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Happy thanksgiving

Dear Pugslife Family,

Here's wishing all of you and the swwet babies a happy thanksgiving!


Rusty, Tin Tin and Puggirl

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Tin tin turned six

Tin Tin, my strapping pug, is now six years old,
Mischievous as a monkey, with a heart of gold.
Loves dad and mom like no one ever did,…

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Three woofs to Rusty!!!

I have a five year old pug, Tin Tin and a lab, Rusty, who is also five. And this blog is about last night's heroic feat of Rusty!

Now, Rusty is a saint among dogs. He has no mean bone in his body, hates altercations, and is the very epitome of gentleness and kindness. Hubby and I cannot, even in our wildest dreams, imagine him picking up a fight with another dog or displaying any guard dog instincts, no matter what the peril at hand be. He is content being the lazy, goofy oaf of a…


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Tin Tun turns 5

Tin Tin turned 5 on Saturday, Nov 22nd.

God bless him and wish him a long and healthy life!!

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Here's wishing my Pugslife family a merry and puggy Christmas!!!

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Tin Tin turned FOUR on November 22, 2013

Dear Tin Tin,

Do you know that you turned 4 yesterday? Yes, my baby boy, you did, and that is why we cut a li'l b'day cake, sang you a cute b'day song and had a party. Did you have a ball, sweetie? I sure know that Rusty and you enjoyed the delicious doggie shaped carob chip cake our neighbour baked you, for you ate till you could no more. And for once, I guess you even enjoyed the fuss surrounding the b'day hat, outfit et al. Momma and dadda sure loved celebrating this special day of…


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A new journey begins - We welcome Max at Rainbow Bridge

Hi Max, welcome to Rainbow Bridge!

I am Rocky and this here is Dimpy, my sister. When we were on earth, we were our mama, Puggirl’s darlings. I was gifted to mama when I was a wee kitten, barely a few weeks old, and looked like a white ball of fur. I was the apple of mama’s eye till God decided that he needed me more than mama did. Mama grieved and grieved and grieved, although I was trying to tell her from up here that I was very happy. But mama could not or did not want to hear me.…


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Rusty Turns Four

Today Rusty, my Labrador Retriever, turns 4.....And his scrambled eggs and cottage cheese cake is on its way; slurp, slurp!!! 

When Rusty came to us, he was about 45 days old and the cutest pup ever. Truth be told, the day I got him home was super special, as hubby and I had never been…


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Pets – The joy of our lives

As members of Pugslife, we know what joy our pets bring us. The pure and unconditional love they offer is unmatched, and someone who has never had a pet will, sadly, never know what he is missing.

My father is a huge animal lover, and his colleagues in the Indian Army, where he served quite many years, would often regale me with stories of dad’s love for animals - and not just the domestic variety. One story I was often told as a kid was that when dad was a bachelor, he had once…


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How different are your doggies from one another?

I was thinking last night about how Rusty (my labrador) and Tin Tin (my pug), in spite of being dogs of the same age, are so different from each other in many ways. While it is true that their breeds dictate their appearance and many of their traits, there is still many a thing that is beyond my understanding

While Rusty is an out and out doggie with all the traits that a true blue dog displays, with Tin Tin, I am not entirely convinced he is a dog. I wonder whether God erred while…


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Happy B'day Izzy

Sweet Miss Izzy has just turned three,

And isn’t that a wonderful age to be!


Did you have a cute li’l birthday party?

And who came along, Guido, Ginger, Lizzy?


Did your momma give you treats galore?

And did you, like all pugs, still beg for more?


Did you get to play, play, all day long?

And did momma sing you a special birthday song?


What did Aunt Lisa give you my sweet girl?

Come, let the…


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Rusty and Tin Tin - the story so far....

As some of you may know, I have two dogs, a Labrador named Rusty, and a Pug named Tin Tin. They are spritely three-year olds, and are the loves of my life, besides being each other’s best buddy.

We got Rusty in the end of 2009, when he was barely 40 days old and weighed about 5 kilos. He was the cutest lab puppy in town and every single person who saw him went gaga over his cuteness and could not stop gushing over him. He was a smash hit at the vet’s also. For the first couple of…


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A peep into Tin Tin's social life

I have an announcement to make - Tin Tin is a social butterfly. I usually work late hours and dont get to walk him much on weekdays. But on weekends, when I take him for his evening walk, all he wants to do is socialize. Pees all over town, but does not potty, just wants to play with all his friends and make new ones. 

He absolutely loves a lab named Lucky (as if one lab back home weren't enough!!!), but Lucky does not appreciate. That does not stop Tin Tin, no sir!!! Lucky is a quiet…


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Happy B'day Izzy

We hear Miss Izzy is soon turning two,

May the year bring her dashing pugs to woo!


Now that Miss Izzy is a fine young nymphet,

May she strut her stuff like a sweet, sexy puppet!


If Tin Tin came to LA, he’d give her a red rose,

And lick her galore and wet her nose!


And what fun it’d be if they went on a date,

But lets leave that for when we come to LA, mate!


So, till then we wish her another fun-filled…


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Some Unique Traits of Tin Tin vis-a-vis other dogs I've known - Are all pugs like this?

Tin Tin is just over two, and like all pugs, has a most distinct and endearing personality. Almost makes him human. I wanted to share with my Pugslife family, some of the things that set him apart from other dogs I have known, and that makes me wonder - Do all pugs behave the way Tin Tin does, in some form or the other?

1. Tin Tin hates people wearing black, whether on television or in person. He barks at them most vigorously and I have a tough time soothing him. Wonder why thats…


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Need help with Ticks

Rusty and Tin Tin seem to have become prey to a Tick infestation. My vet told me that things like Frontline work only on fleas, and not on ticks. She suggested a medicated bath. Now the medicine, I am told, is rather poisonous. So, I am to mix 3ml of it in 1 litre of water and dab it all over their body with a sponge and immediately dry their body with a hair/blow dryer. I have been warned that I CANNOT let them lick their body after this medicated water has been dabbed all over…


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Wishing all Pugslife folks a great 2012

This is the time of the year,

When we bid the year goodbye,

Look back all that passed,

Every little low and high!


This is the time of the year,

When we thank the Gods above,

For all the blessings we have,

And the abundance of love!


This is the time of the year,

When we remember the loved ones gone,

And hold the beloved around,

To our hearts from dusk to dawn!


This is the time of the…


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We like to Puggie....

If I were Vengaboys, I'd have liked to "Puggie" more than "Party". So, here goes :-)


We like to Puggie

We like, we like to Puggie


I've got something to tell ya

I've got news for you

Gonna put some Pugs in motion

Get ready 'cause they’re coming through

Hey now, hey now, hear what I say now

Pugginess is just around the corner

Hey now, hey now, hear what I say now

Pugs are here for you




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At what age do pugs start greying?


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Tin Tin's latest fun game is squeezing into gaps

Tin Tin loves squeezing into all the narrow gaps that are there between any wall and sofas, cabinets, tables, beds, you name it. For instance, in our bed room, there is a cabinet on which our TV and audio system are kept and between that and the wall, there is a bit of a gap. Tin Tin squeezes into that and then finds it difficult to come out. And his whining starts. My hubby or I pull him out and you’d think, he’d be relieved. No sir, he shrugs thoroughly (I am yet to figure out why), takes…


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