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About Me:
I am a 21 year old student, studying to become a secondary school teacher in the subjects english and drama. My partner Pete (who is a hairdresser) and I just acquired our first pug, Winston.
My parents breed neapolitan mastiffs and I have always had dogs growing up. I am also an avid horse rider, although admittedly since studying my riding has definitely taken a backseat and is now mostly a hobby. With Winston on the scene and still so young, my horse Darcy and I do not go riding as much as we used to, but I still love getting out to the paddock and escaping for a while.
I do not know many people with pugs in New Zealand and don't often see them around. I would love to meet other kiwis with pugs, preferably in Auckland so that we can meet up and do things together.
We feed Winston raw and it has had the best results of any diet we have had him on.
How many pugs own me:
One for now :)
About my Pugs:
Winston is from Christchurch, a little black pug, under 1yo. He is the sweetest little guy I ever met.

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At 8:40pm on January 10, 2013, Coletta Squires said…

What an adorable pup!  Love the photo.

At 11:51am on October 24, 2012, brian snow said…

Hi Brooke and Winston,

my very first pug was called winston, we now have one called otis, but we never forget our winston'

my brother and family live in dunedin, we lived there too for awhile, but we came home my wife was home sick, all the best, from the uk,

At 10:08am on September 17, 2012, Laura Cook said…
Hi Brooke, not heard from you in a while. Hope all is well with you and Winston x
At 10:48am on August 21, 2012, Laura Cook said…

Hi Brooke.  I have just given Rufus a part defroseted chicken breast after you said you gave Winston frozen chicken necks, I didn't know if I could do that or not!  It worked well doing that, he had to actually take his time and chew it so no throwing up.  Haha, yes I can imagine they were only too happy to clean up after themselves, dogs are not fussy at all!

Well that's pretty cool.  Wouldn't you consider teaching riding as a profession? Darcy's owner must have the patience of a saint!

Well I certainly think you picked a great name, I love the name Winston and I really think it suits a pug.  Even better that the name means something to you as well.  Really, it is such an unusual name isn't it I had never heard of it before until we met the lady who owns him.  I thought she had made it up! Haha, yes human names for dogs are so funny.  My friends mam has a yorkshire terrier named Dave and it always makes me laugh when she talks about him. Oliver and Louis are nice names, a girl I went to school with has a dog named Oliver but he gets Ollie for short and he is so sweet.

I seen your video of him on the beach, he sure looked like he was enjoying himself running around. Rufus always rubs his face in the sand, I think he might be trying to exfoliate lol.  Cleaning sand out of the wrinkle is awful, I hate the feeling of it and I have to keep my shoes on, I can't stand the feeling of it inbetween my toes.  We also attracted an audience over the weekend and you can hear practially every person you pass saying 'aww look at that pug!' and sitting down for a drink is impossible as people constantly come over wanting to pet him.  I don't mind but I think Rufus would rather they leave him alone.  We even had one little girl asking for her photo with him.  She thought it was fantastic because he sat on her knee.

We seen quite a few pugs over the weekend.  There was a lovely young pup named Hugo who was very excitable.  There were also 2 little old black pugs with very grey faces, a pug mix and another pug a few months younger than Rufus.  All pug owners love to talk to other pug owners so no doubt when you do finally see another one, Winston will have a new friend for sure.

He had a great time on holiday, I think he would love to live at the beach.  He was impeccably behaved and he thoroughly enjoyed his 'treats' (fish and chips, ice cream, sea food).  Probably shouldn't have given him all those things with his new diet but it was his only holiday so I thought I would spoil him.

How are your rehersals going? What production are you putting on?

Did Winston get upton anything over the weekend?



At 1:26pm on August 14, 2012, Laura Cook said…

chihahua, maltese, shih tzu would be more common than large dogs.  I suppose that with the right amount of exercise a large dog could do well in an apartment but I don't get how the not having a yard/garden would work.  I would have to have to take Rufus out for a walk everytime he needed the toilet.  It is so much easier just to let him out in the garden! Hopefully you will come across another pug soon.  Did you contact the breeder for the details of the person who took his sibling?

