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Isn't it Sad

It is my Hektor's seventh birthday today and I remember when he was born as his breeder and I were in contact. She was willing this birth on as she wanted a boy for a stud dog.

Well they were all born by section around nine in the morning and there were 8 boys and one girl. Sadly Sue lost the last boy, he never started breathing. The rest were a bunch of health little pugs.

So this morning after singing him happy birthday and him eating his first bit of steak (raw) we got to…


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We have been on Vacation, all of us. Hektor has been on his and we have been on ours. Yes we do not holiday together, Hektor made it quite clear after two fractious holidays together that he much preferred his at home, no travelling and lots of familiar sights and smell. So he goes to home boarding where he stays with other dogs and we go elsewhere. It seems to work, it did not work with my previous Pugs who were wee Mummy's boys and we spent all of our holidays with them. This meant driving…


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I have worried about posting this because it doesn't concern Pugs.

Hektor and I live in Scotland, I love Pugslife and have made so many friends here from all over the world. I know I have not been participating as fully in the life of this site this year as fully as I would like, and hope after September to do so. Why September you may ask, well for those who do not know, and I imagine that many of you do not. Scotland holds a Referendum to decide whether we will remain as part of the United Kingdom or become as we were formerly an independent political…


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Our Honorary Pugs

Many of you must be wondering about two very different looking Pugs who appear here.I want to tell you a story about one of our members. You maybe have met our Julie Foutch, she is generally the first member who greets you. She is one of the rocks of Pugslife.

Well our Julie, was the lady who had all the seniors Pugs. She had Noah, Sheba and our Queen Mum, well she was the Queen Mum of the Bad boys and Girls Club, Darla and then there is the baby of the family Buggy. Julie lost her…


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The Black Sea Cruise

As some of you know Andrew and I did a cruise to the Black Sea recently which took in Spain, Greece, Turkey, the Ukraine and Portugal.

I promised to write about it, so for all it is worth here it goes.

We left Southampton, England on the 25th September in what was reasonable weather for the time of the year, not as good as the year we sailed the Atlantic for the Caribbean but decent. Well it got pretty rough around the Bay of Biscay which has a reputation to uphold and it did…


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Happy Hogmanay or to the unintiated, A Happy New Year

Today is New Years Eve but today in Scotland it is Hogmanay. A very important holiday as for centuries we did not celebrate Christmas as the Church saw it as a Pagan Festival, so not being stupid we plumped for New Year.

I remember as a child being allowed up to see the New Year in with the adults, but falling asleep and being put to bed before the First Foot arrived. Now the First Foot is an important person in all of this and should be tall dark and equipped with a lump of coal and…


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Just a little update

Some of you may know that I had a blog on Hektor and his allergies recently which resulted in me ditching my Vets advice and seeking my own road with his itchy spots.

Two weeks ago Hektor had a large bald spot on his neck, he had  this more or less for at least three years. We thought originally that his chest plate of his harness had worn the hair off, but he never seemed to be able to grow this in as he was constantly scratching. Since becoming aware that he has classic symptoms of…


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Dog Food

I am in a terrible bind, everyone who knows me knows that because of various allergies I changed Hektor onto raw food nearly two years ago.

To cut a long story down to size Hektor started showing signs of problems  when he turned three and we spoke to the Vet then and the suggestion was to remove him from the Royal Canin Pug Specific we were feeding him on and feed him Wafcol Salmon and Potato, We did this for a few months, at first he seemed fine but then we started to have visits to…


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Strange places that you find your Pug on the web.

Yesterday there we were in the rain looking in an expensive Interior Design shop window at this particularly lovely Pug Cushion. So today my Husband decided to look for this particular cushion. Yes we found it and something else. We have a picture on Pugslife  of Hektor which is titled Hektor the Cushion and low and behold there he was among all those cushions. Needless to say we were impressed, the cushion was beyond our price, but our boy is priceless.

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How to murder a Pug/ or why you might want to

Now you may think this is a very curious title, but I was asked recently by a new member and friend, what was my favourite bit of Pugslife and I replied the bit that had not been written yet. How to Murder a Pug.

Now do not get me wrong, I love the breed, I have loved all my Pugs, but just once or twice, oh heavens many more times since I got Hektor, I have felt like murdering them.

