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Puppy crying at 7am EVERY morning

Started this discussion. Last reply by Lucy Jan 14, 2009. 6 Replies


Started this discussion. Last reply by Trixiebell Dec 22, 2008. 5 Replies


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Renton, WA
About Me:
There's not much to say...my husband and I have our pug Frank. We also have two cats; #3 and Ash. We're suckers for the animals! We just got a pug puppy from the Seattle Pug Rescue and his name is Henry.
How many pugs own me:
About my Pugs:
Frank is pretty awesome; he loves to go for walks and go to the park. Henry is a snuggler; loves to be close to you and chew on all his toys!
If you are from the Seattle area please join the Puget Sound Pugs group!

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At 3:55pm on March 22, 2010, Renee Nordeen gave Diane a gift
At 7:06am on January 20, 2009, Helena Brown said…
Hi Diane, I caught up with your problems which you were discussing with Denise and I do hope you don't mind me sticking in my oar. After having two boys pugs not with great success may I say that I got some advice too late for me. Do not try to make Frank Alpha anything. You are in charge of both of them, you must be the Alpha and they must both look to you for orders. This was given to me by a lady who is a dog trainer here in Britain, and she is right.
At 5:22am on January 19, 2009, Helena Brown said…
Hi Diane, I think it is wonderful that you have a Pug called Henry. Our old boy was called Pug Henry, he lived until he was 2 months short of his fifteenth birthday. He was a true gentleman though a little bit nervous he lived with his nephew Angus who was eleven months his junior. They were sort of friends, Angus wanted to be the boss but that was his uncle's job and there were fights. We now have only the one, our Hektor. He is the son of an American Champ and we think he has all the beauty of the American Breed. I am off to read about your two boys, I am working through their photo's they are great characters.
At 5:13pm on January 17, 2009, Pam & Pugs :0) said…
How's Henry doing now?
At 2:17pm on January 8, 2009, Denise Hutson said…
Hi Diane,
You know, sometimes the answers to questions are so easy that we do not even entertain the possibility that it "surely it cannot be that easy !!"
The sound you are hearing is very familiar to me. It is not a cry, it is more of a scream. Very disturbing.
Your puppy is going through nothing unusual. At first the screaming will occur anytime with no forseeable trigger. Just being a baby. This will usually cease. Most likely the behavior you have indicated to me occurs when one of three things is happening. The first is separation. This is not to be confused with separation anxiety, totally different behavior. Separation occurs with puppies experiencing separation from their littermates, mother, mother-like figures or enviroment. All puppies will scream when they are initially separated from their littermates or any of the situations above. This is the same as a new baby crying at night. This is part of the reason I do not work with puppies, too old for the all nighters!! The second reason is because of hunger or the need to relieve themselves. They should be given a snack as late at night as possible, not a feeding as that will cause the need to deficate sometime during the night....(I am sure you have heard that animals will not urinate or deficate in the space where they sleep, not true. They will.) The third reason and the reason I think your puppy is screaming is schedule. Believe it or not, puppies have a schedule. (just bear with me here.....) This schedule may be one the mother dog puts her babies on or the owner or trainer puts them on. The time frame you are referring to here is too consistant......it has to be schedule.........the owners, trainers or foster parents always put the canines they are working with on the same schedules for feeding, turnout, play, etc. Your puppy may be just waking up because he is used to doing so, and with a puppy, any disruption of this schedule is very upsetting to them. Your puppy is probably up much sooner than you are realizing, playing and entertaining himself ---the screaming starts when boredom sets in. This behavior usually will not start right after you bring your puppy home, it usually takes several days or even a couple of weeks. Your puppy is up and ready for his day way before you are ready for him to be. His energy level is highest during the morning hours. This is why you do not get alot of relief when you attempt to give him companionship when this occurs. Franks "howling" believe it or not is an attempt to call for help. Again, howling relates back to pack behavior, it is an attempt to call out to other pack members for help, to let them know their location, to call them together or to warn other members of rival packs' the perimeters of the vocal packs' territory. Since this scheduling behavior is not related to separation anxiety, usually moving the puppy closer does not help. The older the puppy the more fixed they are in his or her habits. So, now what.
Well, I hate to tell you but there is not a quick fix for this. Your puppy needs to learn the new way of doing things. This can take a few days, or a few months, depending on the psychology of your particular puppy. As in adults, emotional maturity is the same in canines, some of us are stronger than others. And again as with humans, some of us are more vocal than others. I have a dog that constantly "talks".... Actually, he will just not shut up, it is not barking, it is, well, it is his way of letting me know every feeling he has.....he is a bit of a wimp.......but he makes me smile.
I know this sounds too simple. But believe me, most of canine behavior can be related back to human behavior. In the long run, it usually all makes sense. This is not the first time I have delt with this, however it is more normal in adult "Rescue" dogs. Greyhounds are the worst since their every movement has been coordinated since birth and adoption usually throws them for a loop. They want to stay on the schedule they have become accustomed to and the new owners just cannot cope, until they understand a little better why it is happening. Let me offer this.
Your baby needs more time to adjust. Give him the time and let him know exactly how things work in your household. If you decide this behavior is not going to work for you, your releasing the puppy back into the custody of rescue or shelters will only make the puppy worse and probably will cause problems the rest of his life, and he may be bounced from home to home, so I always try to tell my clients to really try to make it work. Take the time to give him the time adjust. Your timeframe may not be his. Be patient. Your aggressive feelings will be transferred to him, and will tell him somethings wrong and matters will be worse.
Yes, things are this simple.
Also understand it is somewhat difficult to advise without actually seeing the client and behavior. All I can offer here is experience related advice, just another avenue to explore. Let me know if this does not ease up and we can go from there.
At 1:21pm on January 7, 2009, Denise Hutson said…
OK, one more question.
Tell me in detail what is bothering you about this behavior and what outcome would be acceptable for you.
At 3:21pm on January 6, 2009, Denise Hutson said…
Hi Diane!
I will be glad to help, but first I need to know some information.
1. How old is the puppy
2. How long have you had the puppy.
3. When you got the puppy, was he the last one left in the litter, or were there brother and sisters left.
4. When you brought the puppy home, where did he/she sleep and have those sleeping arrangements changed.
5. Does the puppy sleep through the night? Does he/she sleep alone? If the puppy does not sleep alone, does the other dog leave the bed about the same time the puppy cries? What do you do when your puppy cries?
6. When is the last time the puppy is fed before bedtime?
7. Tell me about your enviroment. Such as, you live alone, you have children, you have younger children you have older children, you have a chaotic household (as I do) you have a quiet household, has there been any changes in your enviroment however small you might think they are?
8. In your opinion, is your baby spoiled?
I know these questions may seem tedious, but they can tell me alot. Answer as honestly as possible, and leave nothing out, even if you think it is not relative.
Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!
At 4:10pm on January 3, 2009, Pam & Pugs :0) said…
I just read your bio after responding to your request about Henry's crying at 7AM. You say he's a cuddler, does he sleep with Frank? :0)
At 8:15pm on December 27, 2008, Lori and Camille said…
They are just adorable!
At 11:29am on December 15, 2007, Anne said…
Frank is beautiful!!!!

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