They are sooooo very special and unique. People are cruel at times, even more cruel are those who knowingly breed this desease.
Comment by Larene Heilman on September 10, 2009 at 2:35pm
I am so sorry for you! We lost our little girl to PDE July 29th and I can't stop crying, I too wonder what I can do to cope with this catastrophe. Cleo was a black pug, just one month past her second birthday when she was euthanasized. I can't really see what I am typing, the tears are starting again. I hope we both find a way to cope and remember the good times, even though they are bittersweet memories. We will never stop loving her.
Comment by Helena Brown on September 7, 2009 at 7:59am
Funnily enough our beloved Hektor is half American he come from the Candylands Kennel in Ohio or at least his daddy does. His Dad is Imported American Champion Candyland Bahama Breeze, they have a good track record in breeding Pugs and have many Champs.
I am so sorry for the loss of Chung-Chi, this should not happen. When you finally go to get another Pug ask the breeder if they have any incidence of PDE in their line, also Hemivertibrae, this is another thing you must look out for and for Hip Dysplasia. All these things are happening to Pugs these days, they are not nice, some can be checked for especially for the last one. Remember they have to tell you the truth, if they don't and you get it, you can sue. I know this sounds hard, I would have found it difficult but I was so upset when my Mother-in-Laws little Freddie got severe hip dysplasia. I have to say that Hektor, he is two next month, has none of the usual problems, he snores but not much, he is very active, still puts on weight and we can exercise him when some around us can't, the heat does not seem to completely debilitate him. Have a look at the Candylands website, I would turn the sound down, it is very noisy, but the people are lovely. I know because I wrote and told them I had Hektor who was one of Sidney's first litter in Britain. So sorry again, but keep up telling her story it may help someone else.
Comment by Helena Brown on September 5, 2009 at 6:10am
Please can I add my sympathy to both of you. I have been aware of this for quite a few years and when purchasing my puppy spoke long with my breeder about the many diseases that Pugs are prone too. Unfortunately unless your breeder has had a dog die of this, they will not be aware if it is their line. Unfortunately it seems to be more common in the American Pug, than here. I can only reiterate what Paula says, that you gave your dog the love she deserved and as long as it was a sweet life there is nothing more you could do.
We have a little story here about the Rainbow Bridge, ever dog you have ever had is waiting at the Bridge for you and they will meet you there when it is your time. All mine are there, playing and happy. I hope this helps.
Love Helena and Hektor
Comment by Paula B on September 4, 2009 at 10:40pm
I'm sorry to hear about your pug dying from PDE. One of my pugs had a seizure last Sunday and after taking him to the emergency vet, I too was told that PDE is a possibility. You sound like a great owner, and I'm sure she had a life full of love. I researched the disease this week and realized that there are no signs beforehand, no way to prevent it, and it is always fatal (If you'd like the websites, let me know). It happened due to heredity and you did all that you could. You gave her a loving home and she gave you an experience in loving that will last forever. Maybe you'll see her again some day (I believe that with mine and it comforts me). It also helps to cry on a friend's shoulder too. You and your pug are in my prayers. Please put my Alex in yours.

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