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Flooding in Calgary

not sure if anyone has heard about all the flooding in Alberta right now thought I would update everyone,we have had massive flooding in Calgary and some west surrounding areas,we are in a state of emergency,I am thank full our house is in NE Calgary and we are NOT effected by this but downtown Calgary has had emergency evacuations more then 100,000 people,houses are washing away, schools closed it is not a good situation, we have a bit of a break in the weather but it is still going to rain…


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Bentley the Trans Canada pug

so Ruan and Bentley are driving from Calgary to Ontario to help his sister move here is the link for Bentleys FB page for his adventure!

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going outside pee and poo!

so I need some advice the last few days our backyard has been wet both dogs do not want to step on it,I have let both out in the morning and stood outside for 20 min! with them to go they step on the grass and lift their feet up like it is yucky! so I have now had to clean up pee and poo in the house! 2 times today :( any ideas what I can do to get them to go on the grass I try treats but they do not fall for it anyone else have this happen? last year they were fine it is like the sense…


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cleaning ears

here is my problem as most of you know Calla has yest build up my problem is she is like a 100 pound dog when trying to put the ointment in and trying to clean them with the malacetic lotion, II have tried to put it on cotton and putting it in that way, I have tried treats and positive reinforcement and also tried restraint does any one have any suggestions I could try I have even tried when she is sleeping !   

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Bentleys tooth extractions

we are back from Montana! Bentley's teeth went very well! he had two teeth removed and a cleaning Calla had her shots and we found out she has yeast in her ear so was prescribed drops and malacetic wash just wondering if anyone knows if this is the same thing as malasab? (sp) it is odd because Bentley weighs 19.7 lbs and Calla is 17.5 not a big difference in weight and she looks so much smaller then him,the vet and tech had a really hard time getting a swab out of her ear as she was almost…


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whitefish montana

we have booked a date for Bentley's  teeth! it will be on April 10th we plan and driving to Whitefish on the good Friday and camp in whitefish we may as well make a little trip out of it, his teeth and kennel cough and 5 way shot are going to cost approx. $550.00 usa with all the meds and pre an blood work  and extra drip I feel really good about bringing him over the boarder but as well wonder why it costs so much here? is it because they think Canadians are rich? really sad that we have to…


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USA vets

so I decided to call around in Whitefish Montana for Bentleys teeth extractions and cleaning as I mentioned I was quoted $1500-$1800 here and even checked here at other vets and it is around the same in the US I will pay around $500 including pre an blood work I am just wondering if anyone who lives in Montana  can suggest a good clinic in Whitefish ?

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Natures domain food

just wondering if anyone has tried or has their pugs on a food called Natures Domain sold in Costco ,we are thinking of changing to it as we feed Natural balance rt now and it is $65.00 Canadian a bag, Costco sells Natures Domain for $40.00 and it looks almost the same ingredients as Natural balance the protein   is about 24% 3 % higher then Natural balance any input would be helpful!

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new job!

I am so excited I am leaving the dental field after 12 years! I landed a reception job at a VET CLINIC! yaah! I have been trying to get in for a long time now! big change for me and 40% off vet services! and on another note a rescue got 2  unfixed pugs from a reserve with bad demodex! the foster parent said bad sores and smelly! but at least they were saved and will be fixed when they are better so this is great news altogether they got 100 dogs and pugs from this reserve !

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backwards sneezing

Calla has been having alot of backwards sneezing lately and she has had some foaming at the mouth she is eating playing and pooping just fine has anyone else had the problem with this?

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I have to ramble on about a non pug event,I volunteer for Little Mutts rescue and we had a multi adoptathon this weekend it went really well! even had some tv and newspaper stars . the mix large breed who's owners had him in a plastic kennel outside and decided it was a good idea to put a heater on top of the kennel to keep him warm WELL that heater melted the kennell and the dog had 1st degree burns all over but there is happy ending to this a rescue took him in and paid vet bills and now he… Continue

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I took Calla to the vet today and she has Papilloma it is a virus spread from other dogs it causes warts in and around the mouth it usually happens in puppys because the imune system is not strong yet it looks really gross and very contagiouse the incubation period is around one month and contagious for 3 months I cannot take her or bentley to daycare (thats probably where she got it) for 3 to 4 months or be around other dogs so far Bentley doesnt have it but we are prettty sure he will get…


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mouth warts?

I noticed Calla had a pimple looking thing on her bottom rt lip on the outside I had a good look in her mouth tonight (when she was sleeping) and I noticed 2 more on the upper inside lip its is hard to explain but they kind of look like cauliflowers? we have noticed she has slowed down on eating her food and has started eating Bentleys poop! has anyone else seen these warts or whatever b4 and it isnt acne I will book an appt with the vet ASAP but I have NEVER seen this b4 I will try to take…


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1 year ago

so at the dog park today (ok when i woke up) I cant help to think it has been 1 year today milo went to Rainbow bridge I have mixed feelings about it I am very sad he is gone but also happy he is out of pain even though the vets allways said he never felt anything when seizures were happening or when they were over , how do they really know? I also take solice in the fact I did not choose radiation therapy as I have known many people who go through this and it isnt fun! so I know I made the…


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Bentley and Calla

Bentley went for a bath and brush at petsmart today! to my suprise he was as GOOD as GOLD! what not my B? he sat for teeth brushing even wow! I do however notice a very bad habit he has now whenever waking him he screaches every time another dog is near and pulls to go see them or attack? (at least thats what I think the other owners think) I am not sure how to handle this its like he is in a red zone and cant snap out of it does anyone have anyn ideas? I was thinking about clicker and treat… Continue

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red paw

I noticed Bentley has a very red paw it also looks like the hair folicles are open? not sure if it is a hotspot? he gets fed natural balance venison and sweet potatoe and only gets bully sticks I have a ttached a pic of it not the best pic but hopeing anyone has any ideas?…


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poor calla

its late bu tI am up worrying about Calla she had her spay,umbillical hernia a due claw removed for the second time, and vacines alot for 1 day she is doing fine except some diahreah and throwing up once did not want to eat tonight but not lethargic and drinking ok talked to my breeder and we are going to pu her on antibiotics just in case as her and Bentley ruff house and I do not want infection the only other thing is I notice she has a cough or more a backwards sneeze? could this be from…


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brindle pug

if anyone is interested my breeder has 1 female brindle and one male brindle for adoption! they are around 12 weeks old and ckc reg not sure if she ships though but if interested  it is barnes pugs

Added by mary milton on January 17, 2011 at 10:14pm — 2 Comments


so a while ago I posted about my ill aunty ,well tonight she has only hours to live, I am very sad but I know at least she is not in pain and it has been a fast illness and will get to be with grandma (her mom) and her late rottie chase,I am also happy to know she is the one whom sugested  me the name "Calla"which we chose. both pugs know something is upsetting me as I have tears and Bentley came and licked my face then sat on me, and today Calla decided she would walk up the stairs! I didnt… Continue

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merry christmas

I dont know how it is possible that we will be in +s on christmas day? last year we were -15c low oddly strange we can bbque but the grand news is our 2 hour drive to pick up Calla will be without a difficult drive! even though we bought a sweater for her we have chinooks here which causes the mild weather although the snow melts real fast and gets the cars dirty so tommorow is the big day! I have prepared for her we did not buy  a real tree as who knows what she wil ldo?

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