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My husband and I were in San Antonio, TX for the holidays when all of a sudden, we get a call very early in the morning the day before New Years Eve from my mother-in-law telling me that my Pug Chula had eaten a lot of gum, and that she might not make it. I was so confused and couldn't understand why she would be dying from eating gum when we had never heard such a thing. What happened was, my sister-in-law had left a whole container of Ice Breaker Ice Cube Sugar Free gum on floor in her room, and Chula being a typical pug found it and ate the whole container.

Later that day, Chula was vomiting and started to act very weird and sick. Then my mother-in-law realized her vomit smelled like mint, and then when my sister-in-law found the empty container in her room, they put two and two together. They quickly looked it up online, and there they learned for the first time that sugar free gum containing Xylitol can be deadly to a dog if not treated immediately. So sure enough, my mother and sister-in-law rushed her to the emergency vet, and they started to treat her for the poisoning with IV fluids and a Liver pill. After talking to the doctor that was caring for her at the animal hospital, she informed us that there haven’t been many cases such as this one, and that there is no antidote for this type of poisoning. She told us that the poison attacks the liver which can then lead to liver or organ failure. Out of the eight cases that they have heard and studied, only three had survived. But what worried the doctor the most was the amount of pieces she had ingested. According to the doctor, two or three pieces are enough to kill a dog her size, but she had eaten 39!

We cut our trip short to return home to Maryland to help our baby fight the battle. She spent five days in the ICU at an animal hospital where she had 24 hour care. After five days of extensive IV treatments and plasma transfusions, we couldn’t financially afford to keep her there so we worked out a deal with our family Vet in which we would continue her IV fluids from open to close and bring her home at night for fraction of the cost. If we had all the money in the world, we would have left her at the hospital with 24 hour care, but there was still no guarantee that her liver could be saved and she would survive.

After 8 long days of Chula fighting to get back to her normal and happy life, she has now gone to heaven. Chula passed away at home in her sleep from organ failure while laying with me, her mommy. We are very sad to see her leave us so soon at a month away from turning six, but we know that she is now in a better place. All I can say is that she was a fighter! For a dog her size to make it this far after ingesting the amount she did, it was a miracle the doctors said. She was the coolest and cutest Pug ever. We will always miss you Chula, life will not be the same without you.

RIP Chula

February 13, 2005 - January 7, 2011

If you have a dog, make sure that you don’t have this type of gum laying around within their reach. Better yet, don’t even risk it and buy gum that doesn’t contain this ingredient or other sugar free ingredients such as Sorbitol. And one more thing, sugar free baked/cooked goods can also contain Xylitol, so be careful!  And most importantly, pass the word around! Hershey's should start a campaign on Pet Safety that can create awareness on these types of products that are toxic to pets, especially when their number one selling product chocolate can also be deadly to pets. So if you have a minute, please call 1-800-468-1714 and express your concerns over this. We would really appreciate your help with trying to create a buzz on this, and again it can help save many other pets lives and help people like us from suffering from a tragedy that could have been prevented, if only there was more awareness on this.

Too read more about this harmful ingredient and how it attacks a dogs bodycheck out the sites provided below: -get pet insurance, much needed when you have an accident like this happen, will help pay the high hospital bills - Read more on other foods you should avoid feeding your pet

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Wow this is so scary that you never know what can happen.  I would have never thought sugar free gum would do this.  I am very happy that you did post this for all of us to learn from your sad loss.


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