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Don't Laugh at My Shaved Belly!

Daisy Doo is doing well after her splenectomy on May 3, 2016

I just thought Daisy Doo was under the weather, doggy flu or something, but when it lasted 2 days, I took her to the vet.  She had a 105 degree F. temp (dog normal is 101, so it's like us having a 102 temp).  At first they thought it was Valley Fever, an…


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~Sassy Sue Hendricks~ August 8, 2001-July 18, 2014

~Sassy Sue Hendricks~   August 8, 2001-July 18, 2014


Sassy's journey to the Rainbow Bridge came so fast. My daughter, Ashley, and I came home from a girls' day out and Jeff showed me a big spot of…


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~Buffy's Tribute Picture by Christine Walker~

Pugslife and Facebook friend, Christine Walker, did this up for me with a poem.  I've framed it, and just realized this favorite picture of Buffy is with a Valentine heart quilt and the last line was "I gave you my heart....."  How fitting.  <3

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~Buffy Boo Hendricks 1998-2012~

Just got back from our short getaway to Page Springs. First camping trip since Buffy's passing; it was so hard, but I know she had a good life with us. Seemed so funny, not to be pushing the "Buggy Puggy" a
round the RV resort, even Sassy & Daisy seemed a little lost. Buffy was 13 1/4 when she went to…


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~A Little Getaway on Mingus Mountain~

Enjoyed a Pugslife visit from Aronda and Ron Thompson while we were camping up on Mingus Mountain.  The monsoons were in full swing a couple of weeks ago, so we retreated to the awning when the rains came.  Thankfully we did get to enjoy a yummy barbeque and s'mores! …


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~Pillow Pug~

What is it with pugs and pillows?  Daisy Doo is quite smitten with them.  She likes to bury down under them and rest her little chin.  Couldn't resist taking a picture!  :0)

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~Just Relaxing in the Cool Pines at Kaibab Lake~

We just had to get away.  The daily radiation treatments are wearing me down, so we packed up the puggies and Bentley the cat and took the trailer north to Kaibab Lake in Williams, AZ.  It was so nice in the shade of the pines and we had a view of the lake.  Really relaxed and rejuvenated us all!  It was chilly at night and the only hot time was about 2-4 in the afternoon,…


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~Arizona Centennial Quilt Testers~

The puggies approve of my dad's birthday quilt. I used the Arizona Centennial fabric, it was a dream to piece. Making one for my father-in-law's birthday too, but he doesn't like the puggies. Shhhhh! Don't let him know there'll be puggy bums on his quilt, too! These girls are the official quilt testers! Daisy…


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~Daisy Doo with the Easter Quilt~

I'm a little late on posting this, but this is the Easter quilt.  Daisy was the only one awake and I didn't have the heart to wake up the seniors for a modeling session, so Daisy got the solo job!  She loves to hold one of her babies and pose for the camera, what a little…


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~I am NOT getting into that Pee Pee bed!~

I am NOT getting into that Pee Pee bed!

Sassy had her bladder stone surgery on Thursday and Daisy missed her so much.  As we were told by the vet, Sassy would "leak" a little until her bladder healed.  Well, poor Daisy just hates the smell of other puggies' pee.  There was a minute amount in the bed and she would not get into it,…


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~My Quilting Crew~

Well, my quilting crew was on their nap break!  Jeff was off to two seminars at the Rally, so the puggies and Bentley joined me for a quilting day.  I was able to finish one quilt top for a charity group I enjoy, called Community Quilts and I also worked on two quilt blocks for my daughter's new quilt.  We had a nice relaxing day, then later that day, off to the…


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~Polly Anna's Cone of Shame!~


Poor Polly Anna, she had surgery for eye entropion (inversion of lids).  She had both lower lids lowered as the eyelashes and lids were rubbing on her eyes making them teary and raw.  After years of not dealing with it, she may have had to deal with early blindness, so she decided on the surgery at the ripe old age of 1 1/2.  Emmy Lou (fawn) is her home health care nurse and works tirelessly trying to remove Polly's cone of shame!  Together these two puppies are a…


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We're the "Camp Fire Girls!" :0)

We just got back from Page Springs on Oak Creek near Sedona.  Lovely area, so close to the creek, we could hear its relaxing sounds in the RV.  A little chilly at night, but nothing a roaring camp fire can't warm up!  Buffy, our little "Buggy Puggy", is really getting into the swing of RVing.  Sassy and Daisy are old pros.  We were lucky to get a site with electric and I took my travel sewing machine.  Worked on a pug quilt for APARN's Pugstock silent auction during a cloudy day; felt like…


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Buffy Really Has Added to Our Family :0)

I took this picture of Buffy sleeping in her new bed.  She's all cuddled up, so peacefully, and with her little tongue out.  When I look at her, I just can't think why her owner would give her up after more than 12 years of loving her, but then I think I'd never know Buffy if she hadn't. So, today, I'm a little softer on the humans who love their pugs enough to surrender them…


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~Daisy Doo Wasn't Getting Enough Attention From Me, So...................~

The girls and I were out in the quilt studio and each one has her favorite place. Buffy beside the furnace, Sassy in a sunbeam, and Daisy Doo cuddled in her favorite recliner. I was concentrating on a challenging applique pattern and wasn't giving Daisy Doo what she believed was enough attention. When I finished the design, I looked up and there was Daisy, nice as you…


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~Poem for a Senior Pug~

Joan, the lady who gives me my home check assignments for APARN (Arizona Pug Adoption & Rescue Network), posted this poem on our member list.  Tears just streamed down my face because I was thinking of our dear Buffy and how happy she and we are since she joined our family.  I wish I knew who wrote the poem so I could give him/her credit.  I copied and pasted the post as Joan sent it.  Enjoy!


Good Morning Pug Lovers,

Since we've had some seniors adopted recently I…


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Want some help, Jeff?

No matter where the pugs are, or what they're doing...even sleeping, they know when someone is in the kitchen making a snack. Jeff was cutting up beef log for Christmas Eve snacks and the little ladies of the house were there to offer their help! Jeff swears this is the only time they pay attention to him.…


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~Buffy Boo Is Back To Her Modelling Job!~

Best Update Yet: Buffy Boo, after more than a week long battle with a herniated disk, is back to her modelling career. She credits her rapid recovery to the prayers and support of her Pugslife friends and the excellent care of Dr. Baxter & nurses at Mi High Animal Hospital. Now she is ready to resume her modelling job accentuating the new line of Christmas quilts…


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Please Pray for Buffy! :0(

My darling 12 year old newly adopted rescue, Buffy, had a fall off the bed and now has a severe herniated disc.  She has never attempted to jump, and was in bed with me because she was my little nurse as I was sick.  I think Sassy and Daisy heard something and jumped off, or perhaps she was bumped off.  No matter the reason, poor Buffy is in terrible pain.  She's on Prednisone and pain killers.  We can't get her to eat or drink.  I'm so sick about this.  Finally she has a home that loves her…


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~Buffy was adopted....and I'm NOT crying!~

That's right! I'm not sad because WE adopted her! This foster mom gig just drove me crazy. Jeff and I found ourselves "aging" her at adoption events and telling prospective adoptive parents she was 13 going on 14, TOTALLY blind, and TOTALLY deaf! (She's 12, very low vision, and hard of hearing, but gets around just fine!) So, we decided since she fit into our family… Continue

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