How is uni going? Any nice plans this weekend?

Sorry for 2 comments, it cut the end off! I think it has on your comment too.  Must be limited to a certain amount of characters per post.

At 1:21pm on August 14, 2012, Laura Cook said…

bless him, I bet chewing the chicken drumstick feels good for his baby teeth.  I remember Rufus used to enjoy chewing on a baby teether that had been in the freezer once his big teeth started to come through but Winston should get that relief through chewing his food.  I am really glad I made the switch, I know its disgusting but his poop is like what you used to see years ago where it turns white after a while! I have just given him a chicken leg which he chewed and crunched up really good, no throwing up this time :)

Not long until the weather starts to improve then.  You are waiting for your summer and ours is coming to an end (not that it ever began lol, literally a week of sunshine this year!) Its good that you have Steph and Darcy's owner to help you out if you need it, seems it would be a big inconvenience if you had to drive down there just to sort out food and not actually get any riding done.  I bet Darcy's owner will be pleased that your friend is keen to take over the lease.  She probably won't have any spare time to devote to riding for quite some time, she sounds like she has her hands full at the moment! Have you taught your friend how to ride from scratch or did they have experience?

Its really sad but I don't have many hobbies now I have gotten older.  I enjoy going walking with the dog and going down town and things with my friends but I am not into playing any sports or instruments or anything like that.  I should really take something up and stop being so lazy!

I get the same Frank comment constantly! And we have came across a pug named Frank, I just think that name is too obvious as a choice, I like different names.   We came across a pug named Hendrix which I thought was cool and there is a pug who lives in the same area as us called Allouicious (I have no idea if I have spelt that correctly! Pronounded Al-uw-ish-os if that makes any sense haha).  Was Winston always going to be Winson or did you consider any other names? Rufus was originally Avy (horrible name chosen by my ex bf) which was then changed to Doug, changed to Gizmo before finally changing and sticking with Rufus.  I couldn't imagine him with any other name now, he is just my Rufey Boo.

So glad to hear your break went well and that Winston made you proud.  Always such a relief to know that things like that are still practical and achievable with a dog.  He did great not to make a mistake with the toilet in a strange place with so many new sights and smells, he really must be there with his training.  Did he attract an audience at the beach and cafe? Did he go in the sea? What was he like in the sand?  We go away this weekend to the beach for a few days so I am really looking forward to it, its nice just to get away for a few days isn't it.

I have just seen your second comment where Winston is feeling better! Must have just been the whole experience like you said that has worn him out.  I think that the sea air knocks you out anyways and it is no different for dogs.  Rufus sleeps like a log after a day at the beach.  He is also the same as Winston after a hectic weekend apart from the not wanting to eat bit, I would seriously worry if Rufus turned his nose up at food, he is a bottomless pit.

Well you certainly sound like you are reaping the benfits of all of your hard work with him in his training.  You only get back what you put in so you have done fantastic.  Hopefully he will continue to behave off his leash - Rufus was exceptionally well behaved until he aged a little and he curiosity led him to push the limits with his recall.  Its great that he is getting more confident around larger dogs, he will probably grow in confidence even more as he grows himself and the other don't look so gigantic lol. It is surprising that there are so many large dogs where you live, I thought with it being a city space is usually limited and therefore people tend to go for smaller dogs.  I thought breeds like