I know they are charming cuddly companions, and yes all mine have been exactly that. They are…


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Pugs in Fashion

Discovered today that Pugs on t-shirts for little girls are definitely the fashion. My little adopted neice from next door and Hektor's human girlfriend is nine on the 13th of March and I always add to her wardrobe, birthday and Christmas, it is a traditon I have had for many a year. This morning I was out with Hektor, who was behaving beautifully, and we were in town do I thought I would have a look to see if I could find something sparkly for Rachel, well I was not in the shop five minutes…


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The Return

Just a little note to let everyone know that Hektor and I are back from Vacation.

Firstly Hekor:- He had a wonderful holiday, came back slim and trim as requested, no, not because he was pining, just a few tweaks on his diet, no more treats and no more banana, good.

He also acquired two new girlfriends, one yellow Labrador and the other, his favourite Cassey the Golden Retriever who he shared a bedroom, separate beds though. He also became reacquainted with Max, who is the…


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The Last Few Months

My Hektor has been a very healthy Pug right up until his third birthday, he was seldom at the Vet, he had the odd visit for things like, breaking his leg at 5 months, we think doing his usual,bouncing on the pavement. He had the odd occasional bout of conjunctivitis which cleared up quite quickly.

Then just after his third Birthday he started to itch, sore ears and then sore eyes. We discovered that in the first occasion he had a skin infection, which was then followed by a skin…


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Elf's report to Santa Paws

Dear Santa,

I wish to report that the Royal Family are not behaving themselves, I was privileged to watch as Crown Princess Lizzie and her Court Jester emptied the family trash bin. They did not even blush, and therefore I must suggest that further observations are made before they receive a visit from you.

King Hektor has also been very bad, his Mum says that though he has extenuating circumstances due to the weather being very cold and snowy, he should not have been turning…


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Bad Habits

Have you noticed how easily it is for Pug People to be drawn into bad habits, well at least it is for me. Hektor used to get Logic (as in the Doggy Toothpaste) chews. He had one per night after dinner and he loved them. Unfortunately the manufacturer decided as is their right to change the consistency of their medium bone and it made it impossible to cut them in half for Hektor to be able to hold and chew them and he did not like the overly thick ones. So I found these different ones in our…


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Why People should buy or rescue a Pug

We have a new member, Her name is Shelley and her Pug is Puggie, now Puggie had a very poor start in life someone who knew nothing of the breed, tied him up to a tree for three years and left him outside. Fortunately for Puggie they obviously thought he was not much good as a guard dog and they advertised him in the local paper for $50. Now if he had turned up at that price in the United Kingdom, he would have been bowled over in the rush. As I said fortunately for him the advert was spotted by… Continue

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The Emperor of The Chin.

This my friends is a love story, it is about not having any, about finding love and about passing it on.

Many years ago there was an Emperor who was omnipotent and a bit of a dictator. Now much of this wasn't his fault, he was stuck in this situation, many of his officials ruled him and though he had the Royal Ladies he knew he was not loved.

One day he was visited by an envoy from Tibet who came with a large container as a tribute for him. The envoy prostrated himself in front of… Continue

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The Story of Freddie, a belated obituary 1989-1997

In my previous Blog I briefly touched on Freddie and I realised that nobody really knows him. He was the family's first Pug. I had decided that when we moved back to Edinburgh and I was determined after years of commuting it was going to be near to work and I was going to have another dog.

Fate sometimes steps in and before we made our move my Husband lost his Father, it was very sudden and left my Mother in Law completely bereft. She decided she wanted a dog, we said that might be a good… Continue

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The First Trip to the Emerald Isle with Puggies

We always has our holidays with the Pugs, because the one and only time we left them with my Mum we came home and Mum said on no account could they be left with anyone, not even with her as they both pined. So after that we rented cottages and houses and they came with us. Our favourite place was up in the North of Scotland just past Inverness and we were very lucky because the people we rented from were willing to let us have their house with three Pugs, most people drew the line at two. So… Continue

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Pugs. Who would have them?

As most of my friends here know our Hektor obtained his Good Citizen Bronze Certificate at the Weekend, but this is not what this Blog is about.

Our class consisted of, at the beginning (it diminished slightly) one Petit Brabacon, very cute related to the Pug, one Chocolate Labrador, one Cocker Spaniel, one Staffordshire Bull Terrier, one Labradoodle (please excuse the use of the designer name) one Springer Spaniel, one Miniature Dachshund, one German Shepherd Puppy, and one Miniature… Continue

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