People of our golden families you know who you are those owned by our greatest treasures those ole'gray faces we call seniors.As we all know it's those who are usually left aside maybe because they can't play,run or just may not look cute anymore to their people or medical needs get to be more of an issue.For me these golden faces mean so much more and yes they need that little extra care but,who out there doesn't need that extra care as they can't tell us their aches and pains and as i have stated love shouldn't stop because of that thing we call aging.I've been a senior pug mom for a few years now and i can tell you there is no greater love than a love of a senior.My eyes and my heart were opened by two special pugs my noah and sheba as sheba was the oldest of my pugs and she could not see nor hear and was fragile such a tiny one she was also my 'spitfire'don't let that word senior'bother you as she was quite the feisty one as most can be.They have such a heart and such a way of loving it truly is quite unique i know this as i've had the pleasure of having noah and sheba in my life.What i love about these of the golden age is they have such loyalty,such devotion they truly are our greatest treasures.I have often said if i won the lottery i would buy a very large place and fill it with these ole'gray faces as they have touched my heart and soul.Now sitting here and watching my buggy and darla turn that wonderful shade of gray and as i know there will be issues to go along i know i wouldn't change a thing as those of us with these ole'gray faces know there is nothing better than the love of a senior pug.What has been said by many those cute pug puppies will some day age and get those old creaky bones,slow down and may not play as they once did just remember they are still the same soul you fell in love with but,now they just need that little extra care with alot of extra love that's called 'a seniors love!For everyone that's out there let's remember our people seniors need our extra care same as our puggy companions.

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I believe the love of our pugs just grows greater and greater as they age. For Mister Bentley and I our love grows stronger with every grey hair he acquires. And I love him more with every ailment.

There is nothing greater than the love of an elder pug. It is to be treasured.

As you know Sheba will always have a place in our hearts. I am sure both her and Noah are looking down on us all from heaven.

We wish you a lovely day Julie. Perhaps someday one of us will win the lottery and we can give all the abandoned elder pugs homes.

I will in time contribute to this group Julie, for now, the chasm left behind by Walkers passing is far too wide and deep for me to attempt crossing.

Senior pugs are special because they have been around for a long time. My little Petunia is turning 17 in November and she is still more active than my 6 year old shih tzu. She is at that age where she knows she can get away with anything and has started demanding a toll for using the fridge (she stands in the door until you give her a carrot). We have been through so much together and every time I look at that grey face, I see every memory we have together. How she used to eat my Flintstones push pops ice cream when I was a kid, how she used to pull me into trees on my rollerblades when we went on walks, how she used to change radio stations and open and close windows in the car, how she used to drag Percy (our other pug, who died at 15) around by his leash, how when I had a seizure on a walk she saved my life by barking and alerting passersby. Old pugs have so much history and so many stories to tell and it is the most beautiful thing in the world to me. 


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