At 11:23am on August 9, 2012, Laura Cook said…
He certainly is a greedy guts and it really frightened me, but luckily as you say the acid in his stomach broke it down just fine :) I will only be giving the larger bones from now on. Howcold do you think Winston will be before he can eat bones? Yeah it's going great thanks and I am already seeing the benefits of making the switch so I am so glad I did it.
Oh well that is good then, no mucking out must be a huge bonus. When will the weather improve so that you can get out more regularly? Does someone else take care of the feeding etc during the winter when you find it more difficult to get down to ride? It's good that your horse also has the companionship of the other two horses. Yeah I bet it is very expensive, your friends who have been able to peruse it soun very fortunate. I bet you get just as much enjoyment from recreational riding. I did have a pretty hectic schedule as a child with all if the activities but unfortunately I didn't keep any of them up which I now regret.
That's sweet, I bet Winston reminds her a lot of the other pug. They weren't so common a few years ago so it's always nice to hear of people who had them pre men in black lol. Yes rufus would gave very much liked to have live with him and lap saucers of beer on a regular basis!
Glad the bed wetting is getting better. Hopefully he will soon grow out of it and you will be able to confidently leave him knowing he won't mark anywhere.
The cuteness is unbearable at times, it's those huge eyes that do it for me. Once puppy dog look from rufus and my heart melts. Sometimes a quick walk can become a real challenge because everyone wants to stop and pet them. Does Winston like all the attention? Rufus tolerates it but I think he would rather people just left him alone. It probably is due to his size that he is a little fearful, all the other dogs will seem so big to little Winston. You sound like you are socialising him well and rewarding all of his good experiences so he should be fine. Rufus has always been ok around dogs but becomes very submissive around larger dogs but I encourage this behaviour. I would rather his be submissive than dominant. Karls mam has recently got a dog (which used to belong to Karls brother, Luke) and she is a fiesty little thing and just will not back down. I like that rufus will rough house with her but he will never challenge her otherwise I think things could get pretty nasty between them. Is pipiri submissive?
That's so cool you keep his breeder updated, I bet they love hearing how all of the pups get on. It would be good to meet up with one of his siblings, I wonder if they would recognise each other? I really wish I had done the same but I don't have any idea where the others went to and it's probably been too long now to try and find out from the breeder.
That sounds lovely, I bet you are looking forward to it. Are you taking Winston with you? You will have to take some photos of him if you do. I think we will have a nice relaxing weekend as we go away with rufus next weekend. We take him on his own little doggy dedicated holiday to the beach for a few days every year which he loves. How is winstons training coming along?
At 10:52am on August 6, 2012, Laura Cook said…
Hi Brooke. Well I nearly had a heart attack last night. I thought I would try rufus with some meat on the bone and I have not slept since. I gave him a chicken wing (which I am never feeding again!!!) and he ate the first one fine. He chewed it up so I was thinking this isn't too bad, I'll give him another. Well the greedy guts he is literally chomped it once and then just swallowed it! I couldn't believe it and was running around like a headless chicken in a blind panic. Luckily it went down easy enough and he didn't cough or choke with it but I then was worried sick about it causing an internal blockage. I haven't slept all night thinking worst case scenario and kept trying to encourage him to go to the toilet but he was having none of it. I then didn't want to go to work today so I could be on poop patrol all day but my grab promised me she would keep an eye on him. He has had a poop today and all seems well so that is a big relief. I will not be giving the wings again, only big bones from now on!
oh wow really! Do you go out riding much? do you still have to all of the mucking out and stuff for the lease or does that get done for you? Are you hoping to be a professional rider? I
would have loved to have kept it up but it was a very expensive hobby and you leased your own horse and had to pay for stable maintenance and feed etc grouped together with the gymnastics, swimming and dance lessons I also used to take!
Well my advice of staying calm certainly didn't come into play last night for me lol!
You live quite far away then so it is no wonder you don't see too much of them. I only see my family as often as I do as we all live within ten minutes drive of each other. It's nice that you get to see your grandma often though, doses she like Winston? Oh children and puppies are sometimes not a good mix at all and although the child often means well they don't realise how rough they are and the fact the dog is not a toy. My youngest sister is only 5 and she loves to constantly kiss and cuddle rufus. She is so sweet but I think he wishes she wouldn't do it every five minutes lol. And I have came home to witness him in a dress sat on a chair at the table attending the "dolly teaparty". He was not amused lol.
