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Cletis getting under control

as some of you know Cletis was starting to get out of control.   i got him when he was three months old and "petted" him too much. i felt bad because he had left his mom and dad in the only home he had ever known.  that was my first mistake!  the second was not to walk him on a leash right away. 

i have started doing the the "pack leader" thing and he is really improving.  i enter the house first, i make him sit before removing his tie out rope etc.  i also started doing the knee…


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Trying out this Blog thing......puggybear with me!

did i do it???huh, huh

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Jealous Pug Sisters

Oh boy, so the jealousy has been rough lately. Padrona is so jealous of Pandora at times and they started going at it again today. Well in the process Pandora bit Padrona on the wrist to defend herself and now Padrona has a boo boo. Does anyone else go through this with their bitches? I play with them constantly, let them out to run around, play ball, spend time with them separately and together, etc. Any info you could…


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So I was talking to my mom about getting another dog. You know the saying, mother knows best? Well maybe she does and maybe she doesn't, but she made me laugh this morning when she told me what she thought about me having two puggy babies living under one roof with me.

Like I said in an earlier post, I am thinking about getting a dog. I wanted a fairly athletic dog to work out with, one that would protect the home, a barker. Bella is too nice and too sweet to ever attack anybody or…


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Pug age??



so when we went to the vet a few months ago, the vet asked if I was sure about Bella being 4 years old. He looked at her teeth and said that she could be a bit older. After reading some articles I think, maybe Bella is older. She has missing teeth, tartar build-up that some sites I've been to said indicate she is older. Also, Bella has a little grey around her chin. Can my baby be a bit older than I thought?? 

Added by Desiree Rios on June 28, 2011 at 8:41pm — 4 Comments

Happy to say...

The Girlfriend is enjoying Guinness and all his quirks. She had been a labrador kinda gal until she met my little buddy. She didnt care for little dogs at all. Then comes Guinness, the non-yappy, happy, fun, playful alpha male dog. She likes the Huge Personality little package pup I have. Guinness and I have confirmed we'll be hanging on to this lady for a bit.

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Just an idea right now...

So we're about to leave back to Austin, and I just knew I wasn't going to get through the weekend without Bella giving me a scare. She made friends with what I'm assuming was either a stray dog or dog that got out of his family's fence. I didn't know they were going to be friendly, so of course I was going to be wary of a larger dog trying to sniff at my little puglet. I made the mistake of yelling "BELLA! COME HERE!", which in hindsight seems like such a bad idea, but I was panicking. The…


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Meet Atty the new foster pug

Newest Foster Atty pug.

Went and picked up our new foster a 5yr old black female named Atty.  Don't know much about her other than she was pulled from a pound near us.  She was a stray and looks like she could have had puppies before.  Oh and she is huge...lol  About 28 lbs and a lot of grey.  Not absolutely sure she is full pug.  See what ya'll think.  So far, it's only been…


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Live from party central

It is finally party day and we are just waking up looking forward to our big day.  Mom has lots planned for us today, and we hope all of you can pop in for a little chat and play with us.  Let the party begin-----------------

Added by Di's spoiled kids on June 25, 2011 at 5:08am — 6 Comments

Lizzy's new toy

Lizzy got a new toy this morning, and Linus was not very happy that she got it.  He stalked her until she gave up and let him take it.  Next thing I know the toy no longer has an ear, he pulled it off.  What a mean bad boy.

Added by Di's spoiled kids on June 24, 2011 at 11:58am — 5 Comments

Pug Rescue Calendar Contest

Hello Pug Friends,

I recently entered some photos of Puga, Pixie & Louie in SEPRA (South Eastern Pug Rescue Adoption) calendar contest.  To my elation…


Added by Pug Chick on June 23, 2011 at 6:30pm — 2 Comments

To our baby sister Lizzy

Hapy burfday Lizzy.  We you big sis and brother are really hapy that momy n dady desided to get you for us to play with even if you can be a real pain sometimes.  It is really nice to have you round to be with each and every day. 


Luv you big sis Lily and brother Linus


After reading what Lily and Linus had to say about Lil Lizzy Bit, I would just like to add that she has been a joy to have around.  She is super sweet, but as you all know she can be a real…


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Hungry hungry hip-pug!!



Making Bella's food did not work out so well with our living arrangements. I think making your own dog food for your pug is a great idea, just not one I feel is best for me and my pug at this time. So we made the switch back to kibble.

Well, thinking that Bella would be let down over her change back to dry dog food, I expected her to nearly starve before touching it again. You know what people say, "Don't give them human food or your dog won't want to eat their own…


Added by Desiree Rios on June 20, 2011 at 11:04pm — 3 Comments

What would I do without my pug by my side?

Last night my longterm, live in boyfriend admitted to something he was ashamed of. It lead to us no longer being in a relationship today. I wish I could say I didn't expect it, but I have to admit to myself that it is for the best. Emotionally, I'm not as torn up as I thought I'd be. Aside from having to break a pre-lease and separate our stuff when we go to storage in the fall, all my heartache has been towards where to go from here. I am in my sophomore year of college, and I've been with my… Continue

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Blog 1.

So we got Sabrina friday night. So far she has been fitting in great. She is totally cute,and funny,but shes stuborn as well. She will only potty in one spot,but to get there we must walk from the house,across the street past another house and we end up next to the pool. now living in arizona,this is not fun,for me and especially not for her as it is verry hot outside. lately she has decided she will not go.  her collar is loose on her as not to squeeze her or choke her so when i get too far…


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Read All About It - Franklin the Pug is in the Newspaper :)

Little Franklin was interviewed along with his owner Karen Minton.  Here is the link to his article


Thank you to those who have "chipped in"  - He is off to a great start in his new life ahead :)

Pug Hugs to all!

Added by YOGI on June 13, 2011 at 10:00am — 6 Comments

Please help Teddy get the proper vet care he deserves!

Teddy is an 8 month old Pug. As a puppy, he was full of life and very playful. About a few months ago, he slowed down quite a bit and started limping. It was then that I took him to the vet to get checked out. Everyone assured me it was nothing to worry about. Now, months and hundreds in vet fees later, we finally found a vet that discovered something was wrong. He has hip dysplasia. The vet wants to get detailed x rays done that requires sedation(sedation costs more in Pugs because of their… Continue

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Several people on here have asked me about Lily's legs, so I thought I would show you a couple of photos of how she stands.  You can see her hind foot is unstable, and her front elbows are beginning to point outward from holding all her weight.  She can just about walk these days, spends a lot of her time sitting on her butt.  I feel bad for her because there are days I think she might be in pain, but then there are days that she seems fine.  Anyway just thought I would post these photos so…


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 We're getting into the swing of things here at our new home. Bella is a real social butterfly around here. She gets a lot of attention from the other house members who so far seem happy to have her around. They say she has "won them over".  It is funny to see how spoiled Bella can be in her quest for attention. During a house meeting, she crawled onto each person's lap and stared up for some loving. I awkwardly apologize for her antics, and mentioned not to let the cuteness fool them. She…


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The Box---told by Linus and Lizzy

Today we was on the front porch wid mommy and daddy when the big box came by the man with the brown truck.  Mommy took the box and showed it to daddy who ask mommy what was in it.  Mommy open the box  and show daddy all these toys.  We all went in the house and mommy started to throw way all the old toys while we sit an watch.  We wanted to cry but mommy say wait a minit and then she gave us all the new toys an say they is for me and Lizzy burfday.

Lizzy and me we got 4 new stuffies,…


Added by Di's spoiled kids on June 8, 2011 at 12:43pm — 5 Comments

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