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Hi all of my Puggy family friends:)

Petunia is helping me type tonight. She is sleeping on my lap.Jewl amd Munchkin are laying next to me on a big thick comforter relaxing and making thier soft little puggy snuffle sounds. I know I don't need to explain what snuffles sounds are.All pugy parents know exacly what that is. We don't need aroma therapy,music or any of that to relax,We have the soft snuffles of our children:).

  I live on a horse farm with my husband,seven Puggys,horses and mini donkeys.

 I have a…


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Halloween & Pug-A-Palooza 2011

Had a blast at APARN's Pug-A-Palooza yesterday. A potential home I did a check on Saturday went home with a darling rescue pug. Makes you feel good! My girls weren't too fond of their costumes, LOL, what pug is? All and all it was a fun pug party and our rescue raised over $7,000.00. Now that's something to be happy about!… Continue

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A big Pugs and Kisses to all of the wonderful Pugs and their moms/dads for the warm welcome to my Puggys and me:)


   I just wanted to say thank you soooo very much for the warm welcome from you all:) Also the comments regarding my photos and video,I love it and my little dollies say thank you too:)

   I am so glad I found this group. Lots of great Puggy stuff and warm friendly pug loving people too!…


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Scary story to share

As halloween approches, I would like to tell you about the scary monster that lives in my house.  It gets into all kinds of stuff when we are not around, we come home to find this where they should not be.  I wondered several times what was going on, and I would as who put that here or there, and no one knew.  I think Linus has seen the scary monster more than once or twice as the look in his eyes says he has seen something or other.  I have learned to just go along with the disruption that…


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Thank You All

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are doing OK.  I am not sure if Linus and Lizzy really know what has happened.  They were very quiet Monday evening, and yesterday, but today they seem to be back to being themselves.  Henry trying to make a joke said they are probably afraid the mean lady will put them in the car and take them away so they cannot come back.  I did laugh, and say yes that could be what they are thinking.  I did see Linus look for Lily once, but that was at meal time,…


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white spot on nose

    My Sweetie has a little white spot on the top of her nose about the size of a small rain drop. It's flat and a pale white.  I clean her nose every day and I noticed it about two weeks ago. It does not seem to bother her. She is a fawn pug. Anyone ever have that on their dog?

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Just something cute.

On the first day god created the pug.On the second day god created man to serve the pug.On the third day god created all the animals that could potentialy be food for the pug.On the fourth day god created work so that man could labor in order to care for the pug.On the fifth day god created the ball so that the pug might or might not retrieve it.On the sixth day god created the veternarian so that the pug would be healthy and man would be broke.On the seventh day god was going to rest ,but… Continue

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To my dear friends and pug family

I had not wanted to write this post this soon, but I felt the need to let you all know that I am calling the vet tomorrow and making my that last visit with Lily.  It has been such a hard choice to make, but I now know that it is time.  There have been so many changes in her in the last several days that we have come to realize that there is not much left for us to try.  I have tried so many different things to help her as you all know, but I see it in her face, she wants me to stop.  The…


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So Bella has never been a jealous pug. She's usually great with other dogs, except for the barking. After getting attacked by a Boston Terrier and Yorkie, she hasn't let any dogs push her around. Even so, all it takes is a meet and greet and Bella is fine, but the barking keeps people and their doggies away.

A few evenings ago, Bella and I went to visit our friends. They have a big black dog named Lucy, who Bella used to be best of buddies with. They'd protect each other at the dog…


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Doggie Diaper

Well I did it I went out and got a washable diaper today for Lily, I think I will get another one as this one might be just a little small, but I am afraid the next one will be to big.  Her back end is so thin, but the rest of her is really solid.  She does look cute in it, at least I think she does.  She really does not need to wear it all the time, but she has had a couple of pee accidents in the house as of late, so I think this is a good idea.  I will take a couple of pictures when I get…


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Chloe Photos

It's always interesting to see which photo out of a group gets the biggest response. So many of you seem to like "current" Chloe (I won't say "old") to "puppy" Chloe. Interesting...

I have some Chloe with Pumpkin photos that I will share soon. Perhaps unfortunately, those are older photos but they are season appropriate. We are also working on some "Saftey Pug" photo. That's all I'll say; it's a surprise. :D

I have a bit of work to do this next few days so I may not get back…


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Royal Canine Weight n Stone vs other bladder stone brands

Hi everyone

I was in WA visiting my parents and Vala V got sick a few months ago she was diagnosed with bladded stones and had to have surgery and spent over a week at the vets. She was placed on a special diet Royal Canine Weight n Stone. Cheto is on Wellness Senior and I went to pick up his food Sat. The owner of the store was asking why I had not ordered Vala's Wellness so I explained what had happened etc. She stated that Royal Canine is not a good food etc. So my question to…


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Pug-A-Palooza Quilt for the Silent Auction (Puggies NOT Included!) :0)

This is Buffy's first assignment as an official quilt tester. Sassy Sue & Daisy Doo had quite the time teaching her to look approvingly, yet stay objective. This was accomplished with great difficulty considering Buffy is blind and deaf, but she did agree it would bring in some money for APARN (Arizona Pug Adoption & Rescue Network). It will be in the silent… Continue

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Pug of vengeance?

Staying up a bit late when I should be asleep and looking forward to a weekend in Dallas for the Texas State Fair. Bella is curled up beside me, as usual, with her bottom on one of her toys. I don't understand what is it about dogs and jumping on the nearest comfy thing? Towel dropped on the ground=pug bed. Bath mat=pug bed. Scarf = pug bed. Fuzzy Bone= pug bed. 

It's a strange thing trying to figure out what goes on in those pug brains. My mom says Bella has me wrapped around her…


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backwards sneezing

Calla has been having alot of backwards sneezing lately and she has had some foaming at the mouth she is eating playing and pooping just fine has anyone else had the problem with this?

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What's In a Name?

People ask us how we came to name our dogs. Here's a tiny bit o' history.


Alexis: our first pug was not named by us. My son's girlfriend named her. When My son moved out, he left us Alexis, which was a good trade. She's my baby and really daddy's little girl. I used to think it was a stupid name for a dog, but I changed my mind when her personality grew to fit her moniker.


Max: sounds straightforward, doesn't it? Well, his…


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Arizona Pug Lovers Met at Prescott's Dogtoberfest 2011

What a great time meeting the real people behind Pugslife's group, Arizona Pug Lovers.  We met at the Yavapai County Courthouse Square for their annual Dogtoberfest.  By far, pugs were the most seen breed.  It was so much fun to actually meet in person the friends we have on the Internet.  That's foster pug, Buffy, in the stroller and my Daisy and Sassy in the background.  I'm… Continue

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