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It's my day, and it is all about me

Today is my birthday, and I am 12 years old. I was born on June 30 1998. It was me and my sister, and I think I had three brothers. My sister and I got to go home to the same house, and we loved it, not only because we had a new family, but also because we had each other. My sister died just about a year ago, and even though she was sometimes a PIA, I miss her each and every day. Anyway, we came to live in this new house, and I had to be bathed that very first day because I had something called… Continue

Added by Di's spoiled kids on June 30, 2010 at 5:00am — 12 Comments

Frida and Pugdora Bracelets

Regarding PugSpeak's Frida and Pugdora Bracelets - due to the nature of my stock, each bracelet in these collections are one-of-a-kind. So you may see some slight variances shown on my website.

Also, if you call (913) 403-8009 or email me at pugspeak@sbcglobal.net, I can design to your specifications. Tell me the bead colors, type of charm, etc. and I will try to match…


Added by Mary Crissman on June 30, 2010 at 4:25am — 2 Comments

More New Pug Bracelets

Check out this new pug bracelet from the Frida Collection! This pug bracelet has it all! Genuine Jasper is flanked by Banana and African Wood beads, Horn, Turquoise, foil Lampwork, and a silver pewter pug charm!


To view all pug bracelets, click here -…


Added by Mary Crissman on June 29, 2010 at 7:32am — No Comments

Alarmed but Excited

There is the cutest little boy that lives next door to us. He's four years old and very fond of dogs, especially "mugs" as he calls them. Whenever I go to take Sangmu for a walk, he wants to come with me and hold "Samoo's" leash. I Adore this boy and don't mind at all him holding Sangmu's leash while we walk. In fact, I enjoy his company for he throws out comments like, "This is my park and it's spectacular." and, "Aren't those flowers divine?" Such a small companion with such a large… Continue

Added by Lila Weller on June 28, 2010 at 8:02am — 8 Comments

I'm apologizing in advance for the barrage of baby pictures :-)

I have FINALLY figured out how to transfer all my cell phone pictures to the computer. These cell pics are the only ones of Daisy as a puppy since I lost my camera about 6 months after we got her. Thank goodness I had the cell pics or else we'd have no record of her first months with us. I had uploaded some by email but they show as very little in the slideshow and I wasn't happy with them. So this morning I figured the whole process out and transferred all 736 pictures from my… Continue

Added by Julie Musselman on June 27, 2010 at 12:21pm — 4 Comments

Was that another Seizure like thing?

So right now it is 6:49 am.. Ack. Funny that, last time he did something like this was at 10:40.. SImilar time... I woulda prefered 10:40 tho :) Anyway, whatever happened happened in the same month as the last.. ahh..

Milo woke me up with the loudest scream in the world. He was laying next to me and he shrieked so loudly and i opened my eyes and he was there quite stiff like and i swear he shook a little then i lifted him up and he peed. Ahh! Even my mum heard his screams. was like a… Continue

Added by Sophie on June 26, 2010 at 10:30pm — 51 Comments

Lucy Hale looks like Pema-Disturbingly so (I'll find a better photo of Pema)

So I've been watching this show called, "Pretty little liars". One of the main characters is Lucy Hale. Don't get me wrong, she's a very pretty young woman, but Lucy looks a lot like Pema...like a lot, a lot. It's scary. The square jaw, the far apart bulgy eyes, the button nose. Sometimes Lucy even cocks her head like Pema does. It's sad but true: Lucy Hale is the human version of…

Added by Lila Weller on June 26, 2010 at 5:00pm — 4 Comments

how many times a day to feed puppy

just wondering if anyone knows how many times a day I should feed Bentley he has been geting a quarter cup of Now puppy 3x a day but I am wondering if I can cut him down to 2x day he is approx 10lbs and is 4.5 months old just wondering what other pug puppy owners did or do or if I should wait untill he is 6 months old

Added by mary milton on June 25, 2010 at 6:02pm — 6 Comments

Tin Tin loves to (ahem!!!) hump...

These days, Tin Tin loves mounting (or trying to mount!!!) Rusty from behind and, I think, humping (or trying to...).

It is really a hilarious sight, with Rusty being the big fat lab that he is and Tin Tin being so much smaller in size. But, Tin Tin seems to want to do this quite a lot. Is it normal at his age; he is only 7 months old? Tin Tin tries this only with Rusty though.

Added by Puggirl on June 25, 2010 at 4:50am — 2 Comments

We'd like you all to meet Annie, the newest member of our family!!

