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Our Christmas

Well Christmas is over and we are heading for a new year. We did Christmas in the heart this year. With Greg just getting back to work on the 18th we havent' had a full paycheck from him. The bouns I got from work as well as Gregs advance vaction pay helped getting a lot of bills paid and put plunty of food in the house. We may not have been able to give gifts but we have each other and a roof over our heads, so we are thankful for that. I went to Christmas eve services then came home… Continue

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Here's a pug cake we made for a cub scout cake auction. Please see in my album as I don't know how to post in the blog.


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Common Pug House Training Problems - Part 2

This is part 2 of our article on common Pug house training problems. See part 1 here.

Today we're going to address scent marking - where a Pug “marks” his or her territory with urine.…


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Use Your Pug's Energy for Beneficial Causes

Keep your Pug Busy

Pugs love to be the center of attention, but keep in mind that they always find new ways to do this because they get bored easily. So, their energy may also turn out to be destructive. In order to avoid that, you should prepare for your pug a wide range of activities that will help him stay fit and also use his energy for the best.

Step One

If you haven’t heard about agility training so far, than it’s high time you went for it. Although pugs… Continue

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The Puggy Night Before Christmas

It was the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was snoring

except for the pugs

The stockings were hung from the mantle with care



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Pug Anal Glands

Excerpt from Ask the Vet by Dr. Shawn Ashley in Pug Talk Magazine (Sept/Oct/92)

The true function of anal glands in the 21st century house dog and cat is not well known. Scent marking and territorial boundary setting has been the most acceptable theory.

The anal glands are paired sacs located at four and eight o'clock positions around the rectum. They are comprised of sebaceous oil glands that secrete a serous odoriferous brown discharge.

The discharge is… Continue

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Please vote for our pics! We want to be in the calendar!!!!

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The Pug's Holiday Pledge

Excerpt from Better Homes and Gardens Special Christmas Issue Magazine

1. Christmas is for humans, and I will not ruin the surprises by opening all their presents.

2. Christmas light bulbs, ornaments, stockings, and tinsel from the christmas tree are not food.

3. I will not demolish the Christmas tree and drag the string of lights to the backyard through the doggy door.


5. I will… Continue

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Meet PugSpeak's December Pug of the Month

Meet Ruxby from San Anonio, TX:

Ruxby came into our lives in March of 2007.

The past 9 months with him in our family has truly been a blessing. Before Ruxby, we really didn't know much about Pugs. Now just the word PUG makes us happy. We will forever be crazy about PUGS!

Ruxby's favorite things are: His Teddy Bear, Pig Ears,…


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Teacup Pugs - Myths and Real Facts

Teacup Pugs – Marketing Term

Criticism and disapproval of the term "Teacup Pugs" are quite strong. Owners of Toy Dogs argue that pugs should be referred to by their correct Group name. The phrase Teacup Pugs is seen as just a witty and cute marketing term. There is probably some truth in this and potential owners of Teacup pugs should be very clear about the pros and cons of buying one.

Pug - Teacup Dogs and Puppies - An Unofficial Term

The term 'Pug Teacup' is… Continue

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The Right Shot

Pugs are known as being one of the most incredible looking breeds of dogs on the planet and it is no wonder why people are so captivated by their appearance. Pug’s features simply ask for pictures to capture his moods and appearances, thus a new hobby springs to life: pug photography. How many of you pug owners didn’t grab the camera so many times when your pug did something cute, funny, hilarious, amazing etc?

This article covers the 3 most important aspects of taking pug pictures,… Continue

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Dog Shows and Competitions

Here are a couple of rules to follow before entering a dog show competition

* Your dog needs to be of a minimum age to be eligible to compete in competitions. Refer to the regulation booklet as this varies depending on the discipline.

* No bitches may be mated within the precincts of a show or competition.

* You should not allow your dog to foul anywhere other than the allotted 'exercise areas' and always clean up after your dog.

* Always leave show… Continue

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Pug Gift Shopping at PugSpeak!

There's only 14 shopping days until Christmas and PugSpeak (your one-stop-shop for pug gift shopping) plans to ship out orders until the last wave of the conductor's hand. You'll find a wide array of pug gifts including pug cards and calendars, pug handbags (including this beautiful pug art purse), pug wallets, pug earrings, bracelets, and watches, pug ornaments, pug mugs, pug keychains,…


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Hip Dysplasia

The hip joint is a ball and socket connection. If the joint is malformed the head of the femur will not properly align with the cup of the hip socket. This misalignment can vary from mild to severe. In mild cases, with proper diet and exercise the animal can lead a full and dynamic life. In more severe cases surgical correction or euthanasia are the only options. The most common indications of hip dysplasia, in small dogs, are when the dog gets older. Normally with this late-life onset surgical… Continue

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Pug Dog Club of America - Code of Ethics

Although established for the members of Pug Dog Club of America, this Code of Ethics should be regarded as contribute to pug's welfare and should be taken into consideration by any pug owner.

Code of Ethics

Revised March 18, 2006


This Code of Ethics is established for the members of the Pug Dog Club of America to promote ideals and principles necessary to maintain and protect the Pug breed. Members who violate this code will be dealt with in… Continue

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Hello! What a great site. I hope you have all been watching some of my videos as I continue to learn more and more video techniques. I hope to create some good ones in the future including our own Syracuse Meetup pugs that I LOVE filming.

Please rate and comment. All are my originals and I would LOVE requests and ideas. Also, anyone interested in doing a compilation video--please message me.

Hope to meet some new pug friends and please drop by the page and say… Continue

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Human Allergies to Pugs and Dogs in General

While we spend a lot of time discussing pets' allergies, we often forget to mention peoples' allergies to pets. There are thousands of people who suffer from allergies to animals. Some of the most heartbreaking cases we see are people who dearly love a dog or cat and then develop a severe allergy to her and must decide between keeping her and suffering daily, or placing the dog in a new home. Fortunately, there are several options for pet owners that have allergies to…


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Pug Grooming

Pug grooming includes not only brushing and bathing your puppy or dog but continues with his nails, ears and teeth. If these are not taken care of, there is a potential for health problems.

Think of these pug grooming points as preventive health care and a way to keep the vet bills down.

A pug's nails must be trimmed every so often. Depending upon the surfaces you dog walks on, you may find you need to trim every three to four weeks or even more often. You… Continue

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Vet Bills Assistance

Having a pug can prove quite expensive, due to the many health problems which can occur anytime. Therefore, a vet bills assistance tips article should help you with the issue.

If, despite your planning, your pet incurs major veterinary expenses that you have trouble affording, consider these suggestions:

Ask your veterinarian if he or she will let you work out a payment plan. Many veterinarians are willing to work out a weekly or… Continue

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The Bronxville Pug Walk (what were all about)

Hi everyone: you can always go to our site to read the full story, but in a nutshell: we saw many pugs in our geographic area and thought why not start a group to socialize these little fur-babies. So in 2003 we started our group. We have grown to 70 or so members. We meet every Sunday (weather permitting). Our site is filled with photos from pug walks past. Please feel free to view. It's a great way to meet some wonderful pug parents, as we have become great friends with socially. We… Continue

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