I found toilet training to be the worst part of owning a puppy and rufus was pretty easy to toilet train as I was with him 24/7. It's just the bed accidents that really got on my nerves and he had a really upset tummy for the first few weeks he was home and had the runs which wasn't good.
Haha, Karl was not happy! Oh Winston will soon develop those skills don't you worry then nothing will be safe. It's hard not to give in when they beg though, their cuteness is an unfair advantage. Given the choice I am sure he would be an alcoholic. He loves all kinds of drinks. He also has a liking of budweiser so we have to keep all glasses out of reach or else he would gulp the lot.
The party should be good, you are very brave! My friends are still waiting for my house warning party and I have lived here over a year now lol.
Pipiri better watch it then, he may be able to get the better of Winston while he is small nut once he grows into a little bruise it will be a different story.
I took rufus everywhere in the car because his first few visits were only to the vets and like you I didn't want him to associate going in the car with going to the vets.
I couldn't take rufus to the football unfortunately as it was in a big stadium ad the only dogs allowed were guide dogs.
Sounds like Winston will probably stay the largest of his litter then. Did you take any numbers/details of people who took his siblings? I so wish I had done that to stay in touch to see how his family all got on but I was so excited to get him home I literally collected him and just left!
Any nice plans this week? Sorry for all the mistakes this phone has a mind of it's own!
At 5:07am on August 4, 2012, Laura Cook said…
Olympic football matches*
At 4:57am on August 4, 2012, Laura Cook said…
Ho Brooke. I have never given him egg but I think I will try it. do you just feed normal chicken eggs or do they have to be quail eggs etc? Do you let Winston eat the shell? On some of the videos I watched on feeding raw they left the shell in there but the eggs looked like quail eggs to me. Lean is definitely best shape for pugs I'd say! The vet often comments on how good rufus looks comapred to the overweight, wheezing pugs he treats and how rufus is the only one who doesn't have any difficulty breathing so it does make a difference. Do you like horses? I user to love riding as a child but just seemed to stop as I got older and I wish I had kept it up.
I am sure he will reverse sneeze at some point, just try not to panic like I did lol! I just cover his nostrils for a few seconds and it soon stops.
Aww bless him! Does he circle before he poops? Rufus goes around and around and around and has to find the perfect spot.
Yeah our brothers and sisters sound a similar age. I see a lot of my family, we are very close on my mams side and my gran is my mams mam. I don't see too much of my dad and his side of the family even though he lives just around the corner from me. Do you see a lot of your family?
Oh wow I didn't know you could get inside grass toilet training aids! They think of everything don't they lol. I am glad it's working for you and he is finding it easier. He doesn't sound as if he had been too bad during toilet training has he?
You just wait til he is big enough to stand on his back legs and reach table tops, nothing will be safe! I always remember rufus jumping up and swiping the chicken burger from the middle of the bun from Karls mcdonalds, I thought it was hilarious but poor Karl didn't! and rufus has a liking for wine so I have to be careful where I leave my glass.
You looking forward to the house warming party? Is it just family or are all of your friends coming too? That's a good idea to invite vaccinated dogs, lots of really good socialisation for the boys. How old is pipiri?
I bet your friends were impressed. Such a clever little boy he is! Rufus will give both paws. If you ask for one or a hi 5 and then tell him "other one" he will swap feet for you. You will have to try to get Winston to roll to the left lol.
Has the weather turned out to be ok this weekend? Were going to one of the ok pic football matches this afternoon and luckily it is nice and sunny.
I bet you can't wait to take him everywhere with you, that's when the fun will start. how does Winston do in the car? Rufus loves it, he must know he is going somewhere good.
He was born on 9th January 2008 in a litter of 5. 3 dogs and 2 bitches and he was the runt but strangely enough the breeders puck of the litter. He was originally reserved for another breeder but ad soon as I laid eyes on him it was love at first sight. I was the first person to visit the pups so had first choice over the 4 remaining pups but it had to be him. I begged and pleaded and luckily she caved in and let me have him and one of his brothers went to the other breeder. When was Winston born?

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