My Mom adopted Annie from the Orange County Animal Shelter yesterday. She's most likely a pug-beagle mix, also known as a puggle. I can see both breeds in her very easily as she has the pug mask and the curly pug tail (though a quite long one) but she has a definite beagle bark(more of a bay) and she's got the body of a…


Added by Julie Musselman on June 24, 2010 at 8:43am — 10 Comments

pug barking when I am preparing MY food on counter

boy oh boy I am ready to kill him! Bentley has now taken to barking when I am trying to make supper in my kitchen on my counter not sure y he never gets human food but he just barkes and whines or even if there is just something sitting on the counter like a potatoe or such, I walk him alot and he gets fed 3x a day he has also takin to chewing the baseboards we put bitter lotion on them but it doesn`t seem to phase him any suggestions oh ya he has a lot of chew toys

Added by mary milton on June 23, 2010 at 7:47pm — 13 Comments

Ahhh! That was close...

So i got Milo ready for his evening walk since it's been hot all day so i waited til it was cool. I Attached his leash to his harness and the other end to my belt loop. My mum was nagging me to take Peawee but i said i'd take him out seperately later.. Good job i did!

SO me and Milo went for a quiet stroll and i decided to go for a long walk today.. On the way back Milo was a bit tired and we were walking along the grassy area in between the two roads.. He was plodding along beside me… Continue

Added by Sophie on June 22, 2010 at 2:19pm — 7 Comments

In the past- Dog Park

I think I'm going to start a section of blogs called "in the past". These blogs will be tagged as such and will feature stories of events that happened long ago, but need to be shared. Hope you like!

Okay, so I used to be very nervous about Sangmu's safety. I still am I guess...just not as much so.I don't know it must be some sort of new mother mental disorder (perhaps it could be called NPMS. Short for "New Pug Mother Syndrome"). Anyway, it was a winter Tuesday and Granny and I were… Continue

Added by Lila Weller on June 22, 2010 at 11:29am — 7 Comments

A Little jog

I'll start by saying that Sangmu is a very fit pug. We're very careful about her treat consumption, give her measured amounts of food and take her on regular walks. So yesterday certain pug mommy thought, "Hey, I bet Sangmu would like to go jogging with me!" I had never taken her before. She started off well, bobbing along beside me and smiling the way pugs do. We jogged through the hilly neighborhood and that's when she began to tire. She took a rest on a lawn… Continue

Added by Lila Weller on June 21, 2010 at 7:34pm — 7 Comments

To all my friends and members of Pugslife

I would like to thank all of you for allowing me my indulgence with these little guys where ever they may be in this wonderful world (I love them all). It is a great pleasure for me to be able to share with all, the interaction and growing from the moment of birth, yes, even before the birth, of just one little guy. From the first step to the acceptance into the nucliar family, how the bonds are formed and the learning of social skills, the responsibility of the mother to give the… Continue

Added by Pugman! on June 21, 2010 at 9:45am — 12 Comments

Sir Lucas Munchalot

Lucas did something last night that screamed having a camera in hand, alas that was not to be. He had followed me into the kitchen with his tummy not looking as full as it usually is, I decided I would put down just a bit of puppy chow for him which I did, Mother and big brother of course had to check out the goings on so were in with us.

Lucas starting eating his food, Malia was hovering over him with her nose just as close to his bowl as possible, nudging him a…


Added by Pugman! on June 21, 2010 at 7:26am — 4 Comments


Linus had his first swim lesson yesterday, and today he swam accross the pool (not big) four times, and he did really good. He did get some water in his ears, but I really think he had fun. I then put him on the tube, and let him float a little bit before letting him out to dry.

Added by Di's spoiled kids on June 20, 2010 at 1:04pm — 6 Comments

Lots of New pug Gifts at PugSpeak!

Hello all!

Where to begin - we have a number of new pug gift items:

We have introduced two new lines of Pug Bracelets - Pugdora Pug Bracelets and the Frida Collection!

Pugdora bracelets are Pandora-Inspired and feature doggie themes and pug charms! To see more, click here -…


Added by Mary Crissman on June 20, 2010 at 9:16am — 7 Comments

Here's Millie, APARN's Newest Rescue Puggy!

The "jail break" took place at 2:15 PM and we now have Millie safe and secure. This poor little old lady is only 9 1/2 lbs and is skin and bones. She has a terrible skin condition and her poor little ears are packed with dirt. Her left eye is also a bit bigger than the right, so I fear there might be a problem there. She was found as a stray 3 days ago and taken to a local kill shelter. They said she was so "nasty" and was going to be put to sleep… Continue

Added by Pam & Pugs :0) on June 17, 2010 at 4:30pm — 22 Comments

pregnant pug

My pug will be pregnant soon, and it is her first time, can anyone give me tips on how to take care of her, I will be very thankful if anyone can give me tip on how to take care of my pug.What do I need to feed and the right amount, what do I need to prepare when she is giving birth for her pupies?

Added by Doreen Marie Pili Ranada on June 16, 2010 at 8:58am — 7 Comments

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