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Saw Shini's life flash before our very eyes this a.m.

Talk about heart failure!! We got up this morning, fixed coffee & usually Shini is at our feet wanting her breakfast, but not this morning. We didn't think too much about it as there have been a few times she has done this before and other than not eating, she was acting just fine. So we get our coffee & sit down and about maybe 5 minutes into us drinking our coffee, Shini gets up & walks across the room & acts like she is going to vomit, so Mike picks her up off the carpet…


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Need help in choosing a good grain free dogfood.

Does anyone know the best grain free food for pugs? 

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One Bedroom Puppy Apartment.

Mike & I had someone ask us about the "One Bedroom Puppy Apartment" that we got for Shini when we got her @ just 4 months old. So we thought we would share it out here for all of you's (especially ones with new pups). 



NOTE: What Mike & I did was went to Tractor Supply store & bought the same cage which comes with a divider & Mike cut out a…


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A little mishap with Cletus (Toko) today.

Got a text from my sister today & she went to take her hormone pill & it dropped out of her hand and rolled across the floor & before she could get to it, Cletus scarfed it up & swallowed it. LOL All is well, we are now watching for alot of happy signs. LOL Also Shini yesterday in her run from Buddy, somehow has hurt her paw. She is babying it a little bit, but as the day went on, she is acting like it is better. We can find no damage anywhere,…


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Update on Toko

Well sis says that Toko is doing fantastic! However my sister has renamed him Cletus! LOL long story, but she had a few names picked out & he would answer to none of them, so out of left field she called him Cletus & he came running, so it stuck. She calls or texts everytime he does something cute. Also beings in the country, she has been taking him outside with no leash, only his collar or harness & she said he has stayed right beside…


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The Clashes Of Tarn

Just want to let everyone know that we have taken Mike's book down off Amazon.com & it has been re-edited (Thank you Wee Woman a bunch) & is now on Smashwords.com. 

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The Little Black Pug Monster.

Since Toko has come, each day Shini has been getting more & more jealous of him. Alot has gone on here in this matter & Shini just will NOT share her things with Toko. So this a.m. Shini goes into her big crate and closes the door behind her so Toko can't come in & then she lays down & takes a peaceful nap! She is just way to smart! She already can hook or unhook the latch with her teeth. We are waiting for the next move from her to be where she locks  him in the cage herself…


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"The Clashes Of Tarn"

This is a short teaser from chapter two of our novel: "The Clashes Of Tarn" Complete 1st chapter @Amazon.com. Look inside before you buy for $2.99 

A gunshot echoed in the distance behind them interrupting the conversation. The Kreedons quickly gathered at the base of the cavern walls and began to climb the sheer rock. Tan stood…

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Update on our pugs.

Well the update is that we have renamed Takota (hopefully for the last time here lol) to "Toko" So, with that being said......Toko is doing excellent! His hair is looking REALLY good now, his eyes, has no more haze over them and he is still leading the pack on their walks with us & still prancing like a horse LOL. No more fleas or itching coming from him at all. His sores are healing almost to completion, and we can still see his ribs but now there is a fine line of meat over them, so he…


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Well my son from up in Connecticut surprised me yesterday (My 50th birthday) by knocking on my door! I was so surprised, best birthday ever!!! Well he came right in & sat on the big rug in the kitchen (where Takota Tucker loves to sleep) And stared to pet Takota, he sat there forever & got up & came into living room & he started asking me questions about Takota. Remember this is the son who has a pug & is pug NUTS! We were sitting here talking & all of a sudden my son…


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Lord help us!!!! A third pug!!!

Lord help us we've been PUGGED! We just got an email from a lady wanting us to take another rescue black pug into our home & keep her! LOL We sent her an email back w/some questions and  awaiting her reply. LOL Gosh, we have decided we are Pug Addicts!! But wow it's so fun!!!! 

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I finally have a new name :) Come in & read what it is.

