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What???? No puggy models?????

I just finished this wall hanging for the principal of Coyote Springs Elementary School, from which I recently retired.  It lacks the most important aspect...a little puggy hair!  Darn those allergies; the girls are very disappointed they can't model on this one.  Daisy Doo and Sassy Sue swear they can take that coyote! … Continue

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Lizzy and her hair/skin

We all know that pugs shed, but I have a question regarding Lizzy's hair and skin.  She seems to shed much more than Linus and Lily, and she seems to have what are either hives or pimples on her skin, not just her face, all over her body.  They are more severe at time, but they do not seem to bother her at all.  She does scratch once in a while, but not as though the skin rash was bothering her.  Now the hair is so bad that when she rubs past you she leaves hair on you skin.

It just…


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Saving this site

I know that The Wee Woman posted a blog on this very same subject just today, but I would like to ask that everyone on here think about everything they have gone through since they first came on this site.  I have been a part of this site for almost two years now, and I have learned so much more about this wonderful breed then I knew before coming on here.  I am a dog lover, and I do know a fair amount about dogs, but this site has taught me so much more about the breed.  Also the friends I…


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This is the story of The Mo Man, who is now Uncle Mo.

   It was the beginning of a new day at the Pugmans house much as any other would be.  The alarm jolted me awake at 6 AM, Malia curled up into a little ball and snuggled in next to me as close as could be.  All the other family members just on the other side of the bedroom door cuddled into their own little ball awaiting Malia's and my re-emergence from the the room of…


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Ungrateful Puggy...but she's my ungrateful puggy

Every time I go to a pug rescue website and look at the pictures of the dogs that are looking for forever homes, I can't help but think of when I first met Bella. We adopted Bella from another family, but she was in poor shape. She was very overweight, her collar was so tight around her neck that it left an impression on her fur that took weeks to get out. She'd "grunt" when she breathed, a bit of the typical pug snort but exaggerated because of the tightness of her collar, and boy did she…


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Wordless Wednesday

Look at this precious boy... http://pursnsnorts.blogspot.com/2011/07/wordless-wednesday_27.html

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Tuesday Review: Big Bugs

You can't squish these guys...


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Now without my toy!

 Just got back from a trip to Dallas for the weekend and I have some good, and not so good news.  I think I am getting the hang of driving. I felt so confident that I drove to visit my father and left Bella home at my mother's house. While I was leaving I bid a "see you in a little while" to my pug and left. Some time after that, my grandmother and aunt went to my mom's while I was gone, and you wouldn't believe what they told me happened. 


Bella tried to escape! According to…


Added by Desiree Rios on July 24, 2011 at 6:41pm — 3 Comments

The Importance Of Microchipping

I thought I would share this although perhaps most of you have your pugs microchipped.  It's the only to really prove that you are the owner and someone else can't swipe your pug. Recently a lady in my city lost her pug and someone picked it up (witnessed by some other apartment dwellers).  The pug escaped from those people and was picked up by the animal shelter who called her (she had properly registered the dog everywhere as lost).  While she was on her way to pick up the pug would you…


Added by Karen Pug Mommy on July 24, 2011 at 6:57am — 12 Comments

New look, contest

At last the Purs n' Snorts blog has it's very own unique look thanks to the wonderful talents of the Zoolatry human. I am so excited about this venture. I think it looks wonderful, no bias here :) I like it's simple clean layout and the beautiful beautiful header. The colors make me think of fall, the best season ever and when it's purrrfect pug weather.

To celebrate this special occasion we're offering up a chance to win a $10 gift…


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1800 Pet Meds

I just entered Lily in the Pet Meds contest.  The contest is for a TV commersial, do you think Lily could be the next big super model  LOL

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Pug(s) + Herbie Hancock = Ha!

Being that your on the internet if your reading this, pull up Herbie Hancock's "Watermelon Man" song. Turn up the volume to an acceptable level and make sure your four-legged, flat-faced, head-tilting puggeroo(s) are in range. Sure made me chuckle good.



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A warning from a stranger

We just got back from our walk, Bella is barking at a passing motorcycle as I type this. She's had her dinner and the sun has clocked out. 


Now, on our walk, Bella is no angel, which I have stressed time and again. I find myself embarrassed, never wanting to seem like a bad dog owner. Then today, Bella froze at a corner, waiting for me to give in and follow her across the street along the way she wanted to go. I stood firm and glanced up at a woman who had a worried look on…


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A Very Sad Day :( Today we lost a very dear friend

Today, our very dear friend, GENA AUSTIN, lost her 5 year battle with cancer.  Gena was a very special lady.  She was the president to our local pug rescue PROS.  She helped so many in so many ways, her passing will touch so many hearts.  Maybe you knew her too?

Please stop for a moment tonight and say a little prayer for our dear friend.

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Pug Keepsake Hallmark Ornament 2011 Review

Visit for pictures!

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The BEST nutrient formula for Pugs and all Dogs

I have three wonderful dogs - 2 Pugs. My Pugs are both 6 1/2 years old and they are so healthy and strong. They never get sick...we feed them human food consisting of veggies, rice, chicken and other meats here and there. One of my Pugs even likes Mango!


The key to their Health is this Nutrient formula designed especially for precious pooches in mind. We buy 4 containers for around $70 and that keeps all 3 of our dogs nutritionally optimized for a full year plus at twice a…


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Car Ride

We are trying to get Lizzy and Linus use to the car so we can take them places with us, so yesterday and today we took them for a ride.  Yesterday Linus cried most of the way like a big baby, with Lizzy chiming in on occasion.  Lily the pro was the best one of course, and she use to cry when we started out any of our trips.  Hubby kept saying see I told you this was not going to work, and my answer to him was just turn him off, and give him a chance.  The more we get him in the car, the more…


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 Things have been going well this summer. Time has flown by and I can't believe we're about to move into our apartment in less than two weeks. It feels like just yesterday we were moving our stuff into this house and getting to know everybody. Already I'm planning to pack our bags.

Yesterday was our last house meeting and when a concern that had something to do with me came up, I chimed in. I was speaking to someone about something that was bothering me, and as the conversation…


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Pug Spell

We adopted our one eyed black pug after his breeder struggled to find him an appropriate home. We had been searching for a black pug puppy for a while but were a little hesitant when the breeder rang and asked if we would consider adopting her little disabled hero. My husband however, 2 hours later told me to give her a call and go have a look. Upon entering her backyard, I noticed this shy little black pup hiding behind his mum..... she however trotted over and gingerly sniffed me all over.…


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