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Urgent Prayer Request For 3 of My Babies!!

I have an urgent prayer request.  Bonnie, Louie and Ginger all got bit this morning by a copperhead snake.  I had put all 6 out in the pen for morning potty break.  When I let them in a little bit later I noticed Louie was holding up one of his front paws and wouldn't put weight on it.  He wouldn't eat his breakfast either.  I thought maybe he stepped on something.  I had to leave for an appointment and was going to check on him when I got…


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Puga's Plight

Well we have had quite a weekend here at the Baker home.  Last night as we were all heading to bed.  James was in the process of putting the Pugstonians up on the bed one by one as he does every night.  He must have been very tired because he and I both know Puga goes up last if the others, others being mainly the girls are in the room.  Thus why I am typing this in pink...lol  The reason being that the…


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Strange growth on Pixie's face

I am very concerned about a growth on Pixie's face.  Several months ago a small spot appeared on her upper lip.  It looked like she just lost the pigment in her skin there.  Since she is a black it was just a white spot.  It didn't change until right before we left for…


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My Boston Bonnie is one very lucky girl.  The other day someone in our family who will remain nameless left Bonnie and Clyde in the dog pen and did not check that the gate was secure.  We left to go get some dinner and on the way home my husbands phone rang.  I listened to his end of the conversation and he says "Oh NO!"  I could tell from his tone that something awful had happened.  He proceeds to tell…


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Our daddy was a very bad man this morning.  Let me just tell you all what he did.

Early this morning little Ginger decided it was time to get up long before her mommy was ready to greet the day.  So as is our policy here on such mornings all dog dogs that wish to arise before mommy get to spend some quality time out side in the fenced…


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The Tale of Pugfest 2012

Well another Pugfest has come and gone.  I have now been to three over the years and have learned a few things.  # 1 take no more than 2 pugs.  Even if you have one pug per person ONLY take 2.  # 2  DO NOT TAKE GINGER!!!  This one I obviously learned this year.  I took her instead of Pixie as she is a better car rider.  What I did not know was how she would act once we got there.  Lets just say I…


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Bosco the foster update

I heard from my SEPRA co-ordinator lady Tori about Bosco yesterday.  She said that the vet he is now going to discovered a growth in his urethra and they belive it is cancerious.  That is why he was having the blood in his urine.  He will under go some sort of threatment to see if it goes away or shrinks which will tell if it is cancer.  The vet said it is inoperable.  The good news is that they did an…


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I've got a rescue mission!

I've gotten a call from SEPRA and there is an older male pug in a kill shelter near me.  He will not be ready till tomorrow for pick up.  I will go get him and keep him for a few days till a foster can be found.  They have also heard about a 2 year old male that may need rescueing from a home where someone has him and is renting the home and the landlord found out and pets are not allowed.  Landlord is having a fit for him to be gone.  I will keep ya'll informed.  I really do not need to…


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The Great NW Pug Meet Up!

Well Pug People the Great NW Pug Meet Up has come and gone.  Still can't believe it went to quickly.  But all good things must come to an end :(  Thought I would give everyone an account from my end of the journey.

I left out on Tuesday the 10th of April and flew to Phoenix.  Four and 1/2 hours to get out there.  Had an hour layover and had to change flights then on to Portland 2 1/2 hours.  All went smoothly and I passed the time with 3 people magazines...lol  The LaQuinta that I…


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The real age of your pet.



I found this very interesting and thought many of you would too.…


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Pixie Pitches A Tantrum!

Miss Pixie thang had the biggest tantrum last night.  As most of you know she is a water hound and loves to take showers.  Well last night Puga had a sneezing fit and just couldn't stop.  Her daddy decided to give her a shower and wash off whatever she might have gotten into that was making her sneeze.  Pixie was not invited.  Well this went over like a turd in a punch bowl...forgive my crudeness...lol  She stood outside the shower door barking and then growling like a very mad…


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Pug that ate & pooped 100 rocks!!!


Everyone must read this amazing story about Harley the Pug who ate and pooped 100 rocks!  He is ok btw. 

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Stupid is as Stupid does.

Ok Pug friends I take the cake for stupid today.  I decided that since it had been a tad cooler this morning that I would take the pugs to the dog park.  They were bored, I was bored, we all needed a little outing.  Well by the time we head out it is 2:00 and warming rapidly.  But me thinks it will be ok, just a short trip and they have water fountains at the park and it's shady.  I'll just tire them out and give them a change of…


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Meet Atty the new foster pug

Newest Foster Atty pug.

Went and picked up our new foster a 5yr old black female named Atty.  Don't know much about her other than she was pulled from a pound near us.  She was a stray and looks like she could have had puppies before.  Oh and she is huge...lol  About 28 lbs and a lot of grey.  Not absolutely sure she is full pug.  See what ya'll think.  So far, it's only been…


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Pug Rescue Calendar Contest

Hello Pug Friends,

I recently entered some photos of Puga, Pixie & Louie in SEPRA (South Eastern Pug Rescue Adoption) calendar contest.  To my elation…


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Mission of Mercy

Got a call today from the rescue group I work with that they were helping a group out of Maryland get a Pekinese from a shelter near me.  They needed someone close by who could get this litle guy.  He only had till 4:00 today until they were going to put him down.  Healthy 5 year old Pekinese they had found roaming the streets.  I was to pick him up and keep him until tomorrow when I will go meet a lady in South Carolina who will…


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Pet Notice

The following was found posted very low on a refrigerator door.

Dear Dogs and Cats:

The dishes on the floor with the paw prints are yours and contain your food. The other dishes are mine and contain my food. Placing a paw print in the middle of my plate does not mean that is is suddenly your food, nor do I find that aesthetically pleasing in… Continue

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