Hello, everyone, thank you for your sweet words. Well all is well here in the Compton house. We have FINALLY picked out a name for the "Dog" he will hereby be called "Takota" which means........."Friend of everyone". The pugs are both becoming QUITE fond of each other. We only had one very very small face off today & that was over Takota wanting the bed Shini was in & so he just went & plopped down on top of her in the bed and Shini got up & did this really quiet bark thing…


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Mike is now on his way to Wal-Mart to get a flea comb. LOL

Ran the water for new pug to give him the flea bath & noticed Shini scratching, so they both got baths & treats afterwords of course. LOL Shini runs straight for the treat bucket after her bath, sure it won't take ;long for new pug to figure that out as he in both his baths got treats afterwords. Also he is an angel in bathtime. Just stood there & took it like a man!! LOL Who ever would of thunk it that we have two babies that love a bath. That is a blessing for sure. Mike said…


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Our Chubby girl Shini.

Hello all! It has been awhile since we have posted about Shini, so here we are.....................Ever since we had Shini spayed like around 2 months ago she has put on the weight!!! She is still tiny but hefty, hefty, hefty! LOL!!! She is like a butterball! We have put all her treats on the shelf at this time, the only treats she is getting is veggies & fruit, she doesn't seem to mind though. Her chubbyness is adorable to say the least, but we are afraid she will…


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Welcome to all newcomers. I was starting out gonna go through all of the newcomers, and it has been so many since the last couple weeks since we have been in here, so I thought I'd just give a big HE…

Welcome to all newcomers. I was starting out gonna go through all of the newcomers, and it has been so many since the last couple weeks since we have been in here, so I thought I'd just give a big HELLO to all the newcomers here. My leg is healing soooooooooooooo nicely, got a GREAT report from doc the other day and exrays are looking NORMAL for once in two years. We have been busy setting up the gazebo, getting read to put out our garden & some flowers about the yard, pulling weeds…


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My oldest son was gonna come in from CT in May & we just got word about 30 mins. ago that they might be coming now as soon as the middle of this month, due to to my daughter-in-laws very sick uncle here. Please keep him in your prayers as he is not doing well at all. But we are very excited to see the children (this mom is on cloud nine here!!! LOL) and seeing our grandpug Odie, as they will be bringing him w/them & grandma & grandpa get to babysit. We are so excited!! He's such…


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Shini's surgery went fantastic!

She had surgery around 11:00 a.m. & we just called & they said she did great, and that she is still groggy but that she is looking at them wagging her tail lol. They said they had to go ahead & do the lazer surgery on her because she is STILL in heat! This is going on two & 1/2 months now. So we are glad w/the choice we made now to go ahead & get it done, for health reasons for Shini. We get to go pic her up in a  bit. Also I went to the surgeon today & my leg looks…


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Shini's surgery.

Mike is on his way to take Shini to vet to be spayed today. We are a bit apprehensive, as we hope we have made the right decission. A part of us would love to see a pup produced by her, but yet when she was heat so long this first heat  cycle, the vet suggest she go ahead and be spayed. So here we are this day and both Mike & I are so scared for her. Can anyone tell us how much pain she will be in afterwards or how your dogs fared after their surgery?  And should we cut back on her…


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Hello, want to thank again everyone for your prayers thoughts & concerns, they are forever deeply appreciated! You all are the best! I have been online some, but just can't sit up for long periods of time & when I am sitting up I have been in pain. I hate taking any kinds of meds. & went off pain pills two days after surgery as I have heard too many horror stories about them, so it has been a bit of a rough time trying to ignore the pain. But I am better, each & everyday I…


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Home from hospital.

I first want to thank you all for your prayer, thoughts, kind words & support. I ended up having to stay in hospital as surgery took much longer than expected. I am in a great deal of pain, but wanted to update you all. And have checked in on Shini at the vets & they told us while ago that they have all been talking about how smart she is...................apparently they came in next day topen the clinic & found Miss Shini out of her cage. So this happened several times during…


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