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Patches on Tin Tin's elbows

Tin Tin was affected by scabies on his left elbow quite some time back, but thanks to prompt discovery and a rigorous treatment schedule, he was cured very well. Likewise, he was struck by a minor bout of elbow hygroma (or so the vet called the bulge) on his right elbow, but it was also treated early on, and we got him cured without any surgery and all that. Now the problem is that these have left a dark patch on both elbows.


The vet says that it is fine, but I am worried…


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Not a Pug but-------

This poor guy has been up there all morning, and the crows are circling him squawking like mad.  My mom lives sort of behind me, and she has been watching him all morning so afraid he is going to fall of the top.  Didn't know that groundhogs could climb that high, but I sure hope he comes down soon.… Continue

Added by Di's spoiled kids on May 30, 2011 at 6:17am — 3 Comments

Father and puggie time



today we dropped Bella off with Larry for babysitting. He is visiting his parents, and I am doing the same while we were on our vacation in Dallas. After spending a day with my mother and grandmother, I am home now and missing the familiar night time snorts and snoring I've grown to love. I miss my pug, or as my mom calls her, my "living teddy bear". 


On the bright side, Bella is getting some much needed bonding time with the other member of our small…


Added by Desiree Rios on May 28, 2011 at 12:42am — 2 Comments

Visiting Family

We have been in Dallas since Sunday and so far so good. Bella is on her best behavior, which is surely fueled by the attention she's receiving from my family. The brattiness seems to have been left in Austin. Instead of sniffing for what seems like forever before finding a spot to potty, Bella goes straight out, then back in.


She has been polite to everyone she meets, even little babies who feel the need to pull on her ears and some children who swarmed her when they saw us…


Added by Desiree Rios on May 26, 2011 at 8:20am — 4 Comments

Missing You

Hey Noodles, Mommy said, Wanna go Bye-Bye?

YES, I said, without asking Why

Mommy grabbed my leash and "dogbone" harness

I circled and circled until she made me rest

Then off we went in the car

It seemed like we traveled very far

We drove to a big white house and parked

OH! HEY! This is Auntie B's, I barked

Out quickly I…


Added by Katherine Hamilton on May 24, 2011 at 11:36am — 4 Comments

Mission of Mercy

Got a call today from the rescue group I work with that they were helping a group out of Maryland get a Pekinese from a shelter near me.  They needed someone close by who could get this litle guy.  He only had till 4:00 today until they were going to put him down.  Healthy 5 year old Pekinese they had found roaming the streets.  I was to pick him up and keep him until tomorrow when I will go meet a lady in South Carolina who will…


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Belle is famous

Just a quick post.


Belle is famous! She's the Best Friend Friday post on TonyaPhotographyBlog! Check out our little spoiled pug on her site .


BTW, Tonya is a fantastic pet photographer. She shoots out of NY.



Added by Zane Hollingsworth on May 20, 2011 at 8:38am — 5 Comments

Tin Tin the Braveheart

Tin Tin may have improved in his ettiquettes and manners while out on a walk, but he refuses to be intimidated by anyone, especially large breed dogs.


Yesterday, Tin Tin was out on his evening walk and decided to relieve himself at a spot where, unknown to him, from inside a compound, a menacing German Shepherd was watching him. In no time the German Shepherd started growling and then barking rather furiously at Tin Tin. Had the gate been open, he would have attacked Tin Tin,…


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Cruelty to animals

I was out with my hubby the other day at night when I witnessed what i found appalling. I was out in an area called "Marine Drive" and there, some people run horse carts or "Tongas". These are decorative, lit up and meant for joy rides, and are mostly for the benefit for out-of-towners or tourists from other parts of the country, who want a fun ride on a horse cart by the sea in Mumbai.


I was at an ice cream parlour enjoying an ice cream when I saw this horse pulling a cart…


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Oh little pug...

Bella has been enjoying our walks lately. The semester has ended and I've been able to take Bella on longer strolls once the weather cools in the evening. She walks about like the world is hers to explore, and wants to meet everyone she sees. The pug never wants to come home. 


I try to trick her into going in the direction of our apartment by changing course towards home without directly retracing our steps. Bella puts up a good fight when it comes to going back inside,…


Added by Desiree Rios on May 15, 2011 at 6:56pm — 6 Comments

Just thought this was appropriate

I bought a book about Pugs today and there's a part that says "Pugs are chowhounds. They love to eat and can look very pathetic when you're having a snack and they're not.".... This is so Pudge! He was pouting this morning when I was eating cereal. I was like "nope, you're cute and all but only doggie treats for you"

We're going to see my newest nephew in Austin in a few days & Pudge will be staying at my grandma & papa's house & I have to remind her not to give him large… Continue

Added by Carol Ann & Pudge on May 14, 2011 at 1:58pm — 5 Comments

10 Tips to a Healthy Pug

My husband found this online, so I thought I would post it------Enjoy

10 Tips to a Healthy Pug

When it comes to a Pugs’ health, like any other dog, things can go wrong. In fact, based on statistics, you can pretty much expect at least one major health crisis in your Pug, usually two. There’s nothing you can do about these things. You just can’t change fate. But there are things, some obvious and others not so obvious, that you can do to give your Pug its…


Added by Di's spoiled kids on May 12, 2011 at 4:30pm — 5 Comments

Stroll in the park

So, I've become very health conscious as of late and there's a pretty decent sized park within walking distance of my home. Well, Sir Pudge and I went fr a walk around the park today. He makes quite the work out companion! He was perfectly happy to follow along beside me on his leash while sniffing everything he could. 


Friday I'm taking him to Petsmart to have him bathed, ears cleaned and all that good stuff. I'm so glad he found me. He's such an awesome doggy.

Added by Carol Ann & Pudge on May 11, 2011 at 1:49pm — 4 Comments

Bratty pug...gotta love her

Woke up this morning to take Bella out on her morning potty break, and I must say that she is quite the brat. I have to "herd" her in the direction we have to go in, but she has a defiant streak in her. I don't blame the little gal, I forget that she's only been with us for a relatively short amount of time (about 5 months) and she isn't a puppy at 3-4 years old. I'm very sorry to get frustrated with her, every time I see what she's doing she seems to just want more time out and longer…


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Izzy Linus and Lizzy

I would like to introduce you to the three destroyers of this site.  Most of you already know about the many beds, that I have gone through with Linus and Lizzy, not to mention the pocketbooks that Linus has destroyed.  Well he has also gone so far as to chew up my sunglasses, my son's earphones, and the new one today my earphones, alone with my now teeth marked mp3 players.  Molly just got done telling all of us about the tennis ball that Izzy went through in on sitting, and now she chewed…


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I took Calla to the vet today and she has Papilloma it is a virus spread from other dogs it causes warts in and around the mouth it usually happens in puppys because the imune system is not strong yet it looks really gross and very contagiouse the incubation period is around one month and contagious for 3 months I cannot take her or bentley to daycare (thats probably where she got it) for 3 to 4 months or be around other dogs so far Bentley doesnt have it but we are prettty sure he will get…


Added by mary milton on May 7, 2011 at 7:05pm — 7 Comments

Overweight Pug:(

I have a English pug that weighs 38 pounds and is currently on a prescribed diet dog food from the vet.  He is now eating leaves and sticks when he goes outside and I truly believe that he is doing this because he is so hungry.  I feed him carrots and bananas for treats but he is still gaining weight.  (I have to be honest and say that sometimes I feed him a chip or two and sometimes cheese BUT he looks so sad and he is a potato chip monster).  I took him to the vet last week for a sore on his… Continue

Added by tiffany collins on May 7, 2011 at 2:58pm — 7 Comments

mouth warts?

I noticed Calla had a pimple looking thing on her bottom rt lip on the outside I had a good look in her mouth tonight (when she was sleeping) and I noticed 2 more on the upper inside lip its is hard to explain but they kind of look like cauliflowers? we have noticed she has slowed down on eating her food and has started eating Bentleys poop! has anyone else seen these warts or whatever b4 and it isnt acne I will book an appt with the vet ASAP but I have NEVER seen this b4 I will try to take…


Added by mary milton on May 6, 2011 at 9:42pm — 3 Comments

Help Then there was Three:)

My hubby finally gave in to me and we just got our 3rd blk pug,named Bella Rina Marsh.She will be 2 in August.I have nicked named her the small mug pug,as her face is smaller than my hand.we have had our oldest pug Lilith since she was 8mo's and she is now 12.We have had our baby boy Eli since he was 1 yr'old,and he is now 10.So here comes our 3rd,young,playful and full of spunk,also some piss and vinager at times,ha, she is driving her brother Eli nutts and momma with her constant… Continue

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